Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Yes..you read right!!  I haven't done a giveaway on my blog for over a year..so I figured it was long overdue!!  Sooo..I'm hoping for a REALLY good response and participation from all you fellow bloggers out there!!  For added incentive..you get an extra entry if you post this giveaway on your blog..so please..pass on the word!!!!

So..what am I giving away you might ask?  Its a good one y'all..its a one year subscription to Paula Deen's magazine!  Yes..you read right!!!  Last year they sent me a renewal notice and offered a free subscription to someone of my choosing..my mom got in on it last year..and since I already subscribed her to the Food Network mag this year..I'm letting my bloggers in on the goods this go around!  So..if your a fan of cooking and/or Miss Paula..this is the giveaway for you!!  Simply leave a reply to this post (and if you post this on your blog..let me know also) and you'll be entered in! 

The contest ends on my bday..fitting!  December 12th is the last day you can enter..closing at midnight that night..so get crackin'..enter..and post on your blogs!! 

Good luck y'all!!!!


Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Happy Thansgiving video!!

Makayla and I wanted to personally wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving this year from Country Roads!  We have apple pie baking in the oven and a pumpkin gooey butter cake cooling on the counter as we speak..yum yum!!


Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Happy Birthday!

No..not me!  Today is Damons birthday!!  I am so thankful to God each day for my amazing husband.  He treats me like a queen (even when I don't deserve it), he's a wonderful daddy, a strong Christian, hard worker, and the most important thing..he's mine!   He's been through some extremely rough things in his life (both past and present) but he never lets it get the best of him.  He goes to God first and foremost, and thats something I truely admire.  He's so giving.  And loving.  And he cares so much about not only things that are important to him..but things that are important to me..big or small.  I hope today his birthday is one of the best he's ever had.  I know that this little girl is definately his biggest gift he's received this year!!

We love you daddy!


Thursday, November 17, 2011

My Salvation Story

Salvation Stories

Today I'm sharing my story on how I came to know Jesus Christ as my Lord and Saviour.  What a wonderful time of the year to reflect on the biggest blessing of my life!  Its something I'm thankful for each and every day.  If you'd like to link up..head over to Callie's blog, Through Clouded Glass and join up....we would love to read your story!!

Ok..where do I start?  I was 15..a freshman in high school..when I came to know Jesus.  Prior to this...I was someone I'm not proud of.  I thank God that I'm not that person anymore!   It was in March, I remember, when alot of events occured that led me to accept Jesus into my heart.   To this day, its not things I like to recall, so I will spare you the details, but I was in a very broken place in my life at that time.  I wasn't happy with myself.  I wasn't happy with life.  And I feel like I was very close to walking down a road that wasn't meant for me.  I could actually feel that..that if I kept going at the rate I was..it would have gotten to the point of me becoming a very hard person to reach (if that makes sense).  No..I wasn't into drugs or anything of that nature..it was more of my mindset and how I was perceiving everything that was getting me deeper and deeper into sin.

One weekend, my mom and I had some long discussions on faith, God, salvation, etc.   And my life.  That night, God reached down and touched my broken soul.  I cried with my mom, and she cried with me, in the middle of the night, and we prayed together.  I prayed for God to come into my life..to save me..and help me change my life around.  By God's grace, I became a different woman that night.  I felt lighter by morning.  I felt different inside.  I went to church with my mom that next night, and I felt the same burden as I did the prior night.  I couldn't really figure out why..because I had already accepted Jesus into my heart..but I felt the need to go to the altar and pray once again.  So I did..I guess some call that a 'public confession of faith'...but regardless I knew I had to go and pray.  I literally sobbed the entire church service..God's grace was just all around me and I felt at such peace that the life that I was living was now in the past.  And I wouldn't be judged for it anymore.  It felt really good knowing that!!  So many things I was ashamed of..were now wiped away.  A clean slate.  Who could ask for more?!?

