Thursday, May 31, 2012

Stroller Advice!

Hey all you blogger mommies out there!  I need some advice!  Today I was out and looking at jogging strollers.  We've been 'intrigued' by them for several months now..mainly because they look like they'd travel well over rough terrain (because of the bigger wheels..and the wheels being rubber instead of small and that hard plastic stuff).  Now that the summer months has hit us..I've discovered our current strollers shade isn't adequate.  I also dislike the way the seat reclines (with the adjustable tethers). 

We looked at a possibility at Target today.....

Graco Trekko 3-Wheel Stroller.Opens in a new window

The Graco Trekko..(what a!).  I loved how easily it turned..and ESPECIALLY the way the seat reclines/adjusts!!  It clicks into 4 or 5 different adjustable tether straps to fool with!  But then..I noticed there were no cupholders.  For me or Makayla!  Bummer.  Of course I know you can buy them and attach them yourself..but it just looks like it would come with them (kinda crazy if u ask me!).  Also it didnt look like it folded very get it 'flatter' you have to snap off the front wheel.  A little bit of a hassle..but do-able, I guess.

The other one I saw today was while I was browsing in Babies R Us......

The Baby Trend Expedition.  It was on sale (BONUS!) and thus cheaper than the one I had seen at Target.  LOVED that...especially since we're having to really watch our $$$ right now.  I liked the tires on this one better (Damon didn't to see it first hand though..he was in the car with a napping Makayla).  And it had cupholders!  The 2 things I didn't had the adjustable tethers and the fabric seemed super cheap.  Yuck.  I mean it was like the cheapest of cheap fabric I'd ever seen on a stroller.  I think our umbrella stroller has better feeling fabric than this one did.  And I also have no idea how well it folds (I couldn't figure it out). 

Soooooo..with all that being said..can anyone out there give me some recommendations for jogging strollers?!  Pretty please!!  And the more detailed you can be about what you like/dislike..I'd VERY much appreciate it!!!


Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Makayla turned one!

My sweet little girl has turned a year old!  At times I still can't believe we've hit this first really big milestone..and in other ways it has seemed like a long time coming.  I'm thrilled though..I thought I might be sad but I'm not (or else its not hit me yet!).  I'm glad she's healthy, doing well, learning so much each day, and happy.  And I'm glad she's mine.  God sure did bless us with a sweet girl..I love her more everyday!!

Her where do I start.  As alot of you know, I made alot of her decorations.  I just couldn't find alot of owl stuff for parties.  Crazy..since owls seem to be really popular right now!  But I got WONDERFUL inspiration from a couple of blogs I found online while doing some searching for homemade owls stuff.  These 2 blogs were total lifesavers for me!!!  Here are my homemade owls..I just LOVE how they turned out!

(paper plate owls w/the bodies and wings made out of scrapbook paper)

(styrofoam owls w/felt & paper lantern owls)

(her cake..before I 'owled' it up!)

(and after..I had some owl buttons I put on it..wished I had more!)

I also made her a birthday banner like I've seen alot of my fellow blogger friends do for their babies first birthdays.  I thought it was a great idea and everyone loved looking at the pictures!

And I made the birthday girl a tutu..thanks to Venessa for the great tutorial..they are SO simple to make!

Her party was alot of fun.  I did have a brief setback before the party started however.  My MIL found it fitting to tell me that I looked like I was pregnant (meaning "your fat")..while laughing about it.  She got the evil eye from me but she didn't seem phased that what she said had REALLY hurt my feelings (along with making me really mad as well as my mom..who was sitting right beside her).  I put it past me though..I wasn't about to let her rudeness ruin what was a really special day.  Its just sad that people thinks they can say whatever to someone and think that its ok.  FYI..not the first time she's said something like this to me. 

After we sang Happy Birthday to Makayla..she clapped her hands..she must have thought it was fun!

She had lots of gifts from everyone and had fun 'opening' everything!

(a kiss from mommy and daddy)

(with her cousins..she had a blast with them!)

I am so thankful for the special day we had!!  We made lots of great memories.  I still can't believe she's a year old at times.  I love my little girl so much!!!


Monday, May 28, 2012

I'm Baaack!!

Hello blogland!  I have returned!!  Ok so I know I wasn't gone all that long..but it was a well deserved break!  I got everything accomplished for Makayla's party with my spare time and it was a hit!  I'll do a seperate post on that tomorrow though (to keep you in suspense..ha!).  For now..I'll fill you in on everything else thats been going on in my neck of the woods!

