Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Pinterest Inspiration

As I was saying in a post I did last week I believe it was..I've become obsessed with wreaths!  I've seen so many ideas on Pinterest that its had my creative wheels turning.  I bought some stuff over the weekend to start projects with but am still needing a few more things before I jump in full swing.  Here are a few things I hope to be up to in the coming weeks!!!

Yarn Wreaths

I am planning on doing something really similar like this yard wreath for my mom for mother's day (SHHH..if you know me personally..please don't tell her!!).  I also want to do one for my backporch only in americana colors (think cream, navy, burgandy). 

Source: etsy.com via Melanie on Pinterest

I'm also loving the felt flowers on this yarn wreath.  Maybe something fall inspired come september? 

Plastic Bag Wreath

Need I say more?  I'm always the type that has a couple hundred of these bags in my house (sad..but true).  I had been taking them back to walmart for recycling..but after I saw this I've been saving them to make this cute wreath!  And just think..if your store has the blue plastic bags..you could have one in blue!  Would be perfect for spring!

Just Plain Cute/Interesting Ideas

Source: bit.ly via Melanie on Pinterest

I love this idea for summertime..saw flip flops at the Family Dollar..for $1!  So this would be a very inexpensive craft!

And last but not least..a paper napkin wreath?  The tutorial looks super simple and the looks you could get from different printed napkins are endless.


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