Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Our Easter

We had a lovely Easter over the weekend!!  It was extra special just cause its our last as a couple..I treasure 'our' time together..but also am looking forward to when we are a family of 3 as well!  Here are a couple of pictures of us right after church..on the backporch of our house.

I know I look a bit taller than Damon..I actually was able to wear heels sunday!  They weren't the huge heels I normally wear (when I'm not pregnant) but they were heels..nonetheless!  After a wonderful church service..we had dinner at my parents house.  My mom is so excited for next Easter and to be able to hide eggs for little Makayla!  Here is me and mom just before we left...

After our big dinner, we came home and just passed out!  We were so tired from the long, busy weekend..we were both needing some zzz's.  Of course, I'm taking advantage of all the sleep I can get now..cause I know in a few short weeks I won't be able to indulge in that anymore!  

I look forward to Easter in the future.  I'll be able to teach my little girl about why we really celebrate this holiday..not for the eggs and bunnies..which are fun and she'll have her share of that..but because of Jesus' death, burial, and resurrection.  When I was little, my favorite 'bible story' was always the rolling away of the stone..even though I don't think I fully understood at that young age what that story truely meant.  It still means alot to me now, as an adult, and who knows, maybe it will become Makayla's favorite story in the Bible too.  :-)


Tuesday, April 26, 2011

35 weeks..oh my!

How far along?  35 weeks

Weight Gain?  still at +27 total..there was no change at my last doctor appointment..woohoo!

Gender?  Girl..Makayla Giuliana

Cravings?  Really cold water and I'm totally loving roasted asparagus..yummmm!

Movements?  She still moves around..but it feels more like big 'rolls' now..if I can even describe it that way!  I think I'm feeling her head or butt moving around which is why it feels like that.

Worst pregnancy comment made to me?  My lovely neighbor told me the other day that I look like a 'fat cow'.  Seriously..she said it right to my face and was laughing.  I didn't appreciate her comment.  Phooey on her!

Dr.  Appts?  I went this past friday and things are still looking really good!  I'm now going to be going every one being this friday coming where they'll check me for Group B Streptococci. 

Meltdowns?  I officially had my first 'major' meltdown tonight.  I've had this fear the whole time I've been pregnant that something is going to go wrong (I think because of the miscarriage prior to this pregnancy).  I know I shouldn't worry..but I can't help but think that all my fears will go away once I see her precious face and know that everything is ok with her.  Maybe its just a first time momma thing?  Or maybe its just a late-pregnancy thing??

What I'm looking forward to most?  Seeing my precious girl and holding her.

What I miss the most?  Being able to do things with ease..everything is difficult now..EVERYTHING!


Monday, April 25, 2011

Miscellany Monday!

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter holiday over the weekend!!  We had a nice time here..the weather was better than what was predicted before the weekend hit so that was a nice suprise!  Couldn't help but think that next Easter we'll be hiding eggs for Makayla..buying her first Easter dress..and most importantly, teaching her about the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus!

I totally got into 'baby mode' while out shopping on Friday.  I picked up most of what I could think of that was left on my list of things I really needed to have before she makes her arrival.  Baby bathtub, pack n' play, diaper genie, plus alot of other small essentials.  I also found a cutie orange dress for her at Target which may or may not be her coming home outfit!!!
(a link since I couldn't copy and paste the picture)

Damon spent his saturday off cleaning out the garage.  He did an AMAZING job and it looks better than ever, imo!  He even gave my car his old parking 'spot' which is closer to the backdoor to the garage.  Will make it easier when I'm bringing Makayla in and out and give me more room as well.  Love you honey!

Still trying to find a pediatrican for Makayla..going around and asking advice to various friends who have babies has proven to be the best method thus far.  I know I might not pick 'the one' right off the bat and might end up switching over time..I just want to pick a good one the first go around.  Pray for me!!


Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Random Baby Stuff & Pictures

This is sort of going to be a random post.  I'm hoping all you new mommies and mommies-to-be like me can help me out with a few questions I have concerning some baby stuff!!  Here are a few questions I've had going thru my mind as of lately....

  • What brand of diapers do you prefer?
  • I have a I need or should I also purchase a swing?  If so, which type is best, rocks side to side or back and forth?
  • Baby bottles~help!!!  I plan on breastfeeding but am also going to pump (I dont work so its not like its going to be a huge thing w/me pumping..just for convenience sake).  What types of bottles and liners for breastmilk should I get AND should I go ahead and buy a thing of formula 'just in case' I have problems?
  • How do you know if baby is getting enough milk when you breastfeed?
  • Belly buttons ~ did you use rubbing alcohol or anything to swab around the umbilical cord until it fell off?
  • Do you prefer a particular type/style of baby carrier?
  • I talked to a new mom at Target a couple weeks back that highly suggested the battery operated nasal asperator (aka ~ booger bought one?  If so..did you like it???
  • Any products you would recommend for a first time mom that they might not be thinking about getting or have??
Last week I took some pictures outside that I thought turned out pretty well considering!!  Thought I'd leave them with you guys today to see what you think.  I plan on doing more..with Damon with me..when we have some spare time.

And one last note..Damon had the funniest dream over the weekend!  He told me in his dream that my water broke while we were here at home and that he had to delivery Makayla himself!  I think the reality of everything is really settling in with him..poor guy!  He's gonna make a great daddy though.  :-)  He loves his daughter (my step-daughter) and takes wonderful care of me too.  I can tell as the days wind down where its just 'the two of us' he tries to take in all those precious moments we have together.  I have to admit..I am going to miss it just being 'us'..we'll celebrate 10 years of marriage this almost 10 years baby-free you might say.  I'm so very thankful for this time together though.  Its given us a time to grow as a couple, do some traveling, and have some great experiences.  But I'm also looking forward to this new chapter in our lives, being parents together.  I can't wait for the moment we both lay eyes on Makayla and we cry together.  I think in that one single moment, our love for one another is going to grow 100 fold.  :-)


Tuesday, April 19, 2011

34 Weeks & looking like an easter egg!

(feeling like an easter egg in this picture!)

How far along?  34 weeks!!

How big is baby now?  around 5 hard to believe!

Movements?  All the time..some jabs have gotten a little painful.  Its so suprising how high up she can kick me now!

Weight Gain?  Ugh..I dont want to think about it!  I tend to gain 4 pounds every time I see the doctor.  I hope it all comes off fast after she gets here!

Dr. Appointments?  I go again this friday..pray for me!!!

Nursery?  Finished..just need to get the closet cleaned out and organized.  I'll be one VERY happy mama then!

Baby Shower/Gifts?  Still getting gifts trickling in 2 weeks after the shower..I'm sure they'll keep coming in for a little while anyways..and I dont mind at all!  Still needing alot of necessities!  And getting money to buy whatever I need for her at this point is the best blessing!

What do I miss most?  Not getting worn out so easily..bending over..shaving without nicking my!

Uncomfortable Moments?  Having to get up to use the bathroom at night, standing for a short amount of time without being able to sit down (thats mostly a neighbor problem, HEARTBURN, and some minor swelling.


Monday, April 18, 2011

Miscellany Monday

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

We started our weekend off right by having our first dinner outside on our new outdoor dining set we bought last week!  On the menu?  Homemade pizza..yumo!!  It was a great day for enjoying the springtime outdoors!

Saturday was spent in Beckley.  We hadn't been over there in a few weeks so it was really good to get to head back!  An Amish Store that we stopped into over there was having a 3 year anniversary celebration and with my purchases (a new bible cover, diaper bag, and brocolli/cheese soup mix) I got a little treat bag filled w/homemade strawberry jam, a beef stick, homemade chocolate sucker, and a coupon for my next visit!  Sweet!  Plus they were giving away free samples AND when I checked out I also won a $5 gift card!!  Here is my diaper bag...the bible cover is identical to it...
(technically its a purse..but I'm going to use it as a diaper bag!)