With God in my daily life now..it is alot different to say the least.  In the beginning, it was alot harder.  Being in high school and a Christian wasn't something that was easy all the time.  Your faced with so many obstacles, constantly hearing foul-language, and many temptations to name a few.  But...I no longer wanted to be a part of who I used to be anymore, and that was my driving force I guess you might say.  As I went on to college, it was easier.  I made friends in college that were Christian (I thank God that He sent them my way because they were such a blessing to me!) so that made college much easier than high school you might say in that sense.  I felt more 'relatable' to my friends in college than I did in high school..because we shared something huge..the gift of Christ's salvation!   And the church that I had been going to since I came to know the Lord, is where He blessed me with another amazing gift.  That being Damon.  Yes..we met in church!!!  It was in 2000 (5-6 years after I accepted Jesus) when we met and started dating.  It was the one prayer I had been praying since the beginning that came to pass.  Damon was definately a blessing and answered prayer!!

Now that I've been a Christian for about 18 years, I can tell that I have grown alot.  I trust God more that ever.  When I read my bible, I really search scriptures and seek God's guidance to show me the things I need to see as well as what I'm looking for at that particular time.  In the past year alone, I probably prayed harder than I ever had before, as I was carrying my first child.  Makayla is another one of God's blessings that has come my way.  Being a mother is something I honestly didn't ever know if I would 'want' to be.  I never wanted children growing up.  I wasn't around kids very much at all and being an only child..you can imagine.  But..I'm SO thankful that God put that desire in my heart almost 2 years ago (on Christmas, no less) to want to be a mother.  It gave me a totally different perspective on the story of Mary in the bible.  Now when I read of her..I can see it from a mother's point of view.  Sure, being a wife and mother has changed me alot.  But becoming a Christian has changed me the MOST.  And I'm thankful for that.  :-)


Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Ready for the holidays (on blogger anyways)

I've been working like crazy since last night to give my blog a "Christmas-y" makeover for the holidays..whew!  After doing alot of adjusting of margins, looking for just the right backgrounds, etc..I 'think' I finally have it.  For now anyways!!  We'll see how long it lasts!  Hope you guys enjoy the new look over here!


Monday, November 14, 2011

Its that time of the year again!

I'm talking about Christmas cards, that is!  Last year I was so thrilled with my shutterfly Christmas cards I ordered I've been anxiously awaiting to do them again this year!  Of course, we have even more to celebrate this year as we have little Makayla in our lives and you know..thats going to make for one REALLY cute card!  :-)  Here are our cards from last year in case you forgot what an awesome product shutterfly carries!

(sorry for the small size)

Anyways, I was browsing through their selection this year...and here are some that caught my eye!

Also if your planning a Christmas or New Years party..they have loads of invitations as well!  If we had a party like this ever..I think I would definately order my invitations from here too...they have alot to choose from!  Here are a couple of my favorites....

I can't wait to take some pictures of us here in the coming weeks..figure out which to use..and make my shutterfly Christmas cards!!  One this is for sure..they will be some we will treasure for a lifetime!!  Head on over to shutterfly and check out their assortment of cards and everything else they have to offer..you might find something that strikes your fancy!

Merry Christmas!!  :-)


Thursday, November 10, 2011

Something to be thankful for

I wish I could take credit for this simply adorable and genius idea..but I must give credit where credit is due!  A big thanks to Amanda at Serenity Now for the greaet inspiration!  I thought this craft was the ideal craft for the month of November and since I haven't been the 'craftiest' person in the world since Makayla has arrived over 5 months ago..I thought this was a great way to try to ease my back into it!  The idea is to draw or paint a tree on some paper (I used freezer paper) and cut out leaves (or buy them pre-made) and write down each day one thing you are thankful for and tape them to the tree!  Easy enough, right?  Here is my end product..enjoy!


Wednesday, November 9, 2011

"What if...."

Thanks to Natalie for the inspiration for today's post!  Lately I've been inspired by many things I've read on fellow bloggers pages!!!

What if I were to get pregnant?
I would probably panic!  No really...I'm in love with my baby girl..but not wanting anymore kids.  Ask anyone who has known me a long time and they'll probably tell you they were SHOCKED when I announced my pregnancy last year!!  Growing up as an only child and not being around little ones probably has alot to do with me not wanting kids for a long time.  BUT....I wouldnt trade my Makayla for anything..and yes...she was planned!!!  If God chose to bless us with another child though..I would be grateful..I see now what a huge blessing they are (plus I loved being preggo!)!

