Friday, October 29, 2010

Staying Spiritually Connected--Week 4

Its time for another installment of SSC, y'all!

Today, we're going to look at a part of our daily spiritual walk that is of vital importance.  Setting aside time each day to spend in spiritual reflection and contemplation.  We all know this is something we need and should do, but in our hectic society today, it sometimes is hard to set aside that time.  Am I right?  I know I personally struggle with this alot..and I have no excuse to back it up.  I have no children (at the time being) to really occupy my free time..only the furry in variety!  ;-)  But getting back to the lesson, is there really ANY excuse for not spending an allotted time every day to spend in spiritual reflection?  No..there really isn't. We owe God that much (and more).  Look at what all He has done for us!  Can you remember back (ladies that are happily married) when you were single and looking for Mr. Right..wondering when he would ever come along?  I sure can relate.  God brought you your mate.  Can you remember (moms or moms-to-be out there) when you desired more than anything to have a child of your own?  Count your children as blessings..because God gave them to you.  There are so many things here that can be listed..because He continually does things for each and every one of us every day!

Spending time in spiritual reflection and contemplation doesn't have to be a hard thing either, which is what is so great!!  It doesn't have to be something that consumes your entire day.  It can be a few minutes you have in the quiet of the morning, when your going to work, taking a long soak in the tub, or in the stillness of the night.  Your way of spending that time can vary too..from praying, reading, taking a walk through nature, maybe even all of the above!  Whatever is your way to spend time reflecting on God's goodness in your life, God appreciates that.  In fact, doing so makes you stronger.  Each time you take time for Him, it draws you closer to Him.  Being closer to God makes one strong.  It develops our character.  It makes us who we are.  And it influences our decisions and the way we present ourselves to the world.  As we talked about last week about putting more love into the world, you can see that everything that is discussed truely is all linked together in some way, shape, or form.  I encourage you today to seek out more time in your lives to spend in spiritual reflection and contemplation.  Your soul will thank you for it!


Thursday, October 28, 2010

Not much to say but "yuck"

This has pretty much been me (only worse, imo) the past couple of days.  I don't know if it was food poisoning from take-out on monday evening, or a germ I picked up along the way, but I woke up (prematurly) tuesday morning with a definite stomach bug.  I was sick all day tuesday.  Wednesday boded better, at least I was able to eat (a little) and keep it down!  I'm feeling better now (wednesday night as I write this) and hope that I'm totally improved tomorrow.  Thursday is trick or treat around here!!!  So I'm hoping to be able to make the cute little cake pops I had planned for weeks on end.  If not..I can make them when I am totally better..for me and Damon.  :-) 

And here's to hoping (and praying) that Damon doesn't catch this nasty bug as well!!!!  I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy!


Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Blessing Box

Head over to Natalie's blog today to share your blessings for the day!!

I'm definately blessed with a wonderful church family.  Damon and I have went to a few different churches since we've been married.  We started out with our 'home' church..the church we both grew up in...where we met..and were married.  But shortly after we were married, we just felt like it was time for us to move on as a married couple.  We attended another church for a few years, and after alot of mishaps there, and an overwhelming feeling that we REALLY needed to find another church, we left.  We attended a few different churches within a couple months of leaving church #2 before finding our current church where we now attend.  Those were some challenging weeks.  Its definately one thing to know when God is calling you to find a new church home..but to find the 'right fit' for a a totally other thing.  One church I would like..but Damon wouldn't.  And vise versa.  I was so discouraged during that short time..though it seemed like an eternity!  But..I knew God was leading us to better things..and we stuck it out and followed God..and our hearts.

Then around May of 2005, we found our church!  The first service we attended..we both knew we just belonged there.  The fit was right..and it was like God was definately smiling down upon us!!  I can't tell you how much I love my church family.  They are like my own family and I love everyone there dearly.  Truely..from the heart.  They mean the world to me.  And I know they feel the same way about me and Damon.  Thats what was lacking in the other churches we had attended before.  Though we loved the people we attended church with..the feelings weren't always mutual.  It wasn't just a 'feeling' I had..but things were actually said to me to verify my feelings. Sad.  Chrisitans are to love one another as Christ loves us.  God is love.  If we are to be can we have and/or show bitterness towards anyone..especially a fellow brother or sister in Christ?! 

