Monday, April 29, 2013

I fought the wasp, and the wasp won.

So I'm really glad I did all my blog posts last week early and had them pre-posted.

Monday night, I went to fold and put away the laundry I had hanging out on the line all day (I even had a picture in this post last week of my line-dried clothes).  Low and behold, a wasp was inside one of Damon's jeans.

It got me. 

I spent monday night, all day tuesday, and all day wednesay in a lot of pain.  Redness, swelling, and all the greatness that comes with a bee sting.  I'm allergic..but not in a life-threatening kinda way. 

 (My view from the couch while icing my hand)
I even went as far as to go to the doctor on wednesday, even though we have no health insurance and it meant I had to pay out of pocket.  I was desperate for something that might give me some relief.
Found out I should have just stayed home.  There wasn't really anything he could prescribe (though he did give me a prescription for steroids, which I didn't want to take unless it got a lot worse) and told me to keep taking and doing what I had been.  Pain relievers, benedryl, ice/heat the area (which I might add heat just made it feel worse). 
The swollen arm and hand

And for comparison purposes, my other arm and hand (so you know I'm not freakishly large)
By thursday, I was starting to feel better.  The pain had left, so that was a victory in itself.  I was still swelled and it actually was a little worse then than it was in the above picture (which was taken wednesday night).  By the weekend, the swelling was completely gone and all that remained was a little soreness.
Wasps.  They are NOT my friend.  But at least I got something sweet from Damon after my ordeal that made my day.



  1. OMG friend...i hope you are better. I have seen so many bees this year in our yard and it freaks me out to be bit or have Little Miss stung by one of them.

  2. Oh my gosh, look at your arm! How scary!


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