What if I could have any job in the universe?
Well..thats easy..I already had it! Before I was a homemaker..and now I'm a stay-at-home-mommy and homemaker!  I honestly couldn't ask for a better job in the world!  Though not the easiest!!

What if I had a day to myself?
Wow..right now that sounds like a treat..granted I didn't have to worry about pumping/feeding my baby!  I'd definately do some SLEEPING..go to the movies (would love to see Puss in Boots and the new Twilight movie when it comes out)..go shopping..eat out somewhere nice..etc.  But..I have to admit..it would be pretty lonely if I were by myself!  I'd rather have Damon and Makayla girl with me!

What if I could get married all over again?
Gosh yeah!  I'd love to relive such a wonderful day in a womans life!!  I loved the day I got married..I felt beautiful..pampered..and it was such an exciting day for me!  The things I might do differently..I don't know..can a person really have a totally 'perfect'..everything-goes-exactly-right wedding?  I like the little quirks that makes a wedding unique..and mine had them!  Including my dad standing behind me and Damon when we were saying our vows!  YES..you read right!  Poor guy..nobody told him since he missed the rehearsal due to work..to sit down after he 'gave me away'..lol!  Imagine my suprise when I turned around to walk down the aisle after saying our 'I do's'  and dad is right there!  LOL!

What if I could live anywhere in the U.S.?
I have to say..I wouldn't want to live anywhere else.  Once your born and raised in West Virginia..its home..forever!  I couldn't imagine living anywhere else honestly.  But I would like to travel to other places..such as the west and deep south!!

What if I could have any talent in the world?
Thats easy..I'd LOVE to be able to sing..and dance!  I love watching Dancing with the Stars..and it just makes me want to get up and 'attempt' to do the dances they do!  They make it look soooo easy!  I'd love to be able to sing too..I sing now for the fun of it!  Oh and I'd love to be able to play a banjo!

What if you met me in real life?
I'd hope you'd like me and think I'm just the way I seem online!!

What if I went back to school?
Gosh..I wouldn't want to!!  Seriously though..I LOVED college..loved loved loved it..but when I was finished..I didn't want to ever go back!  I was ready to get on with my life!

What if money weren't an option?
Ahh..I like this one!!  Well..I would give money to my church. Pay off all our debts and buy new vehicles.  Build on to our house and do ALOT of updates we'd love to do.  Make Makayla a huge savings account for her future.  Take an overseas vacation!  And probably alot more!

What if I could meet one celebrity?
Oh gosh..who would I choose?  Maybe a country music singer (Gary Allan)..or an actor (George Clooney/someone from the cast of ER)..maybe my favorite preacher on tv (Joel Osteen)..or Kim Kardashian!  I don't know really..it would be interesting!!

What if I could only shop at one store for the rest of my life?
That would get pretty boring!  But I do love my Target..so I'd have to choose there!

What if I could choose an animal/pet?
I love my cats and have always been a cat person..but for something 'non-traditional' I'd go with my polar bears!!!  I love them!!

What if I could go on a trip right now?
Definately Italy.  I've always wanted to go there and I'd go in a heartbeat if I could!!

What if I could choose between a housecleaner or a professional chef?
Housecleaner, hands down!  Right now cleaning house hasn't been something I've been on top of since having Makayla..so it could use a really good cleaning!

What if I had the option to get plastic surgery?
Well..I wouldn't do it cause I just don't like the unknowns that comes with plastic surgery.  But if it was guaranteed to go perfectly right..I'd have my neck done!


Monday, November 7, 2011

Black Friday..hmmmm

I have been an avid 'black friday' shopper for the past several years.  I LOVE going out and finding great deals..even if it means dealing with a swarm of crazy, bleary-eyed, turkey-stuffed, discount-driven people!!  This year though, I'm not sure what to do.