This past sunday was pastor's appreciation day and old-fashioned day combined.  It always makes for a FUN time!  I love our pastor and his family dearly..I know without a doubt in my mind if we needed them for something..anytime of day or night..they would be there for us..period.  No questions asked.  Thats how a pastor should be.  Reliable, God-fearing, loving, kindhearted.  And those we attend church with are the exact same way.  I love them ALL..and they are my family!!!  Here are a few pictures of our fun day!  And if any of y'all haven't heard of old-fashioned days..its something done here in the south (or WV to where we kinda take a look back in time to the way people used to dress in the old days..we dress that way for a day for fun and have an old fashioned potluck dinner as well!  It makes for a great time!!  And fun pictures!!

(All the ladies..I'm in the back row..far right..blocked a bit by my dear friend, Lucy, who was standing in front of me!  She's like my 2nd mama!!)

(Miss Betty, Damons 2nd mama, telling the others 'like it is'!  Ha!!)

(Me and Damon..thanks to Lucy for this pic..I saved it from your facebook page gal!)

(Our pastor, Darrell, and his wonderful family!)

(Me with Velma..bless her heart she just turned 88 and is truely amazing!  My bonnet fell off, btw, so I had to tie it around my neck to hang onto it!)

(Me and 2nd mama!)

What are your blessings for today?
Windy Poplars

Monday, October 25, 2010

Miscellany Monday

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

Yesterday we had Pastors Appreciation Day/Old Fashioned Days at our church.  It was alot of fun, as usual, and its always fun to get together with my brothers and sisters in Christ and enjoy a potluck dinner! 

This morning, we had a power outtage..which is why my post is a little later than usual on this monday!  Thats a monday for you, right?!  Anyways, the power came back on around not too awefully bad.  Just hope thats not a sign of things to come this winter!!!  At least we have a generator now..just in case!

On friday, we got a huge blessing in HIGH SPEED INTERNET!!!!!!  You guys don't know how long I've waited for this day..and it makes blogging, emailing, surfing the net..THAT much more enjoyable!!  Bliss!  :-)

My dad had hand surgery last week and is recovering nicely now.  Went to see him on saturday and he was doing good..hearing of the high speed internet definately got his interest peaked..and I dare to say that they'll be calling in the very near future to get theirs hooked up!


This little gal has been giving me a major HEADACHE this evening!  Any tips y'all?  I had to get her a capstar (aka-flea pill) on saturday.  Of course anyone who has a cat knows, giving them a pill is NOT an easy task!  So I got the brilliant idea to crush it up and mix it with some butter, since she LOVES the stuff.  Mistake.  She figured it out with one lick and refused to eat the rest.  I mixed it in w/her wet catfood..she's refusing to eat THAT!  Now she's meowing her head off as we speak, wanting some food, but not what she's got down in there.  Damon says she must think I'm trying to poison her.  Why did God have to make cats so smart?!??


Saturday, October 23, 2010

Staying Spiritually Connected--Week 3

Welcome my fellow bloggers to another installment of SSC!  I hope you've enjoyed the previous 2 editions.  In week 3, we'll be focusing on something I think is extremely important!  Seeking opportunities to put more love into the world.  One thing this old world definately needs, is more love, if you ask me!  Our world is filled with hate and bitterness, so much so that it sometimes can be hard to find love around anymore.  One definatly has to look very hard to see love in certain circumstances that goes on around us.  I won't go into detail about war, prejudice, crime, or anything of that nature.  You know as well as I do that finding love in situations like those is like trying to find a needle in a haystack.  Not saying that you can't..just sayin'....

Its our duty as Christians, to spread love, wherever we go.  After all, Christ is love.  We should exude love.  People shouldn't pass us on the streets wondering, is that person a Christian?  Our lives should exemplify love and our love for Christ.  I know..thats not always the easiest thing to do..especially when we're rushing to get home after a long day and get caught behind the world's slowest driver on the highway!   Sometimes though, I think we owe it to God to stop and think about how our actions perceive us.  Can we show love more in our everyday lives?  The answer, more often that not, is YES!  I did a post a while back on acts of kindness using post-it notes, of all things.  While I'll admit, I'm guilty of only doing it once since I wrote about it, its definately something that is more on my mind..and something I'm more aware of doing now.  Once you get into the habit of spreading some love becomes easier to do.  And the best thing?  Not only will the recepient's day be made, but your day will be made as well!  Its something that is very rewarding to the make another person happy.  To share the love. 

