Thursday, April 25, 2013


As I said earlier in the week, we've been enjoying some outside weather lately! Sunday was no exception, except that it was a little cooler than it had been.  Pants, shoes (not sandals), and jackets required, but the fun was still there!!

 Headed out for an adventure!

 By the creek...
 No fear!  When the train goes by, she has no problem being right at the back fence to watch.  Momma does NOT like this!
 Long shadows
Jake enjoying life

Notice she's not looking at the camera?  I just said to her "T-Thomas" to try to get her to look my way, she instead was looking to where our beloved Tom-tom is buried!  Bless her heart!

My life!


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  1. I love that first picture - Makayla is so pretty!


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