Tuesday, April 19, 2011

34 Weeks & looking like an easter egg!

(feeling like an easter egg in this picture!)

How far along?  34 weeks!!

How big is baby now?  around 5 pounds..so hard to believe!

Movements?  All the time..some jabs have gotten a little painful.  Its so suprising how high up she can kick me now!

Weight Gain?  Ugh..I dont want to think about it!  I tend to gain 4 pounds every time I see the doctor.  I hope it all comes off fast after she gets here!

Dr. Appointments?  I go again this friday..pray for me!!!

Nursery?  Finished..just need to get the closet cleaned out and organized.  I'll be one VERY happy mama then!

Baby Shower/Gifts?  Still getting gifts trickling in 2 weeks after the shower..I'm sure they'll keep coming in for a little while anyways..and I dont mind at all!  Still needing alot of necessities!  And getting money to buy whatever I need for her at this point is the best blessing!

What do I miss most?  Not getting worn out so easily..bending over..shaving without nicking my legs..lol!

Uncomfortable Moments?  Having to get up to use the bathroom at night, standing for a short amount of time without being able to sit down (thats mostly a neighbor problem there..lol), HEARTBURN, and some minor swelling.



  1. you look great mama!! I bet you're getting excited not much longer now :)

  2. LOOK AT YOU PRETTY GIRL! I can't believe how FAST it's going! You seriously look great!!

  3. 34 weeks...yay for you!! Oh my can I relate with the bathroom trips! At my appointment yesterday the nurse asked if I had any major complaints...and I said "yes, peeing all the time". ha! Way to go momma...you are almost there!

  4. Almost there! Can not wait to see miss makayla! i hope she likes her bracelet too!

  5. You look wonderful girl! That dress is very pretty on you.

    wow! only 41 days to go till Miss Makayla arrives...how exciting..LOL!

    Can't wait to meet her!


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