Monday, January 31, 2011

Miscellany Monday

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

Oh what a weekend!  I am REALLY late posting this today..hope y'all can forgive me!  Allow me to explain my 'tardiness'..Damon had a bit of a 'head-cold/sinus troubles' over the weekend.  Neither of us knew just HOW bad it was until very early sunday morning when he awoke to a terrible bleeding nose!  AHH!  He's had this happen once before, several years ago, at this caliber.  He literally had to clean the blood up off the bathroom floor (sorry if this grosses you out).  I took him to the nearby ER last night..antibiotics were given..and a night off work which was needed.  He's doing better today.
We did manage to have a great little outting on friday!  Off to Target and Homegoods (for anyone who's never been to a Homegoods..find the one nearest to you and RUN there!!) we went.  I found a gorgeous glittery silver and gold bowl (and actually wasn't meant for Christmas though it would be a beautiful addition to the decor that time of the year) and Damon bought a huge St. Paddy's Day bowl there too.  We LOVE our St. Paddy's Day in this fact I've already gotten most of my decorations up for that holiday!  I guess its the Irish heritage in my hubby's blood.  :-)
A truely sad day today for our church family and community.  A beloved friend of ours, Allen Harvey, passed away this morning after battling cancer for the past few months.  He was such an inspiration to all that came into contact with him and I know he definately touched our hearts and lives.  He will truely be missed by all.
Anyone out there have a gmail account?  I know its tied in with google somehow..but step-daughter Beth introduced us to their video chat yesterday.  WOW!  Its totally amazing and just like being in the same room with the person who you're chatting with!  We can talk to her now and its like being right there with her..anyone who has relatives, friends, or whatever that lives far away..this is a MUST HAVE!
Nice weather over the weekend (yay!)..I took advantage of it and got out and did a little walking over by the creek near our house.  So nice to get out and get some fresh air for a change! 
And before I close..some baby news!  You know I can't post without mentioning at least one little tidbit of something baby related!  She's been kicking up a storm..especially into the evenings/late night.  Over the weekend..Damon was doing his nightly belly watch to see if he could see it move when she kicked..and he's pretty sure he saw my belly move!!  I can see it very plainly..I don't know if its because I have the best view (from above, obviously) or because I feel and see it at the same time.  So I was so happy when he seemed to be able to see her move for the first time!


Friday, January 28, 2011

Yay for weekends!!

I soooo look forward to the weekends!  Of course, who doesn't?!  Seems its been forever since Damons had a whole weekend off..with the new job and kinda threw us off on his days.  At least he's not having to work 12 days straight before getting anytime off now!!  Not sure what all we'll be doing this weekend..I know we'll head out one day for some grocery shopping and the like.  But I imagine we'll be spending alot of time in our pj' is the norm for us in the winter months.  Ahhh..nothing beats it!!  I was inspired by a friend to revisit an old recipe of mine..homemade blueberry pancakes WITH homemade blueberry syrup!  Oh they are to DIE for y'all!!  I haven't made them in ages and I think this weekend is calling for them.  :-)  I'll be sure to post some yummy pictures of the finished product in the near future (and the recipe for those who'd like to try them!).  Until then..have a happy weekend..stay warm..and spend a day in your pj's!!! 


Thursday, January 27, 2011

All things baby..

I'm sorry if anyone out there is getting tired of the baby posts..but all of us new mama's on blogger right now just can't help ourselves..and I'm one of them!  I HAD to share with everyone some of the great little items I've picked up for Makayla over the past couple of weeks as well as a little suprise gift I got in the mail from my sweet bloggy friend, Miranda!  Thanks again, Mir!!  I totally wasn't expecting that!!  :-)  Here is what she sent me thru the mail...

Some cutie burp cloths/diapers!  I love em'!!  They came from the great etsy store (which I checked out, btw..great stuff in there ladies!), PLM DeZigns. 

Here are some outfits I've picked up myself...

(A close up shot)

I found this outfit right before I found out if we were having a boy or a girl and couldn't believe my luck!  I ran back to Marshall's and picked it up before it was gone (was the last one like it) appropriate with the embrodiered "M" for Makayla on the outfit and matching blanket!!!  It even came with a hat and was only $12.99 for the whole set!  This is probably my favorite outfit I have for her, thus far.  :-)

A cute little warm outfit for the winter months, I snagged this one on clearance for just $2.99!  Its originally from Babys R Us too!

And last but not least, I picked this up at Gabriel Brothers (its an AWESOME store thats mostly in the east coast part of the U.S. as far as I know) for $4.99.  I loved the pretty springy green color and the fact that it says "I Love Daddy" on the onesie and "Love Daddy" on the back of the little matching pants!  Damon really liked this one, as you can imagine!

