Tuesday, April 30, 2013

My "mark"

I don't think I ever explained my little 'mark' to  y'all on the blog..so I figured it was long past due.

"What on earth is she talking about?", your all probably asking yourselves right about now.

Ever since I could remember, I had a mole right smack dab in the middle of my chest.  Lovely spot for such a thing to grow.  V-neck shirts and basically any kind of shirt with 'style' (save for a tshirt, of course) was always sure to accent that darn mole.  I always wanted to hide it, but as the years went on, I figured there wasn't much I could do but live with it.

And that I did.

I had many moles removed over the years, but that one always remained.  Until about 7-8 months after I had Makayla, that is.

While I was pregnant, my 'mark' started looking...different.  I read that the hormones associated with pregnancy can do that to moles, and to be extra digilent if any really takes a 'turn' on you.  Mine just looked..different..strange..odd, if you will.  So when I delievered Makayla and while was still in the hospital, one of the nurses even commented on it.

"Did it start looking different once you became pregnant?  ....followed by "..you should probably have it checked out.". 

My mind was actually already made up before I had said conversation with said nurse.  I just didn't like the way the 'mark' was looking.  But then, I was breastfeeding, and I didn't want anything to complicate that..so I held off for 7-8 months..when she wasn't taking in as much from me.

I was still scared.  I was more scared they'd put me on some sort of medication (why I don't know) and I wouldn't be able to breastfeed anymore.  Any mom who breastfeeds exclusively knows what I'm talking about.  Your afraid of the little things of derailing your 'flow'. 

Ok that sounded weird. 

So I went in and I had the 'mark' removed.  It wasn't as bad as I thought..and I didn't have to take any medication. 

But low and behold, I was left with another 'mark'!

Have you ever wondered when I post pictures of myself on here..they are usually from a certain point..up?  Sometimes I can't get away with it..but trust me..if I can..I do my best to hide the 'mark'.  I've looked into special creams for keloids (the name of the type of scar I now have) but I hesistate to fork out $50 for something I don't know will work.  I've used Mederma, Scar Zone, and all those otc scar creams.  They don't make a difference in its appearance one way or another.  I heard you can have a scar 'scraped' recently.  That was a new one.  But wouldn't you still be left with the same thing?  Something I'll have to ask a doctor if I ever look into doing something about it.

When we have insurance again, that is.  ;-)

Anyone out there ever dealt with an ugly scar after a surgerical procedure?  Tips/recommendations??  I'd love to hear from you!!  Oh and fyi..the doctor warned me before he removed my mole..that it would leave a scar..just because of where it was located..its an area more proned to scar more easily.  I had one removed from my head and neck at the same time and you couldn't tell either was ever there now.  So I guess he was right.

And on a side note..I find it oddly funny that I was absolutely crazy about this show when it was on several years ago...still wish they'd bring it back...


Monday, April 29, 2013

I fought the wasp, and the wasp won.

So I'm really glad I did all my blog posts last week early and had them pre-posted.

Monday night, I went to fold and put away the laundry I had hanging out on the line all day (I even had a picture in this post last week of my line-dried clothes).  Low and behold, a wasp was inside one of Damon's jeans.

It got me. 

I spent monday night, all day tuesday, and all day wednesay in a lot of pain.  Redness, swelling, and all the greatness that comes with a bee sting.  I'm allergic..but not in a life-threatening kinda way. 

 (My view from the couch while icing my hand)
I even went as far as to go to the doctor on wednesday, even though we have no health insurance and it meant I had to pay out of pocket.  I was desperate for something that might give me some relief.
Found out I should have just stayed home.  There wasn't really anything he could prescribe (though he did give me a prescription for steroids, which I didn't want to take unless it got a lot worse) and told me to keep taking and doing what I had been.  Pain relievers, benedryl, ice/heat the area (which I might add heat just made it feel worse). 
The swollen arm and hand

And for comparison purposes, my other arm and hand (so you know I'm not freakishly large)
By thursday, I was starting to feel better.  The pain had left, so that was a victory in itself.  I was still swelled and it actually was a little worse then than it was in the above picture (which was taken wednesday night).  By the weekend, the swelling was completely gone and all that remained was a little soreness.
Wasps.  They are NOT my friend.  But at least I got something sweet from Damon after my ordeal that made my day.


Thursday, April 25, 2013


As I said earlier in the week, we've been enjoying some outside weather lately! Sunday was no exception, except that it was a little cooler than it had been.  Pants, shoes (not sandals), and jackets required, but the fun was still there!!

 Headed out for an adventure!

 By the creek...
 No fear!  When the train goes by, she has no problem being right at the back fence to watch.  Momma does NOT like this!
 Long shadows
Jake enjoying life

Notice she's not looking at the camera?  I just said to her "T-Thomas" to try to get her to look my way, she instead was looking to where our beloved Tom-tom is buried!  Bless her heart!

My life!


Wednesday, April 24, 2013

B & W

A little bolder than usual for me..but I'd noticed alot of Hollywood has been sporting 'bold' nails lately so I thought I'd give it a try!  Gotta say..I loved it!  While it lasted, that is..mine started peeling within about 2-3 days.  :-(

Any tips nail polish lasting longer?  Certain brands..specific top coats..etc?  I use a Sally Hanson base coat AND top coat along with whatever colored polish I use.


But ya gotta admit, is is pretty cool looking!  Plus it matched my camera lens cover..ha!