A little something was raining the other day and Damon brought Thomas in to relax with us for a bit.  Now the wintertime this happens quite often as he brings Thomas from the back bedroom we keep him in into the living room w/us..but it makes for such a funny picture because my whole 'gang' is together!  Of course I'm not in the picture since I was the one who took it..but I'm usually on the couch beside Damon..behind Ravey.  One big happy family!

(Ravey doesnt know what Thomas even is until she sees his tail..thats why she tolerates him this close!)
On sunday we had a church dinner!!  I took some homemade fudge (both chocolate and peanut butter), coconut bread pudding, and cucumbers/onions in italian dressing.  We had a GREAT time and a young man gave his life to the Lord during the service!!!!  I only thought to take one picture here is it..of the food..of course!

And lastly, I decided to make a friend of mine a sign for when her baby comes into the world this summer.  I made one for Makayla a little while ago (need to take some pictures of it!) and it turned out perfectly!  My friend is having a little boy and having a Noah's Ark theme for his this is how his turned out.  I was going to give it to her at church yesterday, but she wasn't hopefully I'll see her sometime real soon to give it to her!  What do ya think?


Thursday, April 14, 2011

Happy Thursday!!

Hello all!!!  So we ended up going to Home Depot as planned yesterday and picking up that lovely outdoor dining set for our backporch!!!  Even better?  We also picked up a picnic table for the front yard (we'd been eyeing them for some time as well)!  So exciting!!  We had a small meal yesterday evening on our new patio set but today we're having our first 'real' dinner out there!  Can't wait..its a beautiful spring day and homemade pizza is on the it should be lovely! 

Looking forward to the upcoming weekend..the hubby is due to be off work (yipee!) so we'll be sure to enjoy a nice weekend!  I just hope that the weather feels the same way!  I think we're due for some rain in here..but hopefully Mr. Weatherman is wrong in his predictions.  We also have a church dinner on sunday..always a favorite time for me!  I'm thinking this go around (since its Easter..almost) I'll take cucumbers and onions in italian dressing (a request) and coconut bread pudding made w/crossaints (I finally found my long lost recipe!)...and possibly something else but I'm not sure just what yet.  Gotta be an easy to prepare dish since I'm 33 going on 34 weeks preggo!  Any suggestions?

Until monday, have a blessed and enjoyable weekend!


Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Some Randoms for Hump Day

Happy Wednesday y'all!  Hope the first half of the week has been good for ya so far.  I just have a few randoms I thought I'd share with everyone today..with lots of pictures to go along with it! 

We've been thinking of getting an outdoor dining set for our backporch recently.  We just LOVE to eat outside whenever we can and our picnic table that was given to us by our current neighbor has definately seen its better days!  A new picnic table is also on our 'list'..but I thought the outdoor dining set is more fun to talk about!!  Home Depot has a fantastic sale going on right now and it just so happens they have a table and chair set that we an amazing deal!  Fingers crossed..we're gonna attempt to snatch this one up.....
Cardona Collection 7-Piece Dining Set
 We were out walking Miss Daisy the other day (it was a gorgeous day here in the low 80s!) and I snapped a few pictures of her that turned out really well!  Plus Thomas came with I got some good shots of him as well!  Have I mentioned that he thinks he's a dog too?  Everytime we take the dogs (ours plus the neighbors..she always tags along) for a walk, Thomas ALWAYS comes with us.  He's one crazy cat! 

I'll leave you with some pictures..until next time..have a wonderful day!!


Tuesday, April 12, 2011

33 Weeks!

Can you tell I look tired?

How Far Along?  33 weeks!

Weight Gain?  up yet another 4 pounds (yikes!), so 27 total

Dr. Appts.?  I went last friday and everything is looking excellent!  My blood pressure was better than the time before (thank goodness) and my mid wife is very pleased with everything thus far.  I asked a bunch of questions this time and I'm sure I'll just have more and more as the weeks dwindle down!