When you spread love in the world, it helps to make you loving AND loveable.  Bet you never thought about it making you loveable, did you?!  It didn't cross my mind either, but being a loving and caring individual makes you loveable.  Those around you will see you in a new light.  Which is why I mentioned earlier about others being able to see us as Christians.  Christians should naturally be seen as loveable people.  We are to be 'different' from the the bible says.  Definately the opposite of the worldly ways is kindness and a loving spirit.  Its something to think about....


Friday, October 22, 2010

In memory....

Damon came in from work this morning with some sad news.  My MIL's cat, Miss Kitty, passed away wednesday.  She was the SWEETEST cat.  A beautiful calico with a beautiful personality to match.  She was my 'little furry friend' and everytime I went to visit she always hopped right onto my lap.  Her health had been declining over the past year and we knew going into the summer she probably wouldn't make it to the end of the year.  I'm so sad my little friend is gone..but glad she isn't suffering anymore.  To Miss Kitty..I hope you met my cat Babe when you went across the Rainbow Bridge.  I know the two of you would be best of friends.  :-)


Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Life is Short

I was on the phone last night until around 3 in the morning with my best friend.  She just had learned yesterday that a friend of hers had passed away.  If that wasn't bad enough..he was murdered in his own home..that he was afraid to live in.  The last phone conversation she had with him..he was just returning home and wanted her to stay on the phone with him until he made sure his house was safe and sound and was locked up safely for the night.  His house had been broken into 2 times prior..and he was just getting some of his belongings replaced, of course it was all still very fresh on his mind. 

It was really rough on my friend to learn this it would anyone in the same shoes.  You never think that anyone you know will pass away suddenly, unexpectidly..especially by homicide.  It just goes to show you..we definately can't take life for granted.  It's so important to live each day for be a witness to Him.  The one person you witness to today, it might really be their last time to hear about the great Saviour.  None of us knows how long our life here on earth will be..only God does.  Its amazing, to me, how much information God has about every single individual.  He even knows the number of hairs on our head. 

Take some time today to remember those who were lost suddenly.  Whether it was a soldier, someone who succumbed to cancer (my uncle falls into this category), someone who was murdered, or perhaps someone who died in a car accident.  And pray for those left behind with their memories, because they are the ones who hurt the most.......


Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Blessing Box

Its tuesday y'all, so you know its time for another round of the Blessing Box over at Natalie's!  Go over now if you haven't already, and link up!

Well, if you saw the beginning of my post yesterday, you might know what I'm going to talk about in today's post!!  As some of you probably know from reading my blog, my hubby Damon had to take an EMT-M class for his work several weeks ago.  It lasted a total of 2 weeks and was totally grueling for him, since he's the type that would rather be working with his hands than sitting behind a desk.  After a long 2 weeks and lots of cramming, he took his test.  Thats been about 3 weeks ago or so, and the bad thing?  He wouldn't know if he passed for close to a month!  We were so suprised that this is how long they make people wait to know their final test results, if they passed the class or not. 

Fast forward to this past Friday when we went to the post office.  Opened the box and I saw a letter and I knew immediately it contained the information we'd been waiting for!  Thankfully, Damon was out in the truck waiting (it was his last day of work for the week so he wasn't in bed asleep just yet like he normally would have been), so I gave him the letter and told him to hurry and open it!  It contained a card saying he was certified EMT-M!!!  We were ecstatic!!  I kissed him and told him how proud I was of him and knew that he could do it!  I think he was in shock because he had been doubting himself for so many weeks leading up to that moment.  Its a true blessing for us because this is an important certification we can add to his resume it also means a pay raise!!  And it couldn't have came at a better time let me tell you! 

