Monday, April 30, 2012

Its Monday Again!

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I'm back!!  After my week hiatus I took I must say I'm feeling very refreshed and ready for this week!  We have alot going shopping one day..Damon has several errands to run..I have phone calls to return..laundry..and.....

I'm hoping to have a yard sale this saturday!  Fingers crossed...I hope I can make it work!  I sorted through some of Makayla's old clothes over the weekend.  I still need to go through her closet and drawers more to make sure I didn't miss anything (which I'm sure I did) and try to go through mine and Damon's stuff as well as I'm sure we have a few things we could add to the sale!  Also thinking of making some brownies and getting some water to entice the customers!  Anyone out there done a yard sale lately have any tips for me?

So I guess y'all might be wondering where I was all last week!  We decided that since Damon got his vacation pay when he was laid off to go ahead and put it to use on a 'mini' vacation!  So we headed to our most favorite place on earth..Amish Country in Ohio of course!  We had a FABULOUS time!  Pictures and a seperate (more detailed) post to come in the coming days!

Now that I finally have some ideas for Makayla's first birthday party..I'm definately in full on decorating/crafting mode!  Thats another thing I have going this week.  Thanks to my friend Venessa..I'm going to make Makayla a birthday tutu (thanks for the great inspiration!!!)..I can't WAIT to get started on that!


Monday, April 23, 2012

11 Months (tomorrow)!

(Love that prune face and blue eyes!)

I'm posting this a day early because I'm going to be taking a little hiatus for the rest of the week (details to come next week!).  I can't BELIEVE my little girl is now 11 months old!  ONE month away from a does the time go so quickly?  Seems like yesterday I was holding her in my arms for the first time..hearing her first cries..learning how to be a mommy. 


Ok..before I start an all out boo-hoo session..let me tell y'all what all she's up to now!  She loves her walker still..since we re-arranged the living room (note to a post on this) a couple weeks ago she has more space to run while in it.  Yes..I said run.  She loves to run and go really fast in it!  So funny!  She's not close to walking and..wait for it..I'm kinda looking forward to when she can walk.  Lately, she seems so upset with herself that she just can't get up and take off.  You can definately tell she wants that independence and it breaks my heart that she gets upset cause she is feeling confined in a sense.  Course thats just all a part of growing up! 

We've gotten brave enough to let her crawl around the living room now and thankfully its not as bad as I had imagined in my head it would be!  I was so scared she'd bump her head really hard on our hardwood floors and REALLY hurt herself.  All sorts of scary scenarios would play out in my head.  But she seems to know that when she rolls over to go slow. 

She loves to eat..she eats 3 big meals a day (her portions have gotten bigger) AND I've finally been able to sneak some meat into her diet!  Score!  I just mix a couple spoonfuls of meat only babyfood (I tried making it myself but I couldn't get the texture to her liking) into the babyfood I make for her and she can't even tell.  I don't know why I didn't think of this sooner!!  But she just gobbles it down and doesn't know the difference!  She nurses 3 times a day (yes..we are still going!) and takes juice about twice a day.  She also has oatmeal for breakfast..but thats along with one of her meals for the day..her breakfast is just a really big meal!  She's done that for quite some time now.

She weighs in at 18 pounds 12 ounces and I think is something like 28 1/2 inches tall.  Still has daddy's noggin..measuring in the 95% percentile still!  I thought she'd be over 20 pounds at her last dr visit but I was wrong..and surprised!  We're also up to 2 teeth now!!  She got her other bottom tooth on my mom's birthday (4/2)..I guess that was her birthday present from Makayla!

I finally found some great ideas online for her upcoming birthday.  I'm going to be going into full out party crafting mode in the coming weeks for sure!  Her theme is going to be owls..big suprise!  We love owls!!

She still talks up a storm and loves people.  I think her favorite thing is when we go out to eat at restaurants cause of all the people she can make 'friends' with.  She can say mama, dada, hi, hey, bye, and alot of gibberish that only she knows! 