How big is baby this week?  According to my weekly newsletters, somewhere between 4.5 - 5 pounds!

Gender/Name?  Girl - Makayla Giuliana

Movements?  All the time!  In fact, I'm going to try to capture some movements w/my webcam this week so I can do a vlog..fingers crossed!!

Discomforts?  Swelling when I'm up doing alot, heartburn with a passion (I get it even when I just drink water!), heart palpatations at times, sweating, nothing totally new really.

Looking forward to?  When she gets here and I know all is ok!

Nursery?  As you saw from yesterdays post..its basically finished!!  All we have left to do is to clean out the closet and thats about it!  I LOOVVEE her room!

Things I'm still needing?  Lots..I still don't have a baby bathtub, diaper genie, carrier, swing, and a few other things I can't think of right off hand!  Thankfully I have money from my shower I can use to pick up some of these items with! 

Sleep?  I'm still sleeping pretty good though its so hard to get comfortable when I first lay down at night.  Most times I just feel like I could sleep half the day.

And is a picture of me last week, at 32 weeks, taken after my baby shower!!


Monday, April 11, 2011

Miscellany Monday ~ Nursery Edition!

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

I know you've all been waiting patiently for this!!


It was one VERY busy weekend!!  I'll start with saturday, and we'll go from there!  After going to a disappointing yard sale early that morning, we came home and put together the crib for Makayla's nursery!!  Perfect day for it too mind you, it rained all afternoon.  Once we got the crib together (was a MUCH easier process than I expected), I couldn't help myself and went into 'decorating' mode!  Once I got started getting all her stuff organized, sorted, etc, etc, I started putting it all in its rightful places and by the end of the evening, I had her nursery complete!  Here is the finished product..I'm in looove!!!

(as you walk into the room this is how it looks)

(the crib, up close)

(still have to paint and hang the mirror that'll go over the dresser)

(This one turned out a little dark..but you get the idea)


You probably noticed the big tree decal I have on the wall behind her crib!  I worked on that friday night after Damon left for work.  It wasn't too hard to do, but definately tedious work!  I ordered the decal online on ebay.  If any of y'all would like to know the seller, just drop me a line and I'd be happy to share!  I've shared a few times my 'inspiration' for Makayla's nursery.  A few years ago (before I was 'bit' by the baby bug!) I saw an interview given by Samantha Harris after the birth of her baby girl.  They toured her nursery and I thought it was THE prettiest thing I'd ever seen!  So here ya go..for comparison purposes....

Seeing this reminds me..I still need to get a nice rug for her room!


Along with her bedding also came a cute toy bag..I have it displayed on the wall just as you enter her bedroom.

And a closer look at her bedding, its 'french toile' print in pink and brown and I also bought it on ebay!


You may have noticed the two signs I have hanging over from her bed with the letters "M" and "G"..I made those a while back!  Love them!  I just bought some scrapbooking paper at Hobby Lobby and some stencils and cut out her initials and glued them onto the paper!  Found the frames at Walmart pretty $3 a piece I believe.  Easy project!


Friday, April 8, 2011

I'm still alive!

My blogging has definately not been up to par this week..with so much going on like getting Makayla's room painted (finally!) and the baby shower plus a doctor appointment..its been pretty crazy round' here!  Just thought I'd give y'all a little update on things before the weekend is in full gear!