We've been talking about the baby shower to come and trying to figure out a good time to have it.  So far..we know it'll be in early April..we just have to set a date and get the place where we're going to have it at reserved.  And I wanted to ask..any of y'all who participated in the recent promotion from Shutterfly..have you gotten your code for the $25 gift certificate emailed to you yet?  I hadn't, as of yesterday, and was starting to wonder.  PLEASE..let me know!!  I'm planning on using that for some of our baby shower invites.

To close..I thought you might want to see a couple pictures of our little one.  Can't get enough of those ultrasound pictures, don't you know!  She opened her little mouth for my mom and I (my mom went with me this time) cute!!!  And I saw her little hand outstretched for the first time as well!  She had always had them clenched before.  She's gained some weight in the 2 weeks since I had last been in as well..up to 1 pound 2 ounces!!  I couldn't believe it!  :-) she is!!

Hope everyone has a great day today!!


Tuesday, January 25, 2011

22 Weeks Pregnant!

I'm at 22 weeks now..can you guys believe it?!  Seems like the time really starts flying by once you hit 18 weeks.  :-)

Size of baby:  At my last visit, which was an ultrasound, I believe they told me she was around 14 ounces.

Weight Gain: 11 pounds so far

Boy/Girl?:  We're having a little girl..Makayla Giuliana :-)

Next appointment:  Today actually!  I have an ultrasound scheduled again..because she's a little 'mover' and wouldn't sit still long enough for them to get some of the pictures they needed.  Prayers appreciated!

Cravings:  Fruit is still a big one for me..had some awesome mangoes last week but the ones I bought the other day are under-ripe.  :-(  Trying to get them to ripen for me by putting them in a paper bag.

Nursery:  I have SUCH a long way to go on that one!  We have to buy Damon a wardrobe thingy to put his clothes in that are in the soon-to-be nursery.  I swear he's got more clothes than I do!!  But I do know what I want to do and how to do once the room is cleared out..all should go pretty smoothly.  In case your is a sneak peak of the nursery I'm getting alot of my ideas from..I fell in love with this WAY before I ever wanted to even have a baby of my own!  I'm not doing ours 'exactly' like this..just taking some ideas from it...

( might say I'm a big fan of E! News..this is when Samantha Harris used to work there!  Notice Makayla's middle name is spelled the same way Giuliana Rancic's is..thats no coincidence!)

Maternity Clothes:  I gave in and bought a couple more shirts over the weekend (as you saw from my miscellany monday post yesterday).  I figured I could use some tshirts since the lil' miss isn't due until the end of May.  The top I'm wearing in this post is one I got on sale at Sears..for $5.99!!  I really love it and its so comfy!

Movements:  Over the weekend..I finally saw my belly move for the first time!  My eyes must have gotten HUGE when I saw that..just amazing! Its what I've waited to see for such a long time!  Now if she'll just do it for Damon so he can see too..she's sooo shy!  :-)


Monday, January 24, 2011

Miscellany Monday!

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

I finally got around to taking a picture of my mirror in our master bathroom that I sort of 're-did' last week with the grapevine and lights.  I LOVE how it turned out..what do you guys think?

I got some more great deals at Motherhood Maternity over the weekend!  If your prego or ever become..go to this store ladies!!  They have great stuff at great prices (and have a clearance section I always hit).  Here is what I bought for myself..
Short Sleeve Scoop Neck Screen Print Maternity T Shirt

(first time I saw this I KNEW I had to have!)

Short Sleeve V-neck Side Ruched Maternity T Shirt

And the best part?  Buy one get one 50% off right now!!

If you haven't taken part in the special offer Shutterfly has going on right now..check it out now!!  I posted about it earlier on my is a link to that link.  I plan on using my $25 gift certificate on my upcoming baby shower invitations!  Great timing, huh?

So far..Damon is luvin' his new job! After working for a week at the new place..can you believe he bought pizza for the 'guys' one night?!?  Thats NEVER happened before..he must really like it down there! And he's been telling everyone how much he likes it and is glad he's back to working underground again.  I'm so happy he's happy!  :-D

Doctor's appointment for me tomorrow (again)..ultrasound actually!  Keep me in your prayers (and lil' Makayla)!  Hoping she cooperates this time and STAYS STILL long enough for them to get the pictures they need of her little precious heart!  Last time she kept turning and flipping on her back..they couldn't get them..thus is why I have to go back. If this is any indication of how active she's going to be once she's born..I'd better put my running shoes on now!!