I still can't believe how big she's gotten.  Time really does fly when you have a little one.  I try to treasure each minute because by tomorrow she'll have grown even more!!


Friday, April 20, 2012

Things I Don't Do

I was inspired after just reading my friend Ashleigh's blog post today over at Thankfully Thrifty to do a list of sorts of things that I don't do.  Though I definately don't get as much done as I did before having Makayla..I do still 'manage'.  I do cook, clean, craft, blog, keep in touch w/friends, and a few other things.  But here are some things I don't do.

{Keep the house spotless}..used to before I had Makayla..I was definately more on top of the household chores than I am now.  I would spring clean, mop on a weekly basis and clean house daily (except for sundays).  Though I did manage to do a mini-spring cleaning on HALF of my was fine. I'd rather make do with my house being a little messy and spend more time with my baby girl.  Family is what its all about at the end of the day..not if your house is shining!

{Blog Daily}...I never really did this before..but I definately don't now!!  I don't have that many followers..though I am SO THANKFUL for the ones I do have..but lets face it..I'm not in the 100's as far as people who reads my blog on a daily (or even weekly) basis goes.  I blog when I get a chance..and 99% of the time..I'll punch out all the ones I'm going to have up for the week in one afternoon when I have some spare time (aka..Makayla's nap time) and have them scheduled.

{Work on Sundays}..I never did like working on Sundays..though I admit I used to did clean the house Sunday nights around 11pm after Damon left for work when he was working.  I was looking at it like..well him going to work is actually his Monday so its sorta mine too.  Since he's been laid off though I definately don't do any cleaning or 'work' on sundays.  I might craft or something but thats not work in my opinion..thats something fun!

{Talk on the Phone}..I've never been a phone person..but I do talk w/my BFF once a week for a few hours to catch up.  Other than talking with her..I could personally do without a phone!  I don't even have a cell phone..though I do have a tracfone for emergencies.

So what do you 'not' do?


Wednesday, April 18, 2012

As the "One-Year" mark approaches...

Makayla will be turning a year old at the end of next month.  I keep asking myself how on earth is this possible..but my baby girl is becoming more like a 'little girl' anymore..I love it though!!  With that said..I've known for a while what our birthday party theme was going to be..but to my surprise the only place I've been finding what I need is in catalogs!!!!  I was hoping to purchase the paper plates, a party store but so far I've had no luck.

The ask?  Owls..of course..hoot owls!!

We're a little owl obsessed here in case you haven't noticed.  I made her an owl blanket last fall/winter.  She has an owl diaper bag I ordered from etsy.  I've been wanting to find an owl wall decal to sit in her tree on her bedroom wall.  Owls seem to be everywhere anymore.

So why can't I find owl party plates at a store..ANY store??

Anyways..while my hunt for owl inspired party decor continues (any advice you could give would be appreciated!)..I am planning on making a cute non-owl party wreath (YES..still on wreaths here!) for her birthday (and all our birthdays as well!).  How cute is

I've already bought the I just need to get to work!  


Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Pinterest Inspiration

As I was saying in a post I did last week I believe it was..I've become obsessed with wreaths!  I've seen so many ideas on Pinterest that its had my creative wheels turning.  I bought some stuff over the weekend to start projects with but am still needing a few more things before I jump in full swing.  Here are a few things I hope to be up to in the coming weeks!!!

Yarn Wreaths

I am planning on doing something really similar like this yard wreath for my mom for mother's day (SHHH..if you know me personally..please don't tell her!!).  I also want to do one for my backporch only in americana colors (think cream, navy, burgandy). 

Source: via Melanie on Pinterest

I'm also loving the felt flowers on this yarn wreath.  Maybe something fall inspired come september? 

Plastic Bag Wreath

Need I say more?  I'm always the type that has a couple hundred of these bags in my house (sad..but true).  I had been taking them back to walmart for recycling..but after I saw this I've been saving them to make this cute wreath!  And just think..if your store has the blue plastic could have one in blue!  Would be perfect for spring!

