Friday, January 14, 2011

Gender Reveal Party!

So I guess some of you might be wondering how our little party went the other day!!  We hosted a 'gender reveal party' on wednesday afternoon here at our place.  For y'all who don't know or haven't heard of one of these type of parties before, the idea is that once you find out the gender of your baby, you find a creative way to tell your family and friends the gender of the baby!  This is done by a cake or cupcakes being either blue or pink in the center, the appropriate color of balloons being released out of a box, a tshirt, pinata with pink or blue candy.  You get the idea..there are alot of ways you can let everyone in!!  Afterwards, I have to say, I was soo glad that I did this!  It was totally worth the effort and keeping quiet about our little 'secret' for a day or so!  :-)  Here are a few photos from the party and the decorations. 

(Me and my cousin Cortney..she helped me decorate before the party and we were clowning around!  Like her baby 'balloon' bump? LOL)

(Had guests take a blue or pink pin and wear during the party..depending on what they thought the gender of the baby is!)

(Guests got to guess how many pink and blue sixlet candies were in the won a $5 Books a Million gift card!)

(A little something to help guests take their guesses on the baby's gender!)

(More decorations)

(Team 'Pink'!!)

(Team 'Blue'!! Damon wasnt trying to be in this shot..he was in Team 'Pink'..)

(The cake!  Thats suppost to be a baby with a ? on its cousin's idea!  Cute!)

(The big moment..I'm slicing into the cake!  Notice my other cousin, Casey, how excited she looks!!)

(And its PINK!!)

(Everyone enjoying the food!  We had sandwiches, chips & dip, fruit salad, punch, and cake!)

(So excited to be having a baby girl!!)

One other game we did was..after I baked the cake..I hid a little plastic baby inside.  The person who got the piece of cake with the baby won a gift card!!  My cousin Crystal won this prize..her whole family won prizes in fact!!  They made out good!!  Hated I forgot to take a picture of that one!  And everyone who was on "Team Pink" won gift bags with one of my milky way candy bars!  I also put in the name we have chosen for our baby along with the meaning.  Ready??  Her name will be....
Makayla Giuliana

I've always loved the name Makayla, and so has Damon.  The name Giuliana I actually got from Giuliana Rancic from E! News!  She's beautiful with a beautiful name.  When I said it with Makayla for the first time..I knew we had a winner!  Makayla means "Gift from God" and Giuliana means "Young"..I thought that was precious!  Our baby will be our 'young gift from God' indeed!!  

We had such a great time!  My mom got on the phone with my grandma, who lives out of state, after the big reveal and everyone said "Its a girl!" all at the same time with her on speakerphone so she could hear!  She wasn't suprised though..she guessed girl from the start!  What can I say..grandma is never wrong!!

Hope you've enjoyed hearing about our party!  We sure did have a blast!  Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. Your party was SO CUTE! You're a very creative girl! :-)
    I would LOVE to have a gender reveal party.. that sounds like so much fun!! :-)

  2. yay!! Another girl to add to the mix!! Such a cute party and I absolutely love her name so pretty!

  3. I am so excited for you! :) And what a very cute party you had! Absolutely love her name!!! :)

    Brie is having another boy...and I told her she MUST keep trying until she has me a GRANDDAUGHTER!!! ;)

  4. It looks like your party went really well! I like the craving and dislike lists for hints - I was thinking of doing that, but I didn't have any significant cravings or dislikes, so I didn't. I love that you gave away bags with your "craving" inside too - how fun!

  5. Hey Girl,

    Your party sure looked fun and I'm so glad you had a blast.

    A little girl...just to sweet..I'm so excited for you and damon both!

  6. Hope your gender reveal party was a huge blast. Invited all of friends at one of the alluring event locations in LA for my birthday party last month. Booked reputed caterers and bakers. Dj was suggested by my brother and everything was suiting my budget too. Got innumerable wishes and blessing from all.


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