For anyone wondering, Damon works in the coal mines..and being EMT-M certified means that he is a miner (hence the additional 'm') that can perform EMT procedures at the workplace.  Thats the difference from being a regular EMT that works on an ambulance and an EMT-M!  We are so totally thankful that he not only passed..but that he also had the opportunity to take this exam to begin with.  Its one I've wanted him to take since he entered the coal mining field when we dated 10+ years ago..but he's never had the opportunity until now.  I know God saw that this is something he needed..and that we as a family needed as well..and made things happen at the right time.  I'm so grateful and thankful for that!  My only regret is that I didnt have a camera to capture the special moment when he opened that letter!!


Monday, October 18, 2010

Miscellany Monday

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

We started out our weekend on Friday with some GREAT news!  Damon got his EMT-M certification card in the mail when we stopped by the post office!!  He passed!!  We waited several weeks for that moment and it was definately worth the wait!  I'm SO PROUD of him!  Way to go, babe!

Friday night was partially spent at our old high school we both attended.  Van High's homecoming football game was held and we decided to go and check it out for a bit!  We hadn't been to a game in several years so it was a nice time out.  Nothing beats the cool, fall air and football season!  We left right after halftime and Van was leading by quite a bit..the Bulldogs are doing great this year!  AND I ran into an old classmate (who is also coincidentally a previous co-worker of Damons)!

Saturday morning we got up super early and headed to the Fayette County area for some fun!  First we stopped by Babcock State Park for our annual fall photos we always take!  It was GORGEOUS to say the least and we got some great shots!

Then after Babcock it was off to Bridge Day!  Anyone who hasn't heard of it before, the New River Gorge Bridge is located in Fayetteville, WV and is (I believe) the longest steel arch bridge in the Western Hemisphere.  Each year on "Bridge Day", visitors are allowed to walk across the bridge and people also jump from the bridge (parachuting and repelling)..also called BASE jumping.  Its quite a sight for someone who's never seen it before!  I've been many times but always enjoy it alot!  My only regret is we got there really late..and it ends by next time we'll plan it a bit better I'm sure! 

(It was windy on the you can see from my hair!)
(Parachuters about to land below!)
Sunday was spent relaxing!  After our long and hectic (but fun!) weekend, we were both really needing the rest.  We had planned to go to sunday school as usual..but honestly I barely remember the alarm clock going off!  It happens to the best of us!  But I'm so thankful for such a FUN weekend spent w/my hubby!  Good times!!


Friday, October 15, 2010

Staying Spiritually Connected--Week 2

Ok my dear readers!!  Since SSC (staying spiritually connected) was a hit last friday..I'm going to continue with the topic until I complete all 10!!  Thank you for your comments..and keep them coming!  Its an inspiration to hear how each topic is impacting you!

Today we're going to discuss probably the most obvious thing we all need to do in SSC..which is recognizing your creator.  It may sound simple..but how often do we really take the time to recognize our creator.. the creator of the universe?!  I know for myself, when I start off my prayers every day, I thank God for who He is and for this day that He's made.  In a way I guess that is recognizing Him.  But what should we really be doing to recognize Him in our daily lives?  After all..He is the one who is responsible for life itself (our life!), and He is bigger and more powerful than any "thing" or "one".  Thats alot to think about, huh?  It is hard to really to imagine sometimes, but our Lord really is that powerful and great.  And we really should recognize Him for that!  Isn't it great to know that there He is out there..and can have such awesome control over not only our lives and daily situations, but the whole world?  AND that after all the work He does (for each of us!), that He even takes the time to hear the prayers we pray?!  In recognizing our creator, this brings us to being humble.  When we really take the time to recognize God..not only for what He does for us..but just Him in general, it allows us to appreciate Him more, I believe.  Humble is defined as 'knowing one's own weaknesses and faults; not proud or bold; modest or meek'.  When we realize and recognize who our creator is..and that He is above us in so many does humble us.  It makes you realize your own weaknesses and faults (seeing as our creator is perfect)..and we can't have any proudness in us when we totally recognize this.  Its definately a good thing to recognize our creator..because that is really the beginning of a great relationship with Him!

I can't wait to hear your thoughts on this subject today!  So keep them coming, y'all!