Memorial sure came earlier this year than I had first thought!  With Makayla's birthday being the 24th..I honestly hadn't looked at the calendar to see when the long weekend was going to be this year.  I was getting my hair cut one day and the lady mentioned that the following weekend was memorial weekend..I was like what?  Seriously??  Usually I'm right on top of all this stuff, but apparently not this go around!  Guess w/the party planning..all else had sneaked by me!

Anywho..we did manage to get out and do a few things for the weekend.  We went to White Sulpher Springs, WV (home of the famous Greenbrier resort) saturday to a small festival.  And I do mean small.  Apparently (no offense to anyone reading) people in that area get a big kick out of grown men pretending to be WWF 'wrestlers'.  I thought it was pretty funny/weird/strangest thing I'd ever seen honestly!  Not my cup of tea for sure.  But..all wasn't lost.  Of all the places to be (a good 2 hours from where we live)..I ran into an old classmate!!!  I hadn't seen her in YEARS and it was a nice suprise amidst the other craziness going on around us!  Wish I had gotten a picture is my only regret!  I did, however, get a nice shot of me and baby girl while we were waiting for daddy.

Oh and I managed to get a passing shot of the Greenbrier's entrance....sorry its not too good..I was actually DRIVING while taking a picture.  Probably not a great idea..but I didn't wreck!  LOL!

We stopped by a place in Lewisburg for something to eat.  I had been wanting to try this place for years..and we finally managed to find it and try it out!  Jim's Drive-In..boy was it good too!  If your ever in the area..give it a try..especially the deep fried dill pickles!  Yum!

On the way back towards Beckley..we stopped by a favorite place of ours to take pictures..Grandview Park.  We go there several times a year..its just a hop outside not a far drive at all.  Since it was a pretty day and Makayla had on a SUPER cute outfit..I had to make the best of some excellent photo opportunies!

For her birthday, she received a baby pool from my mom and dad, among many other great gifts!  So we tried it out over the weekend as well.  Along with her new bathing suit (also from mom and dad).  She didn't seem to like to sit in it..but outside of it, leaned over, while splashing her hands in the water.  I'm thinking she might like a water table.  Saw one at Big Lots for only $ it might be a purchase we may be making before summer's end!  Here she is in all her swimming glory....

(it didn't stay this way for long..)

(more like it!)

(I couldn't resist a butt shot!)

On a total other roses were featured on our local news channel after I took my little blogging break!!  I was pretty thrilled! 

Well..I think thats a long enough post for one day to get you caught up!  Stay tuned for the next'll be all about Makayla's first birthday!


Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Mother's Day...and a break

I hope everyone had a wonderful Mother's Day over the weekend!!  I know alot of you, like myself, it was your first time getting to celebrate!  I had been looking forward to this for quite some time..last year I was about 2 weeks out from having this time around it was my first 'official' time getting to celebrate! 

On saturday we ventured out to Huntington..which isn't somewhere we often go.  But it was alot of fun!  We went to the flea market and the mall.  I got to go in a few stores that aren't in our 'regular' shopping areas like A.C. Moore and Old Navy!!!  I got a cute top for the summer and a pair of shorts and sandals for Makayla (not to mention some flip flops for my mom!).  Damon was so sweet..he bought me a new dress in Sears!

So on sunday we went to church in the morning..where me and Makayla matched!   I kept saying we looked like a couple of 'grapes' in our purple outfits!! Everyone thought we were pretty cute....

I also awoke that morning to a couple of Mother's Day cards and a mother and child hallmark necklace!  I was definately spoiled!!  I also gave myself a really awesome pedicure the night before (sorry I forgot to take pictures)..probably the best one I'd ever done!  I got the idea from a magazine article I saw..this picture looks ALOT like my finished product....

We had a cookout at my parent's place and went to visit my MIL afterwards.  It was a great day!  Mom enjoyed the gifts I bought (and made!) for her!

Ok this post is going to do a complete 360 here!  I am going to take a little break from blogging in the coming weeks..for alot of reasons.  The number one is Makayla's birthday is coming up NEXT WEEK (I still can't believe that!) and I have alot of things I need to get done before then.  So I am needing some extra time to get it all done.  Also..I haven't been getting a whole lot of comments in the past several weeks (not that I ever got alot to begin with!)..but its sorta been a bummer.  Don't get me wrong..I love ALL my sweet followers and ALL the comments I do get!!!!  It brightens my day more than you know!!!  But I feel like I'm just needing a break from it all for the time being.  Not sure how long it will be..but not too long.  I promise! 

