Tuesday, April 26, 2011

35 weeks..oh my!

How far along?  35 weeks

Weight Gain?  still at +27 total..there was no change at my last doctor appointment..woohoo!

Gender?  Girl..Makayla Giuliana

Cravings?  Really cold water and I'm totally loving roasted asparagus..yummmm!

Movements?  She still moves around..but it feels more like big 'rolls' now..if I can even describe it that way!  I think I'm feeling her head or butt moving around which is why it feels like that.

Worst pregnancy comment made to me?  My lovely neighbor told me the other day that I look like a 'fat cow'.  Seriously..she said it right to my face and was laughing.  I didn't appreciate her comment.  Phooey on her!

Dr.  Appts?  I went this past friday and things are still looking really good!  I'm now going to be going every week..next one being this friday coming where they'll check me for Group B Streptococci. 

Meltdowns?  I officially had my first 'major' meltdown tonight.  I've had this fear the whole time I've been pregnant that something is going to go wrong (I think because of the miscarriage prior to this pregnancy).  I know I shouldn't worry..but I can't help but think that all my fears will go away once I see her precious face and know that everything is ok with her.  Maybe its just a first time momma thing?  Or maybe its just a late-pregnancy thing??

What I'm looking forward to most?  Seeing my precious girl and holding her.

What I miss the most?  Being able to do things with ease..everything is difficult now..EVERYTHING!



  1. umm...you did throw something at your neighbor right?!! I don't get why people feel they can make any comment they want to a pregnant woman. You look great mama!!

  2. How rude your neighbor was! :( Pregnancy is so hard on a woman's body and yet somehow we manage to pull it off with grace and dignity and how DARE anyone make such a comment to you.
    I'll have you know that you look positively BEAUTIFUL! :) I know you are anxious to get that little one out of your tummy and into your arms. It will happen soon, Melanie. So very soon. :) And you'll quickly forget all the discomfort of these last few weeks. :)

  3. You look wonderful!! Don't listen to anything negative, just enjoy the rest of your time being pregnant. Happy thoughts and prayers.

    Take Care,

  4. Oh my goodness, I cantbelieve that comment from you neighbor! Sheesh. I think you look great, and that's such a pretty outfit!

  5. I would have to agree with everyone here mel. you look wonderful and don't you listen to a word that neighbor of yours says.
    she just needs to keep that mouth of hers closed if she can't anything nice.

    Its happening so fast now girl and before you know it little makayla will be in your arms...God has you both in the palm of His hand and is and has been watching over you. Your baby is perfect girl and things will be ok. love ya!

  6. You look absolutely GREAT! Weight gain is normal - I can't believe your neighbor's comment! Seriously?!

    I worried a lot when I was pregnant with Tristan too. I worried all the way up until I saw his face! ha! I think it's a little bit normal - don't stress girly!


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