(Thats Makayla's little foot..long and skinny like mommies!)

Another great offer from Shutterfly!!

Well y'all..shutterfly is doing it again!  Not only did we all get some free shutterfly $$ to use for our Christmas cards this past year (hope you took advantage of that great offer!!)..but now they are giving us $25 in free shutterfly products again!  Just head on over to their site..or better yet go here (thanks for the link up Cait!) find out how to participate in the offer!  All you basically have to do is write a blog post on your recent shutterfly purchase and let them know!  Easy breezy!!  I was already planning on getting my baby shower invites through this helps that much more!!

Three Wise Men Religious Christmas Card
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Friday, January 21, 2011

Feeling the need to hibernate..

Don't get me wrong..I love snowy weather.  Ask anyone who knows me well and they'll tell you I'm TOTALLY one of those crazies who likes it when it snows and rarely complains about it!  Yes..that is me!  However..I have felt such a need to hibernate this winter!!  I think I can partly blame being pregnant on that this go around (any other prego ladies feelin' the same way?)..but I'm hoping the crafty side of me springs into action soon!  After reading so many lovely blogs tonight on all the crafts everyone has been has inspired me!!  So I'm hoping to get out this weekend..and find something to get into (craft wise)..ha!  Perhaps something special for lil' Makayla?  I think she is the 'perfect' inspiration!!!  :-D  Anyone else out there who is pregnant..have you been making anything special for your little ones?


Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Thought I would share 'what I'm luvin' with y'all today!  Link up at Jamie's blog!

~ I'm loving the kicks I get daily now from Lil' Miss Makayla!  She's definately got a schedule now..only bad thing is its daddy's hootowl schedule!!  AHH!  I have a feeling I may be in for it when she arrives in May!  But I can't wait either!  :-)

~ I'm loving Damons new job!  He started on monday as I mentioned before, and so far he really likes it alot!  He even bought pizza for the 'guys' tuesday night!  Thats NEVER happened w/any other job he's been it must mean he really likes them!  I'm also loving that insurance is better for us..what a relief!! 

~ Back to Makayla..I'm loving all the little dresses and pink frillies I'll get to buy for her!  Its what I had hoped for so much..that she would be a girl.  Nothing like little girl outfits!  Not that there is anything wrong with little boys..they are cute as buttons too!!!  And I'm loving picking out how her room will look!  I'm getting there ladies!!  Let me ask..if you bought your bedding..when did you buy it during your pregnancy??  I keep wondering if I should wait a bit longer or just go ahead and get it now. 

~ I'm also loving my little girl, Ravey!  She's still mama's girl and cuddles up next to my legs when I'm on the laptop (like right now)..she's smart as a tack..and she see's her daddy off every night when he goes to work!  Literally!  She watches him leave out the back door..then we both go to the front door and wave bye to him (well she doesn't wave..but it wouldn't suprise me if she learned how!).  Then she knows after that door closes that she's got me for the rest of the night!!  Plus..who wouldn't love a face like this?

~ I'm loving the great finds I got while out at the Goodwill on tuesday!  Can't beat some nice maternity tops for under $3!  Also loving the brown corded lights I purchased that are now wrapped around my mirror in the master bath along with some grapevine!  Pictures to come later...

~ And I have to give fellow blogger and friend Cait from The Blessed Life a shout out cause I'm loving her idea she posted on last week!  Anyone else who loves to sew out there, check out this post for a creative and inexpensive way to make a makeup bag!!  I plan on doing this not only for myself, but for giving as gifts as well!  Thanks for the creative idea, Cait!!!

Hope your loving your wednesday!!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

My love for all things silly...

I'm a sucker for silly stuff.  Movies, pictures, name it.  Take tonight for instance..I'm watching the movie Airplane! for the first time (I know..I'm behind  I've always been a HUGE fan of Leslie Nielsen and was so saddened by his passing late this past year.  He had such a way of being so serious while delivering lines in movies that were so funny they were downright stupid!  I love it that way....

One of my favorite lines: 
"Surely, you can't be serious." 
"Yes, I am serious.  And don't call me Shirley."

That kills me!!! 

And I love being silly..when the mood strikes.  Take this recent picture, for instance....

Or our silly tomcat....

Even Damon loves to be silly!!

I guess you could just call us a 'house full of nuts'!!!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Miscellany Monday ~ New Job and Fashion!

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

Good morning everyone!!  Hope your weekend was a good one!  How about a little of this and a little of that for your monday?


