Thursday, June 28, 2012

The Aftermath

Doesn't look like much, does it?  But there is a funny/scary story that goes with it (and will explain why the valance is halfway down).  Have a seat for a few and get ready for a couple of laughs....

Some of you may know that me and Damon have taken up walking for exercise lately.  Well..he's been doing his walking in the mornings (before me and Makayla are up for the day) and I've been doing mine late in the evenings while he watches her for a little bit.  Its been a nice stress reliever.

Until last night.

Before we went to bed last night around 1am (yes..thats our usual bedtime..what can I say..we are still 'hootowls' even though he's unemployed at the time being) my legs felt a little tigher than usual.  I took an ibuprofin hoping that would ease them down a little and thought of using some Bengay..but decided against it.  Kinda wishing now I had... to sleepy time we went.  I actually fell asleep (I've been having sleep battles for a while now..with Damon home at night now instead of being gone to work..I'm having to share a bed!!!!  I know..poor me..right!?) pretty quick.  I started dreaming..and here is when it gets funny.

I was dreaming that I was chasing Makayla.  Yeah..wonder what spurred that dream?  LOL..thats everyday life with an active 1 year old!  So I guess she was about to fall and I remember grabbing her shirt to keep her from toppling over whatever it was in the dream.

When I woke up..I was STANDING in our bed..with said valance in my hands (aka..her shirt in my dream)!  At first I couldn't figure out where I was.  I was scared..both because of the dream and that I couldn't figure out my surroundings (it was dark..duh).  Once I felt the walls and the headboard of our bed I knew what I was doing.  That scared me even MORE (I'll explain in a minute).  I was actually trying to catch my breath because it all had shaken me up so bad.  I sat down and felt around..Damon was nowhere to be found.  Then I heard him shuffling around in the living room and knew he must have resorted to the couch for the night.

When I got up and got to talk to Damon this morning...I told him about what had happened and was wondering if he was ok last night.  He said I was jumping all around in the bed..arms flaring around everywhere.  He said he got out of bed before I hit him!

Poor guy! if you've known me for a long time (and not too many of my readers have known me this long)..I had an incident before we moved into our our rental house one time.  We had been to a huge flea market (Hillsville, VA if any of you are familiar with know how big it is!) that day.  When the night came and we went to sleep..I had a dream of some sort (still don't remember what it was about to this day) and I ran across Damon in the bed and landed in the floor.  But not before I hit the wall.  With my face.


I still have a scar on my chin to prove it to this day.  So..I have a bit of a history with doing crazy things in my sleep.  I was so afraid after we moved down here and had hardwood floors in our bedroom I'd end up jumping out of the bed and really hurting myself.  Or heaven forbid..when I was pregnant.  Thankfully that didn't happen..but I did jump out of bed once in my sleep but landed on my feet (can't remember if I was pregnant or if that was right after).  I woke up standing beside the bed. 

Crazy, I know. 

So..anyone out there have anything like this ever happen to them?  Sleepwalking..etc?  I don't know if I'd really classify myself as a sleepwalker though.

I think I do need to put big yellow cones around my bed at night......


A Pinterest Project

I made one of these for my mom for Mother's Day..only in the traditional red, white, and blue.  She LOVED it and I loved how easy (and inexpensive!) and cute it turned out myself.  Sooo..I had to make myself one in more americana colors, since thats how I do things around here!  I think it turned out rather well, don't you? 

My front porch thanks me!


Wednesday, June 27, 2012


If your kiddo is anything like mine..they've already developed a ton of nicknames by family, friends, and anyone else who knows them.  I don't know how this gets started..but it does!  Its kinda funny too...

Here are some 'nicknames' Makayla has already developed....

Doodle Bug (not used anymore..but was so her when she was wee little!)
Baby Girl
Chugga (when we went to Cass Railroad..she got this one from me..hence the train)
Rudy (from her daddy..don't know how that got started)
RooRoo (again..daddy!)
Sweet Pea (from her aunt Wendy)
Katy (from her grandmother--my MIL..she can't pronounce "Makayla" for whatever reason)

Here are a couple of my OWN nicknames I've had over the years....

Mel (this one has stuck!  nobody calls me "Melanie" hardly ever!)
HoHo (from my late grandpa..he had a nickname for all us grandkids.  Mine came about because I was born near Christmas)
Love Bug (from hubby, of course!)
and just plain "Bug" for short

I'm curious..what are some of your nicknames and/or your kids' nicknames??