  • Makayla's room IS painted!!  Hopefully sometime next week I can do a bit of a 'reveal' to let you guys in on how its looking thus far!  We had to stay out of her room for a few days after the painting (dear mom and dad tackled the painting for us) due to the smell..even though it was suppost to be a low odor type paint.  I'm just now getting around to getting the tape off of the trim!  Oh and btw..we went with 'poetic princess' by Behr in case your wondering!  ;-)
  • Baby shower was tuesday with lots of fun, food, and presents!!!!  I have half the stuff I got stacked in the living room, and the other half in the spare room.  Its quite the mess around here!  But I got alot of wonderful things as you probably could tell from my baby shower post!
  • Today was my 32 week dr appointment..and it went well!  My blood pressure was better this time around than last (thank goodness)..the heartbeat was strong and sounding just like it should..AND..she's turned head down!!  Guess all that movement I've been feeling lately has been her getting into that position! 
  • The traffic in Charleston today was a NIGHTMARE to say the least!  I thought I was going to cry at one point I was so frustrated!  We had a 5-10 minute period of heavy rain when I was coming out of the drs office and it created chaosis everywhere.  There was a wreck on the exit ramp I needed to get off it was closed and I had to go down the interstate a few miles to get off at another exit.  Once I got down there and was headed in the right direction..they had THAT road closed off!  So I ended up going into a part of town I hadn't been in before (save one time we went yard saleing in the area) and thought for sure I was lost!  We finally made it back to where we were going!  But I think I probably sprouted a few more gray hairs in the process!!
  • I took back a few baby items today and exchanged them AND used a target gift card I had!  Picked up the boppy pillow, an umbrella stroller (hello $10 @ Target!), some baby wipes that I can actually USE (I'm allergic to aloe vera..hard to find wipes that don't have that in them!), a changing pad and cover AND the big purchase (I had some money to help pay for it)..a stroller/car seat combo!  I finally have a car seat..yipee!!!!  I can't wait to get it in the car!  This is what I got....

  • And last but not least, tomorrow is looking to be another fun day..I'm going to a big yard sale thats suppost to have 30 families participating!!!  I'll let ya know how that goes..hopefully I can find some great baby items, and whatever else might strike my fancy!  ;-) 
Have a fun and safe weekend everyone!!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Baby Shower!!

For the post I 'think' you've all been waiting for!  Yesterday was FINALLY my baby shower (seems its been a long time coming with all the planning, etc) and what a day it was!  Y'all wouldn't believe the weather we had earlier in the day!  Going to pick up the cake, I had to travel across a mountain (literally..but don't worry..its a regular paved highway and it was raining here when I left.  Got to top of said mountain, the roads were COMPLETELY covered with snow!  I was driving about 15 mph I think!  Got to the other side..raining again.  Came back up mountain 30 minutes later and all the snow was gone and slush was left in its place.  Made it home, and it hailed..TWICE!  Then the sun came out.  Go figure.  Ok..enough weather talk (I just found it all!)!!  My cake I had made turned out better than gorgeous.  It was the prettiest cake I've ever seen in my life..even better than my wedding cake, imo!  The same little bakery made it that did our wedding cake, so it tasted fantastic!  Here is the cake....

We had plenty of yummy food that I, my mom, my aunt, and cousin all prepared.  Anything from snowball cake and brownies, to taco dip and pasta salad (2 types!).  Needless to say..I have quite a bit of food left over for the next several days!!

On to the party!  We played a couple of games (baby names from A-Z and anniversary/birthday game), ate, had another game for the door prize (whoever picked the slip of paper from the basket that had my middle name on it won) and then we opened gifts!!

I got some GREAT stuff..still need ALOT of stuff..but its definately a great start!!   I'm sure I'll be getting more things in from those who couldn't make it (the weather plus alot of other things kept some from being able to come) in the coming week or so.  Here are a few highlights of me opening gifts!  Oh and my wonderful cousins helped me with the presents!!  Casey handed the gifts to me and Cortney wrote down everything I got..don't know WHAT I would have done without their help..thanks again girls!!!
 (Cute outfits!)
 (Disney outfit!)
 (Loved the backside of this outfit!)
 (Cute Minnie Mouse outfit!)
 (Showing Cortney what a burp pad is!)
 (Activity mat!)
 (Cute stuffed giraffe)
 (A lady made me this pretty!)
(The crib!)