Our Pets

I thought I would take some time and share with you our 'herd' as we like to call them!!  We currently have 3 cats and a dog and love them all!!  They all have their own unique stories as to how they came into our lives.

Raven AKA "Ravey"

Ravey came into our lives first of all our pets.  Back in 2003..we were newly married still and I desperately wanted a cat.  We were renting at the time and the landlord didn't want us to have any pets.  Well..the last days of november that year..Damon was outside putting up our Christmas lights when he saw a little cat (not quite a kitten..but definately not a full grown cat either).  It came into the yard and was 'helping' him with the lights..and he got such a kick out of it he got me to come and see his new little friend.  I tried my best not to fall in love within a split second..but cats have always held a special place in my heart..and try as I might..I couldn't help myself.  We got her to stay around..outside of course..for a few days.  It was getting colder at nights then and I couldn't help but worry about the poor little thing.  So we made her a little place out in the garage to keep warm at night.  A few days later..to my suprise..my landlord called me up one night..almost in tears.  She said she'd had a change of heart about the 'no animals' policy and would allow me to have one cat.  I don't know what changed her mind so suddenly.  I had called her a couple times and had asked her before..but it had been many, many months since I had done so.  I was thrilled!!  I cried so much Damon didn't know what was going on when I hung up the phone..I think he thought someone had died!!  When I was finally able to muster out the words, "Bring her in..bring her in!!"..he knew!  So she became our little Ravey that day.  She holds a special place in my heart because of that.  :-)


Thomas came around after we bought our home back in 2009.  We had just gotten moved in and 2 weeks later, Damon was laid off from his job.  Talk about devestation.  Well..since he had alot of spare time on his hands..he went over to the creek in front of our house to do some fishing.  One day, while over there fishing, is when Thomas found him!  Damon petted him (of course), and Thomas followed him home.  He was actually one of our neighbors cats.  After trying to get him to go home (MANY times), with no success and since the neighbors said it was fine with them if he stayed with us, he became the second edition to our family of pets!

If you notice, Thomas is missing an eye.  From what the neighbors told us, another neighbor shot at him several years prior.  He had to have surgery to remove it.  But..he is totally fine..you wouldn't even know that it bothers him in the least!  He's our 'one-eyed tom cat"!

Miss Daisy

After Damons beloved dog, Blaze, passed away in February 2011, he decided he wanted to adopt a dog from a shelter.  I had told him about shelter animals (I had adopted a cat from one in 1998) and how, in my opinion, they can be some of the BEST animals there are.  Plus they are desperately needing homes.  So after visiting the one in Charleston a few times, he decided to adopt Miss Daisy.  We had to wait a few weeks to bring her home, as luck would have it she went into heat before they could have her spayed, so that delayed the process a bit.  But we were happy to have her once she did make her arrival at our home in mid-March!  She is a beagle with what we believe is a definate mix of coonhound!  We didn't know this when we adopted her..but after bringing her home and hearing her really 'bark' for the first time..yeah..thats a bark that you know when you hear it!  But she's great..she only barks when someone comes around and she has plenty of energy!


And last but not least, this is Jake!!  Jake came to live with us in the late summer of 2011.  He originally was at the coal mines, of all places, where Damon worked!  I guess someone had dropped him off and he was just hanging out at the mine office.  Damon felt sorry for him..he said alot of the guys were just kicking him around and being mean to him..so after he talked to me about it..he brought him home.  We weren't sure if he'd stay or not..but he's stuck with us!  I really love Jake.  He's got an extremely sweet personality and he LOVES Damon.  I always tell Damon he knows he saved him!!  Him and Thomas get along pretty well considering.  They are still trying to figure out who is 'king' of the backyard sometimes..but overall they get along wonderfully!!

So there you have it..our herd..or livestock..at the Green household!!