Saturday, June 23, 2012

Letting Go and Understanding Friendships

Linkybuttoncopycopy I know this post is late...ok VERY late..but the night I tried to do a post on friendships nothing seemed to be on my mind about it.  Today as I was cleaning like a mad woman I was thinking of my dear blogger friend Callie and all kinds of thoughts started pouring into my head about friendships and how some I've had in the past have ended..things thats happened throughout the years to me with 'friends'..etc..etc. know where this is going..I'm going to talk a little about how I've let go of past friendships and things that sometimes happen in friendships..maybe some tips thrown into the mix. 

I hope this makes sense to someone out there....

I truely didn't know what a true friend could be until I met my BFF (which I talked about here).  Before her..I had friendships.  In high school.  In grade school.  College.  But none really stuck.  Not like it did with Wendy.  Here is why...

Some were unequally yolked.  Yes..I said it.  And yes..thats from the Bible.  Most people use that scripture to pertain to their future mate.  I think it goes along with friendships as well..mainly because I've lived it.  I've had friendships with people who weren't Christian (now don't send me hate mail..I'm not saying you can't BE friends with someone of a different faith than you or who doesn't believe like you!) and in the end..toes got stepped on..feelings were hurt in one way or another. Bottom line..I wasn't treated in the same way I felt like a real friend should be.  And the biggest thing is that I felt like I couldn't share my faith with them.  Sure..I'd talk about it..but it wasn't something we could bond over, you know?  And if you can't share your passion you have for God..thats a big chunk left out of the whole experience of getting to know me (or you)..isn't it?  If you can't love me (be friends with me) for ALL of don't really love me (want to be friends with me) at all.  Just my opinion there...

My way or the highway.  That just doesn't work.  In ANY relationship whether its romance or friendship.  One person can't have their way all the time and think that its going to be fine and dandy.  I was in a friendshp with a girl like that.  It didn't work out and ended badly. 

Time.  This is something we all struggle with.  We either have jobs that keeps us busy.  Or are married.  Or have kids.  Or both.  But the most important thing is that we make time for our friends.  Sometimes its hard..but its necessary if we expect to keep a friendship alive.  Just like a plant needs water to thrive..a friendship needs time spent together (whether its emailing, phone chatting, texting, going out for coffee..playdates..etc). 

Sometimes in the end..letting go of a friendship is what needs to be done.  It might not be what we want to do (or have happen to us)..but sometimes it comes as a relief.  It can be hard to hang onto a friendship that just doesn't work.  Where one (or both) parties just dreads communicating.  You know its time for it to end then.  Sometimes even (as it was with a case I've been through)'ve just had enough of the way you've  been treated over the have to put a stop to it because its become so toxic to you its just unbearable to go on. 

When friends with people..please respect them above all else.  Respect their time (or lack of!)..respect them as human beings (don't treat them poorly)..respect their schedules. 

Sometimes friendships can be hard to understand..but if you go about one in the right'll work out.  :-)


Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Stroller Update

If you remember, a couple weeks ago I was asking advice on jogging strollers.  And by the way..thanks to EVERYONE who gave me input..I appreciated that ALOT and was suprised that the people from Baby Trend left me a comment as well!  I was pretty torn between two..the Graco Trekko and the Baby Trend Expedition.  Makayla and I made a trip to Target to figure out which one we'd be bringing home.  After getting both down from the display..putting her in and out of both..pushing them around..etc..we made a decision.

We got the Baby Trend!!!

It was a HARD decision folks.  I won't lie.  There are things about both that I liked alot.  One of the big things that I had mentioned before..the tethers used to adjust the seat..I 'thought' I liked the Graco's better because it had a different contraption compared to the tethers.  After trying to adjust the seat with their device..I decided it was no better than using tethers that most strollers have.  It was probably actually harder to adjust (esp when a baby is sitting in the stroller).  I liked how the Baby Trend turns on a dime..and its alot more lightweight than the Graco.  The doesn't fold down great and takes up a ton of trunk space.  We don't take it unless we have to (like when going to the store..etc).  I still need to sit down with the manual and see if we're folding it down right..maybe we're missing something in that area to make it fold flatter..I don't know. 

We've recently took up walking and have been using it on almost a daily basis.  Its GREAT!  We usually only walk with her once a day (we've both been averaging about 2 walks a day..around 2 miles per walk!) and she seems to really enjoy it for the most part.  Which reminds me, another feature that I still liked better on the Graco was the canopy.  It was much bigger and provided way more protection from the sun than the Baby Trend does.  So my solution?