So until then..have a happy May everyone!!!!\


Thursday, May 10, 2012

Pictures of my girl!

So I know I've been slacking in the picture department here lately (with the few posts I have managed to do anyways!) I thought you guys would like to see a few good ones I've took in the past couple of weeks of my girl  Makayla!  She's growing up so fast but she's so cute in doing it!!  Enjoy!

Playing with her $2 kitchen set I bought @ a yard sale in Amish Co!

Food allllll over the place!


Love those eyes!

Seriously mom?

Big cheese for my first bikini!

Ready for the summer!

Big baby bottom = full diaper!



Monday, May 7, 2012

In the last week...

Things have been so crazy around here lately!  I thought I'd do a recap of some of the happenings in the Green household!

  • Last Sunday the battery in Damon's truck died.
  • We go out Monday to do some shopping and pick up a car starts acting up.  Check engine light comes on.  :-(
  • Get Damons truck fixed..make appt for car..can't get in to be seen until today (monday).
  • Dad gets kidney stones thursday.  Him and Damon were on their way to go fishing when they had to turn around and come back.  Dad goes to ER..confirms it is indeed kidney stones.
  • Do some errands on Friday..what I hoped to get accomplished didn't happen..but thats ok.  :-)  Had a good time out anyways!  Got Makayla some pots and pans to go with her little play kitchen we got in Amish Country at a yard sale.  For 2 DOLLARS!  I kid you not!  Need to take pictures.
  • Tried having a yard sale saturday.  It POURED the rain all day..not a sucess unfortunately.  Maybe another day!
  • GREAT church service on sunday..I love our pastor and church family!!
  • Got the car fixed (today) and Praise God it wasn't anything major!!!  I am SO thankful!
Amidst all of this I have been making some of Makayla's things for her birthday!

Birthday tutu--check
Decorative owl plates--check (going to make more when I get supplies)
Birthday banner---halfway there..need to print picture and buy decorative felt (Side note..anyone know if they make decorative felt?  I think I saw some at Hobby Lobby....)
Birthday wreath--check (going to add more balloons when I find the time to sit down!)

We're getting there!  It has been one busy but productive week!!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Heaven on Earth

Thats what we'd like to think of when we think of Amish Country!  Its definately our special place for many, many reasons.  We feel so fortunate to have made the wonderful friends that we have there..explored special places..and have SO many wonderful memories that have been made.

I'm so thankful we were able to visit for a couple days last week.  It was a much needed little R&R amidst all that we've gone through in the past..well 7 months really.  Our little family seems happy 99.9% of the time when I talk about us..but the fact is we've faced some extremely rough roads over the past several months that I've not indulged in (and probably won't for privacy purposes).  To say we needed to get away was an understatement!!  We had a wonderful are a few things we did..along with pictures!!

Stayed at 'our' cabin..we LOVE this place for so many reasons..but its just perfect for us!!

Makayla did GREAT..especially if you remember the last time we were in AC she was 5 WEEKS OLD!  I don't know how we managed to do that (especially since I was recovering still yet from my c-section).  She slept well..behaved well most of the time..and LOVED eating out in the restaurants and making friends with everyone!  Yes..she's the baby you'll see turned around in her high chair trying to get someone's attention so she can make a new friend.  Damon says she's going to be a politician..I sure hope not!  LOL!

We met up with our Amish friends and spent an evening at their beautiful home.  Their youngest daughter is due to get married next week..she seemed really excited!  I even bought her a little gift..some decorative measuring teaspoons and tablespoons..she loved it!  And I have a matching set (what can I say..they were so cute I wanted some too!)!

Ate some AMAZING food.  As always!  Hello buckeye sundae!

Went yard saleing.  I came back with so much stuff just from yard sales!  Makayla has more clothes (some stuff was brand a pair of white jeans from Baby Gap!) and more toys!  I found a set of Noah's Ark blocks for 1.50!  I also came back with a boatload of flowers.  The Amish like to divide up their periennals and sell I ended up coming back with a lilac bush, amaryllis, lillies, hydrangea, and lambs name a few!

Overall it was a trip well worth it.  We came back relaxed, renewed, and thankful to God for all the blessings in our lives.  Isn't that what a vacation is suppost to do?  :-D