Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Scar be gone!

I went to the doctor the other day, for my "mark".  If you don't remember, I had a mole removed a couple years ago on my chest before Makayla turned a year old.  When I was pregnant, it started looking different.

I didn't like it.

So I had it removed and thankfully the biopsy showed it was ok.  But I was left with what I seem my "mark".

I got to remembering just a couple weeks ago that one of the nurses told me if it turned into a keloid (aka-raised scar), I could come in and he could inject it with cortisone.  So off to the doctor I went!  He did inject it (the above picture was taken after the injection) and said I might need another shot in a couple months.  But the end result will, hopefully, be a flatter scar!

I'll keep you updated in the coming months!


Tuesday, April 15, 2014


Several weeks ago, I realized Makayla was in need of some new shoes.  Spring was upon us and she was outgrowing several pairs she'd worn over the winter.

So we went shopping!

Sorry for the fuzzy picture..taken with the kindle.

Now before you say, "Whoa!", we didn't buy these all at once!  And I got some amazing deals on probably half of them!!

The top 2 middle pairs of shoes I bought at Wal-Mart for $2 each if memory serves me right.  And the sandal pair of the two are Carter's brand!  The pair of white sandals on the top row I got on clearance at Carter's for $6.99.  The pink pair on the bottom row was $1 (I think?), again, clearance at Wal-Mart.  The rest were not as cheap as the rest, but all on sale when I purchased them!  Pretty sure I didn't pay more than $13 for any of the rest individually.

Yeah, my girl is set on shoes..just like her mommy!

Friday, April 11, 2014

Friday Ramblings

I realized I only posted once this week so I thought I'd attempt to play 'catch-up' today!

  • I got a new washer today!  We actually bought it on Monday but it was delivered today.  My old one, a Hotpoint, was a good machine for me..lasting 12 1/2 years..I can't complain!!  Lovin' my GE this far..on my 2nd load already!!
  • Makayla has been saying all sorts of things lately!  Sometimes if I give her something..she will say 'Thank you mommy!'.  Melts my heart!
  • She has also taken to grabbing my hand and leading me to something she wants to show me..very cute!
  • I have been on a cleaning and sewing kick as of late!  Today I'm going to try tackle the spare bedroom.  Wish me luck!
  • Speaking of sewing, one reason I really want to get the spare bedroom organized is that's where most of my fabric stash is.  Ugh..instead of wishing me luck I should have said pray for me!  I've got a serious problem when it comes to collecting fabric!!
  • Once I get the spare bedroom in 'shape', I'm thinking I may paint the whole room white.  Yes..a nice blank canvas for decorating!!
Happy Friday everyone!!


Tuesday, April 8, 2014


I got to warn you, if your my friend you just might end up with a homemade gift some time or another!

I'm not bragging here or anything, but the saying 'its better to give than receive' rings true for me.  I love to make things for my friends.  It just brings joy to my heart to share something special and unique to those I hold close to me.

Case in point, the other day I was on a sewing 'kick'.  I knocked out 3 projects in one afternoon guys!!  It was so much fun..and none of it was made for me..ha!

I made this pillowcase dress for my blogger friend, Venessa's, little girl.  I was so thrilled with the results I might have to make one for Makayla!!  I also made Venessa an apron similar to the 2 I had made for her adoption fundraisers..I know she'll be pretty happy with it!!

Then I knocked out a dress for Makayla, but this is one that I made up in my head.  When making Makayla a pillowcase dress a few weeks back, I thought it would be easy to make a dress for her with a tank top that's been cut off and some fabric attached to the bottom.  Wow..the results were over the top cute!!!

So that's what I've been up to in the past few days...with a couple more projects lined up shortly for my best friend's mom!

Busy, busy, busy = happy, happy, happy!!

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Kitchen stuff

I became a busy little bee last week and got to work on a new kitchen valance!  I was craving something fresh for springtime and this green fabric was just the trick!!

I used coordinating fabrics I bought at good old Hobby Lobby and just love the end result!  So after I finished this I realized now I needed a new rug to go with everything.

Hence the trip to Homegoods that I blogged about yesterday.

I found this rug for $20 and at first wasn't sure if it was the right color because I forgot to take a swatch of fabric to match things up with me.  So I decided to buy it anyways and if it didn't work I could always return it.

I'm so glad I snatched up this rug.  Not only was it the last one like it left but it also has the same design that the bottom half of my valance has!!

You could say it was a great day for shopping!!


Monday, March 31, 2014


Makayla and I went into Homegoods the other day in search of a new kitchen rug and maybe more.

*wink wink*

You know how it is when you get in that store (or maybe it's just me?).  Suddenly everything you see is deemed 'gorgeous' and you find yourself saying "oh I just love that!" at about everything you pass.

Now before you think I broke the bank with our shopping excursion, let's tell you I only spent $40 total and it was money well spent!!

The one thing we bought that I had no intentions on getting before we stepped through the doors ended up being the best $20 I think I've ever spent!!

I bought this hamper and am using it instead as a toy bin.

Best idea ever!

We originally had a pink wicker storage box with a liner in this corner.  It's a beautiful thing for storage but wasn't functioning anymore.

Aka - Makayla had toys stacked about 2 feet taller than said box.

So we used this hamper-turned-storage bin instead and I moved her wicker box into the living room.  She has a ton of books stored in a cute $5 goodwill end table that I spruced up a while back.  Problem was..all the books could only fit in it one way and I was always the one having to put them away.  So I moved all the books out of that into the wicker box (now she can pick them up!!) and put various stuffed animals into the end table (again..she can clean up and put her toys away).

You could say that $20 purchase was a win-win situation for mommy!!

Oh a side note..we did buy a kitchen rug..also $ on that tomorrow!


Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Makayla 'stuff'

I thought I'd do a little post on things about Makayla you may (or may not!) know here goes!!

  • She wants bacon for breakfast..pretty much 7 days a week.  But she also eats 2 fruits for breakfast too.  The bacon is almost always a must though.
  • Lately she does NOT want to go to sleep at night!  She almost always gets up out of bed about 5 minutes after I lay her down.  Then we're pretty much good for the night.
  • Speaking of sleep..have I mentioned she's a night owl?  Yup..just like mom and dad.
  • She also sleeps in late in the mornings.  None of us are up before 9am.  Fine by me!!
  • She's became obsessed with her 'crack'!  Yes..there I said it!  When I get her undressed for bath time every night, she points to her butt and yells "crack!!!"!!
  • She loves to read.  And sing.  And learn.
  • She's still not potty trained.  Not even remotely close.  And I'm actually kinda ok with that.  It'll happen in good time!
  • She loves to run her hands through the clothes in my closet and say, "Dress!!"!  She thinks all clothing items are 'dresses'.  Even daddy's.
  • My Kindle is her latest addiction.  Pretty sure she's going to need one of those kid versions (Nabi, Nobi?).
  • She loves for me to paint her toenails. much for the list.  I'm writing this at night, after I put her in bed.  She's up for the 2nd time and its 12:30!

Anyone else hear the owl 'hooting'?