(via Toys R Us)

I went to Toys R Us and bought the Rayshade Sun Shade to hook to our Baby Trend.   Its GREAT!  Highly recommended..we don't leave home without it.  Its already been a lifesaver more than a dozen times.  Makayla HATES it when the sun gets in her eyes so this was the pefect solution.  I even had a 20% off coupon!

The only other thing I might do in the near future is make some sort of extra padding up around the head area.  She has bumped her head on the bars of the stroller a few times when she looks back to grab a snack from me when we're walking (which I know once she learns and I can trust her with a treat cup I won't have to worry as much about this!).  So I thought I could fashion something pretty simple..with some fabric..stuffing..and velcro.  I'll let you know if I do and how that works out.

And another bonus..I got a target gift card for buying the Baby Trend!  Shopping spree for momma..I think so..since the trip to get the stroller was a NIGHTMARE (screaming baby all the way over and most of the way back..and its an hour drive each way..ugh)!


Sunday, June 17, 2012

Self-Weaning and Achieving Milestones

I find it funny (now, anyways) how I used to stress so much over why Makayla didn't do things when I 'thought' she would.

You know..those milestone charts?

I had a tendency to compare her to other babies..whether it was babies her age now..or myself when I was her age (through my moms baby book she kept, of course)..or babies thats been in our family. 

It was a good reminder to me that God's timing is the best.  Just because we think our child (or anything else for that matter) should be doing things now..doesn't mean that is the right time for them to.  Only God knows when its going to be their time.

Case in point, I wondered way back when, when Makayla would transition from her bassinet to her crib.   I wondered if I'd have a hard time getting her to sleep in her crib..if I'd be so stressed she'd be in another part of the house that I wouldn't sleep myself.  The list went on and on.  I let her go in her bassinet until she let me know she was ready to move on.  And you know what..the transition was perfect for both of us.  She was more comfortable in a bigger environment and I was happy that I didn't have to worry about waking her up getting in and out of my creaky bed!

Same thing went with sitting up.  I thought ok..the books all say 6 months.  So by 6 months, she still wasn't quite there.  But you know..she did that in her own timing too.  Same with crawling.  And pulling up.  And self feeding (she's just mastered that one).  And the sippy cup (mastered that one lately too). 

She'll do the same with standing, then walking too.  But thankfully now God has shown me to not worry so much about those things.  Because He has the perfect timing for her.  Its a good thing.  :-)

We are still nursing..but I've decided that I'm going to let her decide on that one too.  Its funny how in the beginning I was like..will I be able to go 6 months..let alone a year?  How can I keep my supply up?  Can I do it?  God provided and helped us along the way.  It became easier.  Simple.  Easy. 

At 2 weeks (around this time last year actually), I would have said, "Say whaaaaaaaaaaat?" if I had heard myself say that breastfeeding was easy.  Because then, it was far from it.  Sure..we had our easy days.  But we had alot of hard times too. 

I had read numerous articles on weaning and the one thing that stuck with me the most was this.  One article said simply, "it can either be hard on the baby or hard on the momma because one or the other won't be ready".  SO TRUE!  When she neared a year old..I thought Oh..My..Gosh..I'm not ready for this to end!!!  NEVER did I think I'd utter those words.  But its true.  Its our bond.  And its beautiful.  :-) saddens me to think that this too will come to an end..but I know too that we'll be moving on to bigger, better, and funner things.  Like running in the grass, writing in chalk on the sidewalk, fingerpainting, talking back and forth to one another (where she actually makes sense when she, and lots of kisses.  And alot more.'ll be a good thing.....


Wednesday, June 13, 2012



I'm following along at Callie's blog today as she is doing a series of weekly posts dedicated to friendship.  Who doesn't love that, right!?  So I thought I would out with a post on my best friend and how we met, what makes our friendship work, etc. 

I didn't meet my best friend at school.  Or in college.  She doesn't even live in the same town as me.  Or even the same state, for that matter (but it would be REALLY cool if she did!).  We met, the unconventional way, you might say.  I met MY best friend ONLINE! read right!

My best friend and I met 'accidentally' you might say, way back in 1999.  I put up an ad on Christian Pen Pals looking for some friends..some good friends.  I had friendships in high school..but they just didn't work out once we got out of school.  I was looking for a more meaningful where my friend and I would share one common bond (which is what was lacking in other friendships I once had).

That is, a love for Jesus.

I yearned for a friendship where I could openly share my love for Christ and where we could share in the same joy and passion for our Lord and Saviour.  I also was looking for someone who was wanting to be a 'true' friend to me.  Not a 'here one minute and gone the next'...or 'my way or the highway' type.  Been there..done that. 

And thus entered my best friend, Wendy!

