Friday, April 20, 2012

Things I Don't Do

I was inspired after just reading my friend Ashleigh's blog post today over at Thankfully Thrifty to do a list of sorts of things that I don't do.  Though I definately don't get as much done as I did before having Makayla..I do still 'manage'.  I do cook, clean, craft, blog, keep in touch w/friends, and a few other things.  But here are some things I don't do.

{Keep the house spotless}..used to before I had Makayla..I was definately more on top of the household chores than I am now.  I would spring clean, mop on a weekly basis and clean house daily (except for sundays).  Though I did manage to do a mini-spring cleaning on HALF of my was fine. I'd rather make do with my house being a little messy and spend more time with my baby girl.  Family is what its all about at the end of the day..not if your house is shining!

{Blog Daily}...I never really did this before..but I definately don't now!!  I don't have that many followers..though I am SO THANKFUL for the ones I do have..but lets face it..I'm not in the 100's as far as people who reads my blog on a daily (or even weekly) basis goes.  I blog when I get a chance..and 99% of the time..I'll punch out all the ones I'm going to have up for the week in one afternoon when I have some spare time (aka..Makayla's nap time) and have them scheduled.

{Work on Sundays}..I never did like working on Sundays..though I admit I used to did clean the house Sunday nights around 11pm after Damon left for work when he was working.  I was looking at it like..well him going to work is actually his Monday so its sorta mine too.  Since he's been laid off though I definately don't do any cleaning or 'work' on sundays.  I might craft or something but thats not work in my opinion..thats something fun!

{Talk on the Phone}..I've never been a phone person..but I do talk w/my BFF once a week for a few hours to catch up.  Other than talking with her..I could personally do without a phone!  I don't even have a cell phone..though I do have a tracfone for emergencies.

So what do you 'not' do?


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  1. Ever since I've got pregnant I've stopped keeping our house clean. I mean I keep it reasonable, but I miss having the motivation to deep clean and have it all sparkly all the time. Sigh...!


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