Monday, April 30, 2012

Its Monday Again!

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I'm back!!  After my week hiatus I took I must say I'm feeling very refreshed and ready for this week!  We have alot going shopping one day..Damon has several errands to run..I have phone calls to return..laundry..and.....

I'm hoping to have a yard sale this saturday!  Fingers crossed...I hope I can make it work!  I sorted through some of Makayla's old clothes over the weekend.  I still need to go through her closet and drawers more to make sure I didn't miss anything (which I'm sure I did) and try to go through mine and Damon's stuff as well as I'm sure we have a few things we could add to the sale!  Also thinking of making some brownies and getting some water to entice the customers!  Anyone out there done a yard sale lately have any tips for me?

So I guess y'all might be wondering where I was all last week!  We decided that since Damon got his vacation pay when he was laid off to go ahead and put it to use on a 'mini' vacation!  So we headed to our most favorite place on earth..Amish Country in Ohio of course!  We had a FABULOUS time!  Pictures and a seperate (more detailed) post to come in the coming days!

Now that I finally have some ideas for Makayla's first birthday party..I'm definately in full on decorating/crafting mode!  Thats another thing I have going this week.  Thanks to my friend Venessa..I'm going to make Makayla a birthday tutu (thanks for the great inspiration!!!)..I can't WAIT to get started on that!


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  1. Yay, I am glad that you are making her tutu...I cant wait to see how yours turns out!


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