My dear hubby, Damon, starts a new job today!!!!!  We are SO excited and I'm so very proud of him for holding out and waiting for the opportunity to come in God's timing.  :-D  He's still working in the mines, for the same company, he'll just be back underground like the 'old days'.  His pay is going to increase (yay!), our health insurance will be better (double yay!!!), and he'll be in a union!!  It couldn't have came at a better time, with baby on the way and me having to go to the doctor alot.  God is good!!


Now for a complete 360..did anyone watch the Golden Globes last night?  I LOVE watching most big awards shows..but not so much for who will win this or that..but for the beautiful fashion!  Such gorgeous gowns, jewelry, and shoes..whats not a girl to love about that?!  Here are my favs for the night:

(Wow..I want THOSE shoes!!)

(Loved Tina Fey's jewelry!)

(Eva's dress was probably my favorite of the night..though this angle doesn't show off the pretty jeweled side accent)

(Catherine's dress came in a close 2nd as prettiest for the green!)

(Favorite baby bump of the night!  Yes..I liked her dress better than Natalie Portman's..I thought instead of the red rose..her pink dress would have looked better w/a black accent of some sort.)

(Let's not forget the guys!  R. Patt is always spot on!)

(Seriously???  I don't think I need say more...)


Of course you know I couldn't do a post without mentioning lil' Miss Makayla!  She has DEFINATELY been kicking more...or should I say I've been feeling it the past week.  Its such a blessing to feel that movement.  I've waited for weeks until I could definately know thats what I'm I could breath a sigh of relief.  I'm so thankful for her!!  :-D  I've been buying little things here and there for her still and been making some BIG decisions regarding the nursery over the weekend!  I can't wait to get it started so I can show everything off to you guys! 

With all the pictures..I think today's post is plenty long enough for your reading enjoyment!  Hope your having a great monday y'all!! 


Friday, January 14, 2011

Gender Reveal Party!

So I guess some of you might be wondering how our little party went the other day!!  We hosted a 'gender reveal party' on wednesday afternoon here at our place.  For y'all who don't know or haven't heard of one of these type of parties before, the idea is that once you find out the gender of your baby, you find a creative way to tell your family and friends the gender of the baby!  This is done by a cake or cupcakes being either blue or pink in the center, the appropriate color of balloons being released out of a box, a tshirt, pinata with pink or blue candy.  You get the idea..there are alot of ways you can let everyone in!!  Afterwards, I have to say, I was soo glad that I did this!  It was totally worth the effort and keeping quiet about our little 'secret' for a day or so!  :-)  Here are a few photos from the party and the decorations. 

(Me and my cousin Cortney..she helped me decorate before the party and we were clowning around!  Like her baby 'balloon' bump? LOL)

(Had guests take a blue or pink pin and wear during the party..depending on what they thought the gender of the baby is!)

(Guests got to guess how many pink and blue sixlet candies were in the won a $5 Books a Million gift card!)

(A little something to help guests take their guesses on the baby's gender!)

(More decorations)

(Team 'Pink'!!)

(Team 'Blue'!! Damon wasnt trying to be in this shot..he was in Team 'Pink'..)

(The cake!  Thats suppost to be a baby with a ? on its cousin's idea!  Cute!)

(The big moment..I'm slicing into the cake!  Notice my other cousin, Casey, how excited she looks!!)

(And its PINK!!)

(Everyone enjoying the food!  We had sandwiches, chips & dip, fruit salad, punch, and cake!)

(So excited to be having a baby girl!!)

One other game we did was..after I baked the cake..I hid a little plastic baby inside.  The person who got the piece of cake with the baby won a gift card!!  My cousin Crystal won this prize..her whole family won prizes in fact!!  They made out good!!  Hated I forgot to take a picture of that one!  And everyone who was on "Team Pink" won gift bags with one of my milky way candy bars!  I also put in the name we have chosen for our baby along with the meaning.  Ready??  Her name will be....
Makayla Giuliana

I've always loved the name Makayla, and so has Damon.  The name Giuliana I actually got from Giuliana Rancic from E! News!  She's beautiful with a beautiful name.  When I said it with Makayla for the first time..I knew we had a winner!  Makayla means "Gift from God" and Giuliana means "Young"..I thought that was precious!  Our baby will be our 'young gift from God' indeed!!  

We had such a great time!  My mom got on the phone with my grandma, who lives out of state, after the big reveal and everyone said "Its a girl!" all at the same time with her on speakerphone so she could hear!  She wasn't suprised though..she guessed girl from the start!  What can I say..grandma is never wrong!!

Hope you've enjoyed hearing about our party!  We sure did have a blast!  Have a great weekend everyone!