Monday, April 16, 2012

Monday Stuff!

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I finally got my blog design template back to where it needed to be!!  After much frustration..some helpful advice..and a website I stumbled upon..I finally figured out that before I was using the 'minima' template.  An old one.  Once you go to 'design' and then 'edit html' the bottom there is a link to the older templates.  Presto!  I'm a happy camper once again!! 

That being said..I'm still going to be doing some tinkering..time permitting..this week on my blog.  I am planning on doing a picture header (yay!)..I just need to find the pictures I plan on using and get to work! 

We had a lovely weekend! The weather was nice pretty much the whole time. We went yard saling on saturday and I came back with a couple things for baby girl.  One being a bicycle carrier!!  Super excited to try that one out!  And it was only 9 bucks!
(I imagine me and Makayla will look something like this!)

We also had a FIRST here in the Green household!  Our first family of three hot dog roast!  I was very excited about this because the summer when I got pregnant (2010) we did that every evening we could.  Literally.  I stocked up on cheap weinies and smores makin' stuff that summer like nobody's business.  Last summer Makayla was just too little to do anything like that (hello infant in night air..a no-no) this summer I'm looking forward to doing this ALOT!  She seemed to enjoy herself too.  My only regret?  I took no pictures.  Boo.

I've already got roses blooming.  Need to take pictures!


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