Thursday, June 28, 2012

The Aftermath

Doesn't look like much, does it?  But there is a funny/scary story that goes with it (and will explain why the valance is halfway down).  Have a seat for a few and get ready for a couple of laughs....

Some of you may know that me and Damon have taken up walking for exercise lately.  Well..he's been doing his walking in the mornings (before me and Makayla are up for the day) and I've been doing mine late in the evenings while he watches her for a little bit.  Its been a nice stress reliever.

Until last night.

Before we went to bed last night around 1am (yes..thats our usual bedtime..what can I say..we are still 'hootowls' even though he's unemployed at the time being) my legs felt a little tigher than usual.  I took an ibuprofin hoping that would ease them down a little and thought of using some Bengay..but decided against it.  Kinda wishing now I had... to sleepy time we went.  I actually fell asleep (I've been having sleep battles for a while now..with Damon home at night now instead of being gone to work..I'm having to share a bed!!!!  I know..poor me..right!?) pretty quick.  I started dreaming..and here is when it gets funny.

I was dreaming that I was chasing Makayla.  Yeah..wonder what spurred that dream?  LOL..thats everyday life with an active 1 year old!  So I guess she was about to fall and I remember grabbing her shirt to keep her from toppling over whatever it was in the dream.

When I woke up..I was STANDING in our bed..with said valance in my hands (aka..her shirt in my dream)!  At first I couldn't figure out where I was.  I was scared..both because of the dream and that I couldn't figure out my surroundings (it was dark..duh).  Once I felt the walls and the headboard of our bed I knew what I was doing.  That scared me even MORE (I'll explain in a minute).  I was actually trying to catch my breath because it all had shaken me up so bad.  I sat down and felt around..Damon was nowhere to be found.  Then I heard him shuffling around in the living room and knew he must have resorted to the couch for the night.

When I got up and got to talk to Damon this morning...I told him about what had happened and was wondering if he was ok last night.  He said I was jumping all around in the bed..arms flaring around everywhere.  He said he got out of bed before I hit him!

Poor guy! if you've known me for a long time (and not too many of my readers have known me this long)..I had an incident before we moved into our our rental house one time.  We had been to a huge flea market (Hillsville, VA if any of you are familiar with know how big it is!) that day.  When the night came and we went to sleep..I had a dream of some sort (still don't remember what it was about to this day) and I ran across Damon in the bed and landed in the floor.  But not before I hit the wall.  With my face.


I still have a scar on my chin to prove it to this day.  So..I have a bit of a history with doing crazy things in my sleep.  I was so afraid after we moved down here and had hardwood floors in our bedroom I'd end up jumping out of the bed and really hurting myself.  Or heaven forbid..when I was pregnant.  Thankfully that didn't happen..but I did jump out of bed once in my sleep but landed on my feet (can't remember if I was pregnant or if that was right after).  I woke up standing beside the bed. 

Crazy, I know. 

So..anyone out there have anything like this ever happen to them?  Sleepwalking..etc?  I don't know if I'd really classify myself as a sleepwalker though.

I think I do need to put big yellow cones around my bed at night......


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  1. Wow! you woke standing on your bed?! That is scary and it's no wonder you had to catch your breath and things. Cones around your bed? You need padding around your bed..LOL! Glad you are alright girl and didn't fall off your bed. Oh what dreams can do..our minds really need to rest when we do..don't ya agree? LOL!


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