Just Plain Cute/Interesting Ideas

Source: via Melanie on Pinterest

I love this idea for summertime..saw flip flops at the Family Dollar..for $1!  So this would be a very inexpensive craft!

And last but not least..a paper napkin wreath?  The tutorial looks super simple and the looks you could get from different printed napkins are endless.


Monday, April 16, 2012

Monday Stuff!

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I finally got my blog design template back to where it needed to be!!  After much frustration..some helpful advice..and a website I stumbled upon..I finally figured out that before I was using the 'minima' template.  An old one.  Once you go to 'design' and then 'edit html' the bottom there is a link to the older templates.  Presto!  I'm a happy camper once again!! 

That being said..I'm still going to be doing some tinkering..time permitting..this week on my blog.  I am planning on doing a picture header (yay!)..I just need to find the pictures I plan on using and get to work! 

We had a lovely weekend! The weather was nice pretty much the whole time. We went yard saling on saturday and I came back with a couple things for baby girl.  One being a bicycle carrier!!  Super excited to try that one out!  And it was only 9 bucks!
(I imagine me and Makayla will look something like this!)

We also had a FIRST here in the Green household!  Our first family of three hot dog roast!  I was very excited about this because the summer when I got pregnant (2010) we did that every evening we could.  Literally.  I stocked up on cheap weinies and smores makin' stuff that summer like nobody's business.  Last summer Makayla was just too little to do anything like that (hello infant in night air..a no-no) this summer I'm looking forward to doing this ALOT!  She seemed to enjoy herself too.  My only regret?  I took no pictures.  Boo.

I've already got roses blooming.  Need to take pictures!


Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Blog Help Needed! say I have been frustrated lately with my blog design would be an understatement!  I have been having some problems with my background and am sure its probably simple to fix.  Maybe I've been overthinking it..but its driving me crazy!  Can you guys help me?

I have been using the Picture Window Template lately because when I try using the Simple Template my background doesn't go all the way to the top for some reason.  I just tried compressing my background I'm currently using and uploading it but apparently it didn't compress right?  The size of the file was still the same (I right clicked my picture..clicked on Send To..then Compressed File).  Is there a step after that I'm missing?  I'm not sure if I have any software already on my computer that would help me compress a file..we have Windows 7..the computer isn't all that old so you'd think we'd have SOMETHING on here that can help me out!  Is there a free tool I can possibly use online to compress a file for me? 

Anyways..using the Picture Window Template isn't all that bad..BUT..I DISPISE the 'shadow-y' box that is around my posts and can tell how it overlaps the original 'white part' of the background that is meant for my posts and sidebar to be.  If there was a way I could get that to go away it would be great! 

And can I ask..did Blogger do something over the past several months to the templates..because when I first started blogging up until last fall..I NEVER had any problems with any backgrounds I used!!!  It makes me feel so stumped because back in the day..I created my own website on geocities..using only HTML guys.  I had my degree in computer info systems and knew a thing or two about the coding..but blogger lately has had me stumped..I feel I need to go back to school or something..rofl!  Maybe its 'mommy brain'!  I'd rather be a mommy than a computer expert anyday though! 

Anyways..any advice y'all could give me would be SO appreciated!!!  Thanks in advance!


Monday, April 9, 2012

My Springtime Wreath

I'd been on Pinterest alot lately looking at wreath's after I saw one my cousin made from an inspriation on there..and it turned out so well!  Now I have SO MANY ideas floating in my head I want to go in the wreath making business!  Anyways..I came up with this one after seeing a few different ones..I just took bits and pieces of each one that I liked and came up with one creation of my own!  I love it!! What do you think?  And have you tried making anything you've seen on Pinterest here lately?


Our Easter!

