Monday, April 23, 2012

11 Months (tomorrow)!

(Love that prune face and blue eyes!)

I'm posting this a day early because I'm going to be taking a little hiatus for the rest of the week (details to come next week!).  I can't BELIEVE my little girl is now 11 months old!  ONE month away from a does the time go so quickly?  Seems like yesterday I was holding her in my arms for the first time..hearing her first cries..learning how to be a mommy. 


Ok..before I start an all out boo-hoo session..let me tell y'all what all she's up to now!  She loves her walker still..since we re-arranged the living room (note to a post on this) a couple weeks ago she has more space to run while in it.  Yes..I said run.  She loves to run and go really fast in it!  So funny!  She's not close to walking and..wait for it..I'm kinda looking forward to when she can walk.  Lately, she seems so upset with herself that she just can't get up and take off.  You can definately tell she wants that independence and it breaks my heart that she gets upset cause she is feeling confined in a sense.  Course thats just all a part of growing up! 

We've gotten brave enough to let her crawl around the living room now and thankfully its not as bad as I had imagined in my head it would be!  I was so scared she'd bump her head really hard on our hardwood floors and REALLY hurt herself.  All sorts of scary scenarios would play out in my head.  But she seems to know that when she rolls over to go slow. 

She loves to eat..she eats 3 big meals a day (her portions have gotten bigger) AND I've finally been able to sneak some meat into her diet!  Score!  I just mix a couple spoonfuls of meat only babyfood (I tried making it myself but I couldn't get the texture to her liking) into the babyfood I make for her and she can't even tell.  I don't know why I didn't think of this sooner!!  But she just gobbles it down and doesn't know the difference!  She nurses 3 times a day (yes..we are still going!) and takes juice about twice a day.  She also has oatmeal for breakfast..but thats along with one of her meals for the day..her breakfast is just a really big meal!  She's done that for quite some time now.

She weighs in at 18 pounds 12 ounces and I think is something like 28 1/2 inches tall.  Still has daddy's noggin..measuring in the 95% percentile still!  I thought she'd be over 20 pounds at her last dr visit but I was wrong..and surprised!  We're also up to 2 teeth now!!  She got her other bottom tooth on my mom's birthday (4/2)..I guess that was her birthday present from Makayla!

I finally found some great ideas online for her upcoming birthday.  I'm going to be going into full out party crafting mode in the coming weeks for sure!  Her theme is going to be owls..big suprise!  We love owls!!

She still talks up a storm and loves people.  I think her favorite thing is when we go out to eat at restaurants cause of all the people she can make 'friends' with.  She can say mama, dada, hi, hey, bye, and alot of gibberish that only she knows! 

I still can't believe how big she's gotten.  Time really does fly when you have a little one.  I try to treasure each minute because by tomorrow she'll have grown even more!!


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  1. I think this post and many others on the blog about her will be very special to share with your sweet little one as she grows older. The writing you use is crafted with love and respect for your daughter who is constantly learning those things from you.

    Happy seeing beautiful!


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