Meeting her and being her friend has been the best thing ever!  Our friendship just works.  We started out emailing.  Then chatting online (chatrooms).  A phone call (or few) then led to our first face to face visit.  Ready for this one?

My wedding was the first time we met!

And you know wasn't awkward.  It was like we'd known each other for a lifetime.  We just talked and had a good time.  It was awesome! 

Of course, once I was living the 'married life'..things changed a little.  We kinda got on a schedule though and figured out what worked (as far as staying in touch) and what didn't.  We just rolled with the punches, so to speak, and over the years have met up with each other several more times.  To say I look forward to her visits is an understatement!  As soon as we know we're going to see each other again..I think we both definately are counting down the days!  She visited us this past fall and was able to see Makayla for the first time.  What a blessing!!!!!  It was great to see her..and to see her with my see me as a mom..and for her to see our new home (it had been about 3 years since we'd seen each other she hadn't seen our new place). 

But most of all..what it all boils down is we share a deep love for God.  We can share that anytime with one another.  And yes..we've shared heartaches over the years..cried with each other..laughed tears of joy..we've fought (gasp!)..and made up (so thankful we did).  I couldn't imagine my life without her being a part of it honestly.  When I need to go to someone for something or just to talk..she's the one I go to.   My only peeve is that she lives so far away!!!!!  Else we'd definately spend more time together for sure cause we always have such a good time!

Since becoming a mommy myself..Wendy definately is someone I can turn to for advice.  Not because she is a mother herself (though she will be a great one one day!) but she has cared for and continues to care for children.  All her adult life she has had a hand in babysitting, helping raise kids, working in daycares, etc.  You can definately see the love for children in her eyes. 

Even though our lifestyles are a little different..we can still relate in alot of ways.  I think thats a major key in to be able to relate to each other and what the other is going through.  Your lives don't have to be exactly the being the exact same age..both married or both single..both with children or both without..have the same career..etc.  Wendy and I have none of these things in common..yet we are able to relate to one anothers lives in a crazy fantastic way. 

All in all..I'm so thankful for my best friend.  She's the best friend a girl could ever ask for and I couldn't have ever picked a better one.  I'm glad we have so many things in common..especially our love for God.  I think thats what keeps our friendship so strong after all these years.  :-)


Monday, June 4, 2012

Moving Mountains

I think we all go through periods in our lives where a common question we might say is "Where is God?".  As christians, we go through storms in our lives and face alot of obstacles.  Sometimes simply by being a Christian.  Its not an easy lifestyle to live by any means, but one that is full of rewards (especially our greatest reward, which is living in Heaven with our Father).

Sometimes it seems like God truely has to move mountains in our lives when we go through trials.  Some are harder than others, of course, but each has its own challenge.  Our pastor preached on how God is always there for us, no matter what we may go though in life, He's always there for us.  Its up to us to reach out to Him.

After all..God never moves, its us who tend to move.

We need to reach out to Him more, not just in trials and tribulations, but in our daily living.  I'm guilty of this.  I don't reach out to God on a daily basis enough.  Its shameful..but true.  I hope this is something I can work on and make improvements in my daily living for Him. 

Our pastor asked if we needed prayer due to trials and/or circumstances.  I believe alot of people raised their hand (I know I did) because I could hear the sniffles of those praying silently in their seats for God's help with whatever they were dealing with. 

Its hard.  Life can be hard.  But, Praise God, with Him in our lives, we don't have to face anything alone!

My family has been and is going though different trials..over the course of several months.  Of course, with my husband being laid off from work currently, that is top of the list.  I remember when he lost his job a couple years back.  We had only lived in our home we'd just bought for TWO WEEKS when he was laid off.  Two weeks!  I felt like my world had literally crumbled.  At first, I blamed God.  I did.  I was mad.  I had prayed night and day that it wouldn't happen to us (alot of people were losing their jobs at that time).  I felt let down and had to blame someone, I guess.  I found out real fast though, that wasn't the way to be thinking.  I prayed for forgiveness (many times) for feeling that way and felt a newfound joy in serving the Lord.  I tried to find ways to enjoy having Damon here with me 24/7 instead of being away at work alot.  And you know, we survived.  Even though I didn't think he'd ever make as good of money as he was making when he lost his job then, you know, he got a job where he made MORE, and then some.  Of course, it didn't happen overnight.  He worked his way up to that point. 

But God moved that mountain for us.

It seemed impossible at the time.  But to God..nothing is.  And I know that whatever challenge we face now, with jobs or anything else, no matter how high the mountain is, God can conquer it.