Easter here was wonderful!!!!  I kept thinking back to last year and how I looked like an Easter egg (LOL) and now I have my little girl with me..its so great!!  She makes every day special!  I told her the other morning while feeding her breakfast why we really celebrate the special day..that it wasn't about bunnies and eggs..though all of that is fine and fun!  I think kids need to know the real reason why we celebrate holidays..especially Easter and Christmas because so much emphasis is put on the Easter Bunny and Santa Claus.  Even though I'm pretty sure she didn't understand what I was saying..she'll hear it again and again in the coming years so I know one day when she does understand'll be embedded into her little heart! 

Onto some pictures....

 Love my shoes!

 My cute crew at church!

Easter basket at grandma's


Looking for eggs (attempting to anyways) with grandma

Havin' fun!

Smiling cause she got a great Easter basket from mommy and daddy!

Me and my girl at church



Thursday, April 5, 2012

Springtime in West Virginia

This is a glimpse of what springtime looks like/means for alot of West Virginians....

Fried "Moochies"

Big Ferns Hanging On The Front Porch

Fried Potatoes With Ramps

Apple Blosoms

Fragrant "Bubbyroses" Blooming

I love living in WV..especially this time of the year!!  What do you love about living in your state in the springtime?


Monday, April 2, 2012

Monday, monday, monday!

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{1}  What a great find over the weekend!  Was rummaging through my pantry cabinets and came across some of my favorite cereal..Chocolate Chunk Hazelnut Biscotti cereal from Target! Oh this stuff is good..I'm enjoying mine with sliced bananas this morning!

{2}  Why am I eating chocolate cereal for breakfast (besides its yumminess) you might wonder.  Last night was ROUGH and after getting up a little while ago I think I know why.  None of us slept well last night.  Damon said he was up several times and awake more than asleep.  I was on the couch until around 5am because when he was asleep he was snoring AND Makayla kept waking up on the hour...every hour.  I fed her around 330 am (unusual for her) and she finally settled into a better sleep.  Anyways..I think the culprit is that its that time of the year when you don't know what kind of sheets/bedcovers to have on because its chilly at night and hot during the day..we were all too HOT!  Makayla was dressed in a warm blanket sleeper and we still have our comforter on our bed along with tshirt sheets (remember those?).  I'm going to change out things today..PRONTO!  Got lots of washing of bedding awaiting me....

{3}  Making Makayla a new breakfast treat this morning I found at the Wholesome Foods Mom website/blog that I visit on a regular basis (and thus find all my yummy recipes and info on homemade babyfood should visit if you have any type of question on making babyfood).  Its called Quinoa Sunrise I believe..anyways I'm cooking quinoa and adding mangoes and bananas.  Should be interesting..I'll let you know how it turns out!

{4} Speaking of baby food..I finally got her to eat some chicken last night!!!!!  I'm just hoping THATS not what caused her to be awake some last night (upset tummy).  I made pineapple chicken for her a couple days ago and tried it out on her yesterday evening..she ate it up!!  Yay..progress!  Anyone else have troubles getting your little one to eat meats?  If so..what did you do????

{5}  I went thru our house yesterday evening cleaning like a mad woman.  I figured out an easier way to do my spring cleaning.  Instead of the usual washing down walls in every room deep cleaning routine (yes..we wash down walls here in WV..I'm amazed at the people who thinks thats so unusual..its the norm here!)..I took my dust rag and some furniture polish..lightly sprayed the rag and wiped down walls and baseboards.   It went rather quick and I got about half the house done!!  Now if I can just get some of the clutter cleaned out I'll be ok!

{6}  I caught the very last bit of the Country Music Awards (or ACM's..not sure which it was) that was on last night...anyone else think Taylor Swift looks very odd with straight hair?  I don't dislike it..I think its pretty..its just not her.  I probably wouldn't recognize her if they didn't say who she was.  Her dress was nice though...

{7}  And even though she's not tech-savvy and won't see this..I want to wish my mommy a happy birthday today!!!!

Excuse me while I get a jumpstart on what looks to be a busy day!!

PS ~ The quinoa/mango/banana breakfast doesn't look like its a hit :-(