On a side note..I've been saying all week long how Windy Poplars has been having a Fall Festival going on this week..and its still going on!  Lots of fun ideas for the fall season and plenty of prizes will be given if you've not went over this week yet, go now before the fun is over!!

Have a blessed day everyone!!

Windy Poplarssig.png

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

I'm addicted!

I must confess..I have a newfound smoothies!!!  Sure I've had them before and they were great..I guess I just hadn't found a combo that I really liked..that is until over the weekend.  I read a great article about smoothies in my First for Women magazine that included several different recipe variations.  So I picked the raspberry smoothie..bought the ingredients over the weekend..and made my first one!  I gotta say..I hadn't really broken in the FABULOUS blender my parents got me last year for this was also a great excuse to give it a whirl!

The recipe:

1 (6 oz.) container red raspberry yogurt
1/2 cup frozen raspberries
1/2 cup milk
drizzle of honey
squeeze of half a fresh lime

Blend all together and top with fresh raspberries, if desired.  Fantastic!!

To anyone reading today and are not familiar with the blog, Windy Poplars..this is the week to stop by!  Kristin is hosting a Fall Festival week this week and there are lots of great fall ideas and giveaways going on!  So stop by, tell her I sent you..and join in on the fun y'all!

Windy Poplars


Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Blessing Box

I think its a real blessing when we can reach out and help someone in need.  This week, I'm going to help out a dear friend/neighbor by taking her to a doctor's appointment in Beckley.  When we talked last week out in our yard..she told me she was having to see a dermatologist this week and how she wasn't familiar with the Beckley area.  She doesn't have a car to get around in..but takes the bus and different modes of transportation to get to where she needs to.  She does amazingly well and to me..its incredible how self-sufficient she is.  She's not elderly by any means..she's the same age as my mom.  In fact, they went to school together!  So after I looked online that night to determine where her doctor is located at..I pretty much figured I knew exactly where it was located at, since we visit the Beckley area alot.  I let her know friday night, and told her if she needed me..I'd be more than happy to take her over there.  I could kind of sense a bit of relief in her voice when I told her this..because I think she seriously wasn't sure how she'd make it over there.  Thats when I knew I'd done the right thing by making myself available to help her out.  Just like Natalie mentioned today in her blessing box post..we are called to be servants for our Saviour.  Its refreshing to help out someone in see the joy in their know that the small thing that your doing to help them out really means alot to them.  I'm so glad I can be a servant for my Lord and that He led me to do this one small simple act of kindness.  :-)

If you haven't done so already, head over to Natalie's blog today and link up to the Blessing Box and share your blessings! 


Monday, October 11, 2010

Miscellany Monday--Pumpkin Festival Ed.

 Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

On friday..hubby and I met up with his daughter (my step-daughter) Beth and we all went to the Pumpkin Festival together!!  It was great to not only see Beth again and spend some time together..but to go to the festival too, of course!!

While there..we saw the HUGE pumpkins that were raised locally that they always have on display!  I always wish so badly I could raise some like that..WOW..that would make quite the impression by the front door of your home..don't you think?!

We also ate some of the fabulous pumpkin ice cream!  It was Beth's first taste of the stuff..and she seemed to like it pretty well!  I'm kinda wishing now I had tried the pumpkin dumplin'..I'd tried it a few years ago but I think they re-developed the recipe cause I thought I saw the sign say it was made with a cinnamon roll!  Yum!

Of course we looked around at all the crafts and vendors that were set up (my favorite part!).  Beth had a blast making a stuffed animal..a wolf-ish dog if  you will.  She named him Wolfie.  And yes...she's 24..still the kid at heart which is what makes her so much fun to be around!

Lots of great photo ops at the festival..I am still wishing I had taken more pictures while there!  But we took most of the pictures by the mum display they had set up..very pretty!  They had a mini pumpkin display set up not far from there, but of course tons parents were busy snapping photos of the kiddos in that we couldn't quite get in! 

We really had a great day on friday..and weekend too since Damon was off the entire weekend..woohoo!  We also did some shopping at a local mall..ate out at Chili's..and lounged around the house for the rest of the weekend!  Now if the weather around here would just go back to feeling like fall!  With temps in the 80s the past couple of days..its feeling more like summer!  Bring on the cool stay this time..please!

Windy Poplars