Monday, April 2, 2012

Monday, monday, monday!

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{1}  What a great find over the weekend!  Was rummaging through my pantry cabinets and came across some of my favorite cereal..Chocolate Chunk Hazelnut Biscotti cereal from Target! Oh this stuff is good..I'm enjoying mine with sliced bananas this morning!

{2}  Why am I eating chocolate cereal for breakfast (besides its yumminess) you might wonder.  Last night was ROUGH and after getting up a little while ago I think I know why.  None of us slept well last night.  Damon said he was up several times and awake more than asleep.  I was on the couch until around 5am because when he was asleep he was snoring AND Makayla kept waking up on the hour...every hour.  I fed her around 330 am (unusual for her) and she finally settled into a better sleep.  Anyways..I think the culprit is that its that time of the year when you don't know what kind of sheets/bedcovers to have on because its chilly at night and hot during the day..we were all too HOT!  Makayla was dressed in a warm blanket sleeper and we still have our comforter on our bed along with tshirt sheets (remember those?).  I'm going to change out things today..PRONTO!  Got lots of washing of bedding awaiting me....

{3}  Making Makayla a new breakfast treat this morning I found at the Wholesome Foods Mom website/blog that I visit on a regular basis (and thus find all my yummy recipes and info on homemade babyfood should visit if you have any type of question on making babyfood).  Its called Quinoa Sunrise I believe..anyways I'm cooking quinoa and adding mangoes and bananas.  Should be interesting..I'll let you know how it turns out!

{4} Speaking of baby food..I finally got her to eat some chicken last night!!!!!  I'm just hoping THATS not what caused her to be awake some last night (upset tummy).  I made pineapple chicken for her a couple days ago and tried it out on her yesterday evening..she ate it up!!  Yay..progress!  Anyone else have troubles getting your little one to eat meats?  If so..what did you do????

{5}  I went thru our house yesterday evening cleaning like a mad woman.  I figured out an easier way to do my spring cleaning.  Instead of the usual washing down walls in every room deep cleaning routine (yes..we wash down walls here in WV..I'm amazed at the people who thinks thats so unusual..its the norm here!)..I took my dust rag and some furniture polish..lightly sprayed the rag and wiped down walls and baseboards.   It went rather quick and I got about half the house done!!  Now if I can just get some of the clutter cleaned out I'll be ok!

{6}  I caught the very last bit of the Country Music Awards (or ACM's..not sure which it was) that was on last night...anyone else think Taylor Swift looks very odd with straight hair?  I don't dislike it..I think its pretty..its just not her.  I probably wouldn't recognize her if they didn't say who she was.  Her dress was nice though...

{7}  And even though she's not tech-savvy and won't see this..I want to wish my mommy a happy birthday today!!!!

Excuse me while I get a jumpstart on what looks to be a busy day!!

PS ~ The quinoa/mango/banana breakfast doesn't look like its a hit :-(


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