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

A 'close enough' L.R. reveal!

Ok..doing the finishing touches on the laundry room has taken WAY longer than I had anticipated.  I seemed to be going full force trying to get the painting done and out of the way, and then as you saw in yesterday's post, we've had some really pretty weather pop up exactly at the same time I finished the painting process.

So..the finishing touches had taken a backseat to being outside!

But, I'm happy to report that completion is right upon us!  All I need is a new switchplate cover (which I'm sure you guys don't care about) and one major thing that I may do a separate post on depending on how well it turns out.  It involves 'hiding' the dreaded breaker box.  :-) 

So you wanna see how its looking? 


Monday, April 22, 2013

Its "Springy"!

For once,  I think spring-time has hung around longer than it usually does here in my neck of the woods!  Knock on wood, of course, I'm hoping it stays for a while! We usually go from snow/winter weather straight to 100 degrees of yuck (or summer, as most of you know it by)!  We're going to savor every bit of it while we can!! 

On a side note, I'm not a total 'hater' of summer.  I just don't like the heat and humidity..aka stiffling weather that we normally have around here.  80 degrees with a light breeze suits me just fine..but we normally don't have that much..its ALWAYS hotter with loads of humidity.  And after last summer's 'derechio' that we had (massive wind storm that was close enough to being a tornado for my taste) that knocked out our power for a whole week while enduring 100 degree days and 80 degree nights with no A/C..it made my dislike for summer even more I'm afraid! 

Ok..getting off my soap box! 

Primrose in bloom makes me :-)

Nothing like line dried clothes (and yes, I do this!)

They may not be purdy..but I love my sandals!

Little purple flowers popping through

Shorts + sandals + pretty weather = happy little girl (despite the look on her face!)!
Our baby rhododendron

Apple blossoms


Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

This & That

Pardon me for being all over the place in this post!  Just wanted to talk about a little bit of this and a little bit of that today....

  • I've so been loving skirts lately.  Maxi skirts, to be particular.  It all started with the one I made a couple months ago.  $1.25 for a homemade skirt..not too shabby!!  However, I've not been on the sewing 'kick' I was a couple months ago.  I have ran across some really cute and albeit, not as cheap as I made my original one for, still reasonably priced!!  Anyways..this isn't about cost..its about comfort.  Boy..are they comfy!!  I wore my newest find all day on sunday..just couldn't bring myself to change into pants or capris after we came home from church sunday morning!

  • Did you know you can make your own brown sugar AND its super easy?!  I was in the middle of making a homemade strawberry rhubarb crisp several days ago and was a little short on the brown sugar.  So I googled it and sure enough you can make it!  1 tablespoon of molasses to 1 cup regular white sugar..mix it really well and voila'! 
  • Speaking of the strawberry rhubarb crisp..I made mine with fresh strawberries (since they are in season right now) and used rhubarb that we had froze last summer!  Damon reminded me we had a big bag of it in the freezer..I had totally forgot!  Sure am glad he reminded me!  So if you grow your own rhubarb but don't get to use it all when it gets ripe..cut it up and put it in some freezer bags!

  • Totally addicted to groopdealz (though I've probably mentioned it before a time or two!)!  Last week I got in the scarf that I had ordered..love it!!

  • And lastly, the laundry room is done.  Well..sort of.  I should say the painting part is done.  I finally got hinges that WORK..so now its just a matter of getting Damon to drill some holes for all the new hardware..and getting everything put up!  But I do plan on doing a post once its all complete!  We've just been busy soaking up the sunshine and nice weather before getting it all the way done!  Here in WV..springtime weather doesn't last long.  Ask anyone who's ever lived here.  We get a few good weeks of spring weather (aka breezy, 70's, no humidity) and then summer comes with a full vengeance (aka 95 scorching degrees, 95% humidity, no breeze, and pure 'yuckiness', in my opinion!).  Here's to hoping this weather sticks around for a while!

Monday, April 15, 2013

She's Mine

Sometimes I can't believe I was a part in creating this beautiful little girl.....

She..who calls me 'momma'.

Who talks about 'Da' all day long.

That loves kitties, monkeys, and walks outside.

And loves having company come over.




And now an almost two year old.  It almost seems impossible.

But yeah..she's mine..and I love her so!!!


Tuesday, April 9, 2013

A little ketchup

I thought I'd do a little 'catching up' on some happenings around here..nothing major..just life!  Oh and I know..cheesy post title, right?!

Last week was my mom's bday.  We went up and celebrated..not with cake..but donuts!  I like how she thinks!!

And Makayla ate chips since she's not much for sweets.  She was in heaven!  What am I gonna do, y'all?  Her birthday is next month and she's not gonna want any part of birthday cake!



The painting is 99.9% complete in my laundry room!!  You don't know how happy I am about this!  We bought new hinges (for the second time..I'll explain..) and need to get them attached so the doors to the cabinets can go back up.  They've been off for probably 1 1/2 weeks now.  Its going to look so niceee!!  The first time we bought hinges..I had Damon pick them out because it all looked so confusing to me.  Trust me..browse the hinge selection in Home Depot and you'll know what I'm talking about.  He picked out the wrong ones.  I took back the unopened packages we had left and then I picked out new ones!  These 'should' work.  I'm like 99% sure they will! 

A sneak peak of my wall color!

Like the white highlights in my bangs?  Its primer!