Thursday, April 14, 2011

Happy Thursday!!

Hello all!!!  So we ended up going to Home Depot as planned yesterday and picking up that lovely outdoor dining set for our backporch!!!  Even better?  We also picked up a picnic table for the front yard (we'd been eyeing them for some time as well)!  So exciting!!  We had a small meal yesterday evening on our new patio set but today we're having our first 'real' dinner out there!  Can't wait..its a beautiful spring day and homemade pizza is on the it should be lovely! 

Looking forward to the upcoming weekend..the hubby is due to be off work (yipee!) so we'll be sure to enjoy a nice weekend!  I just hope that the weather feels the same way!  I think we're due for some rain in here..but hopefully Mr. Weatherman is wrong in his predictions.  We also have a church dinner on sunday..always a favorite time for me!  I'm thinking this go around (since its Easter..almost) I'll take cucumbers and onions in italian dressing (a request) and coconut bread pudding made w/crossaints (I finally found my long lost recipe!)...and possibly something else but I'm not sure just what yet.  Gotta be an easy to prepare dish since I'm 33 going on 34 weeks preggo!  Any suggestions?

Until monday, have a blessed and enjoyable weekend!


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  1. Sounds like you are going to have an amazing weekend :)


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