Wednesday, June 27, 2012


If your kiddo is anything like mine..they've already developed a ton of nicknames by family, friends, and anyone else who knows them.  I don't know how this gets started..but it does!  Its kinda funny too...

Here are some 'nicknames' Makayla has already developed....

Doodle Bug (not used anymore..but was so her when she was wee little!)
Baby Girl
Chugga (when we went to Cass Railroad..she got this one from me..hence the train)
Rudy (from her daddy..don't know how that got started)
RooRoo (again..daddy!)
Sweet Pea (from her aunt Wendy)
Katy (from her grandmother--my MIL..she can't pronounce "Makayla" for whatever reason)

Here are a couple of my OWN nicknames I've had over the years....

Mel (this one has stuck!  nobody calls me "Melanie" hardly ever!)
HoHo (from my late grandpa..he had a nickname for all us grandkids.  Mine came about because I was born near Christmas)
Love Bug (from hubby, of course!)
and just plain "Bug" for short

I'm curious..what are some of your nicknames and/or your kids' nicknames??



  1. It's funny some of the nicknames people come up with! Growing up a lot of people just called me "LB" because of my initials :)

  2. This is cute! I have a bunch of little names I call Wyatt (Snuggle Bear, Honey Bunch, etc - just silly names that I say!). My parent's will call him "Bubba" which I think is cute. And Derek always calls him "Buddy". :-)


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