When you have a 5 month old soon to be 6 month old on the black friday frenzy day..what do you do?  I know what most would say..leave her with a sitter or family member.  Thing is..thats not me.  I've never left Makayla for more than 30 minutes with anyone.  Call me whatever you like..but she's my girl and when I brought her into this world..I intended on doing things with her..not dropping her off at a sitter's every chance I got.  No offense to anyone who uses a babysitter/daycare/family..this is just me. 

So back to the original question..what do I do??  Do I take her with me..into the crowd of 'madness'..do I for-go it all together..or do I try 'black monday'?  BTW..I know basically nothing about black monday..or cyber monday..whatever its called.  I'd LOVE some helpful info from anyone who's shopped online that day!!!! 

Look forward to hearing some of your valuble input!!


Friday, November 4, 2011

Great Finds!

So we were out and about yesterday in Charleston for Makayla's dr wellness visit.  All went well I'm glad to report and my little girl is so brave..she didn't cry much at all with the 2 shots she had to get!  She's growing well and thriving, such a blessing.  :-) 

Before we got to her dr appointment, I stopped by a Kids Sale that was going on and wow..did I find some great deals!  The same place had a sale a few months back when Makayla was real little and I found a few good items even though I didn't catch it then until the last day.  Yesterday was the first day of the sale (it goes on for 3 days) and I was there 30 minutes after they opened..so there were alot of good things to see!!  I spent a total of around $55 and this is what I came back with:
  • Two Christmas fleece sleepers
  • One fancy black velvet coat
  • One cordouroy Christmas dress
  • Two fancy Christmas dresses
  • One red plaid Christmas dress/coat/hat combo
  • One pink toy pony that plays music
I thought I did extremely well considering the price of a new Christmas dress for a baby is quite high!!  In case your wondering..I did take some pictures!  Here are the goods....

And I forgot to mention..I also got her a pop-up book that she LOVES!  Note to self..must find more of those!  We're probably headed back that way tomorrow..so I'll probably stop back by to see what kind of leftovers they have.  They mark things down by about 50% off at some point during the last day..so its a really good time to find some amazing deals!

Happy weekend to everyone--and happy shopping if your out and about!


Wednesday, November 2, 2011

5 Months, Baby!

My little Makayla bug turned 5 months old last monday!  Where does the time go??  She's at such a cute age right now..playing with her toes, rolling over, figuring out her hands, and absolutely LOVING dolls!!  She's a doll-baby lover for sure!  Here is her 5 month picture I snapped on her birthday!

What a big girl!  Her legs look really long in this picture, but believe me..they still seem pretty short!  She is growing like a weed though, and goes to the doctor tomorrow (boo) for a wellness checkup and shots (double boo).  Momma doesn't enjoy those trips!  Here are some things Miss Makayla is doing now:

Sleeping thru the night (from around 11pm-8 or 9am)..which has been going on since month 3
Playing with her feet
Rolling around alot
Eating baby food (she loves it all!)
Playing with dolls

She has also started fighting sleep when its naptime.  Anyone else go through this with their babies?  I'm hoping this is something she'll outgrow..and fast!!  Other than that..she is an excellent baby!  I honestly could have never asked for a better baby..she is such a blessing to me and Damon.  I've been telling people lately..the love you have for your spouse is so much different from the love you have for your child.  Its a whole other type of love.  When I was pregnant, I remember thinking, "How can I love someone the same as or more than I love my husband?".  My love for Damon is beyond words..and so is my love for Makayla.  Its hard to describe unless your a parent..then you know what I mean!  Anyways..what I'm trying to say is I love my family soooo much!!!!  I feel like the most blessed woman on earth sometimes. 


Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Happy Halloween!

Makayla had a good time for her first halloween!  She was dressed as a ladybug..fitting since her nickname is 'doodle-bug'!  Even though we only made it to a whopping 3 houses..it was pretty good for her first time!  She got lots of goodies...including a book, baby doll, mittens, and plenty of suckers, of course!  Poor baby was so tired..she went to bed early tonight due to not getting in a good nap all day long!  Here are some pictures of her in costume!