How We Met

In 2000..I was a college girl..hoping to find "Mr. Right"..and soon.  I was due to graduate with a 2 year degree the following year and it actually wasn't how I thought my life was suppost to be.  What I really longed for was to be a homemaker.  I wanted marriage.  I wanted love..more than anything else.  I wanted to find "Mr. Right" and was looking high and low for him.  But with no success.

Me and a friend of mine whom I met in college went out for an afternoon one day.  I really enjoyed hanging out with her..she was a Christian like we already had alot in common!  While we were enjoying our lunch..we got on the subject of dating and guys.  She was in a relationship..and had been for many a great guy (who she ended up marrying, btw).  I told her of my struggles and how I'd prayed..night after night..since I accepted Jesus as my Lord and Saviour (at the age of 15)..and how nothing was happening.  She told me her story..of how she had been in that same boat.  She had a conversation with another woman (much like ours, I imagine) about her situation..and the woman told you really believe it will happen when you say that prayer..for God to bring someone into your life?  She said then she realized that she hadn't been praying wholeheartedly.  So she began praying..truely believing that God was going to bring the right man into her life..and you know..thats when she met him!  Her story touched me deeply..because I too..had been praying without truely believing that God was going to answer my prayer. 

So after that day (which was in the Spring of 2000)..I began seeking God with all that was within me.  I prayed..earnestly..that He would bring me not only a boyfriend..but the man I was meant to be with for the rest of my life. I felt so close to God in those I could have literally reached out and touched Him.  It was amazing and a wonderful time in my life.

In July of prayers were answered.  A man I had been noticing from our church since earlier that year came into my life in an odd series of events!!  He had started attending the church I went to around December/January and he caught my eye at first because he was 'the new guy'.  It didn't hurt that he was cute either!  I kinda rode it off for a little while..but we always noticed each other.  The noticing each other turned into us exchanging long glances at church.  Then that year on vacation..we needed someone to house-sit for us.  "That guy" was doing odd jobs at the time..mowing lawns..etc.  So my mom decided to ask him to stay at our house while we were away.  Talk about intense!!  Now he was going to be in MY house for a whole week!!  I wanted to leave some kind of symbol or something that he might catch on that I liked I drew a smiley face on my calendar (which I knew he would eventually look at) on the day that he had came to visit our house before his job for us began.  Well..vacation came and went and when we got back..he went back home.  Oddly..I found what looked like a flattened out penny left on my dresser after he left.  I wasn't sure what it was..but I knew it was from him.

About a week aunt hired him to do some yardwork and called me up to let me know he was there.  Yeah..everyone knew I was crushing hard on this guy!  So I went up and ended up talking to him for quite a while.  It was awesome!  A few days later while on the phone with my best were delivered to our house..for me!!  I was over the say the least!  And in denial they were from 'him'.  My friend told me..of course they are from him..who else would they be from!! church the following sunday..I went over and sat down beside of him (a very bold move coming from a shy Christian girl who had never dated in her life).  We talked and after church exchanged phone numbers.  We started dating that week.  July 11, 2000 to be exact.  A date I will never forget.

One year and almost one month to the day..we were married on August 4, 2001.  It was the happiest day of my life!  I couldn't believe I was Mrs. Damon Green. case you were wondering about the heart on the calendar and the flattened penny.  He did notice my heart on the calendar.  And the flattened out penny?  He told me later on he had laid pennies on the railroad tracks before a train went by.  His dad always told him they were 'good luck'.  So he left me one so I'd have some good luck.

What he didn't know is that I had more than 'good luck' on my side..I had a prayer answered right from God Himself!