Thursday, April 23, 2015


So yeah..been about a month since my last post..again!  Thought I'd just do a little catch up post to let y'all know what's been going on around here!

  • Got to see my grandma in Kentucky..finally!  In case you missed the info..she had a stroke and heart attack last month.  Me, my mom, and Makayla made the trip down and stayed over night.  Makayla loved the hotel and the pool..just wished I had brought bathing suits!  Oh least she got a cute UK shirt!  
  • Things were moving along great..until Monday of this week.  I hurt my back. Bad.  Guys, when I say I was in pain I do mean it!  A pulled muscle is what the doctor said and gave me some muscle relaxers and an anti inflammatory shot.  I'm doing much better but scared to death to do much of anything!  Please pray for me when you pray!  I've had to rethink everything I do, especially when it comes to lifting Makayla.  I am a feared those are days in the past.  :-(
  • Speaking of Makayla, while many are signing their tots up for preschool around here for the next school year I have been receiving homeschool catalogs in the mail!  Excited to see how it works for us!  
  • We can now say that we are debt free!  We paid off our mortgage this week and it's an amazing feeling!!  Praise be to God!
  • I've had Netflix for about a month now while I cut our directv down to a smaller package.  Definitely not turning back!  I signed up for a free month of Hulu and am loving it so far!  If this continues we may cancel directv all together.  Yes, they have great service, great selection, etc.  But they also hike up your bill at least once a year too.  I think when we started with them 10 years or so ago we were paying around $70..before I downgraded our package, it was $101.  And that's after we dropped a receiver a couple years ago.  We used to have 3.  You do the math.
  • Needing to do some remodeling in our master bath.  Let's just say I already can't wait for it to be done?!  
  • I love my church family.  Like beyond words.  And I'm excited for our growth and what's to come.  :-) 
  • Don't you just love the Duggars?  From Jill's wedding, pregnancy, and new baby, to Jessa's marriage and pregnancy announcement, Josiah being in a courtship, and Anna carrying her 4th..there is never lack of something going on!  Love their values, how they raise their children.  Great role models.