Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Shutterfly cards and a Christmas tree!

Good morning everyone!  I just had to share with everyone the awesome job the people over at Shutterfly did on my Christmas cards!!  I got them in several days ago but just hadn't gotten around to sharing them with everyone just yet.  I was VERY impressed to say the least!  What do you think?

I know its not the best picture of the card..but as good as I could do at the time!  I really love the way they turned out and did you notice..the card matches my new background?  LOL I assure you that wasn't intentional and I'm not totally sure I'm going to stick with this background for the holidays yet..it was just the easiest one to work with when I was checking some out the other night.  Readers..do you like my new background or do you find it a little hard to read my posts?  I'd love to hear your input..as usual!

And for a sneak peak for things to come later this week..I thought I'd show y'all my finished Christmas tree!  I got it completed late tonight and wanted to share it with everyone.  I just love my tree..I've always loved the blue and silver combo for Christmas, so most of my house is decorated with that in mind!  I do have a few exceptions though..like the dining room and bathroom..which are both very pretty also! Can't wait to share everything with you guys later on in the week!  Oh and a side note..I just bought new lights for our tree..they are the LED type and blue, of course.  I got them at target..wow..wasn't prepared for the 'neon' brightness of the LED's!  But overall..I do like them..they sure beat the old lights that were giving me headaches the past couple of years!  Here is for your viewing pleasure!

(Wow..its bright!)

(Not so bad when the lights aren't blaring!)


Monday, November 29, 2010

Miscellany Monday

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

I feel like I'm SO behind on my Christmas decorating!!  Normally I really get into it the weekend after Thanksgiving..but unfortunately I've had a cold since last week thats had me down.  We did however, manage to get the tree up yesterday and put lights on it!! 

I don't know if this has started since I got sick or a couple of days before..but I've had a really bad bout of insomnia for about a week now.  I've read pregnant women suffer from this..any of you that are preggers out there..have you dealt with this?  If so..what helps?!?!  I'm desperate!  Not being able to sleep good and tossing and turning at night makes me feel like I'm harming my baby!  Any ideas are appreciated!!

Thanksgiving was good around here!  We had dinner with my parents, as we always do every year.  I made the mashed potatoes, brussel sprouts, apple pie, and cranberry pie!  Yum!  Only bummer was Damon had to work..but thankfully since he works nights it didnt interfere with the daytime activities (though it did make for a tiresome day for him).

I never filled everyone in on Damons birthday last monday!!  It went really well and he loves his new Wii!!  Here are a couple of pictures from the days events!

(He was holding the box upside-down as you can see..lol!)

Oh..can't forget Black Friday shopping!  Yes..I did go out with my mom and we had a great time overall!  I did start going downhill after we ate (my cold kicked into high gear) and we didnt stay out as long as we have in years past..but overall I really enjoyed myself.  Brought home some great stuff too!!  My mom bought me a bunch of maternity clothes for my birthday (coming up on the 12th!) and Christmas!  I'm so pleased with what we found at Motherhood Maternity and Kohl's!!


Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Here's to a Happy Thanksgiving!

Hello all!!  Not much to say here today but I did want to wish everyone out there a very happy and blessed Thanksgiving this year!!  There is definately alot to be thankful for..and I know each of us don't have to look hard to find the blessings in our lives.  Some things I am thankful for....

  • My Lord and Saviour, with whom I'd be lost without.
  • My dear husband, he loves me unconditionally and takes care of me.
  • My family and friends, that makes life joyous.
  • My animals (Ravey, Thomas, and Blaze) that never fails to bring a smile to my face.
  • My little baby growing inside of me, that amazes me each day because I never thought I'd be a mother but am so excited to be one now!!
  • Our home, because we waited patiently for many years until God opened the right doors for us.
  • For health, happiness, and everything in between..just because. 
On a side note..I'm 'hoping' this Thanksgiving will be spent 'cold-free'.  What do I mean, you ask?  Damon came down with a cold/allergies/sinus problems on sunday and was sick for his birthday..poor guy.  He's doing much better now thanks to a day off work and some medicine.  Today my throat started 'twinging'..so I'm just hoping I'm not coming down with anything now myself!  I've made my home remedy twice tonight and it seems to be helping (equal parts apple cider vinegar, honey, and lemon juice).  Do pray for us..I am so looking forward to enjoying the holidays AND black friday!!

I hope everyone out there has a lovely Thanksgiving!  I probably won't be posting for the next few days..so until then.."Gobble Till You Wobble"!!  :-)


Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Rudolph the Red-Nosed Tom Cat!

Get ready for a good belly laugh!!

After seeing a picture of a poor orange cat with one of those ridiculous hats on his head..I just HAD to break out my own collection of ridiculous Christmas cat has and try them out on Thomas!!  Hey..you never know how well (or not) your cat will like dressing up until you try it out..right?!?  Turns out..Thomas actually didn't seem to mind it too much..at least not like Ravey who throws a total fit!  Here are some pictures for your viewing pleasure!!!

Isn't he cute?!

You can just tell how happy Ravey was to have this Santa hat on her head!!


Monday, November 22, 2010

Happy Birthday to my "Bear"!

Today is Damon's birthday!!  I'm about to head out to pick up his birthday cake (you heard right..I don't bake birthday cakes!) and wanted to do a little post about him and how much he means to me!

I call you my 'bear' for many reasons!  One of the first gifts you bought me when we were dating was a stuffed bear that had the same color hair you have..so I couldnt resist calling you my 'red-headed bear'.  You also protect me and give me big 'bear' hugs!

I love how you like to be silly and you always find a way to make me laugh!  I love it when we get to travel..though its not much..but we always make the best of our time together!

You take the time to do the 'little' things that makes for a great memory!

You always make me smile and we have so much fun together!  I never tire of being by your side and I look forward to a million more years together with you!  "You are my sunshine"

I love the fact that you love your daughter SO MUCH..you always try to make time for her, even if its a short phone call..no matter how tired or busy life gets sometimes.  I look forward to you showering our baby with the same attention and love!

No matter where we travel in life together..I know the road we travel on will always take us 'home'.

I love you so much Damon and I hope your day is a wonderful and blessed one!!  :-)


Friday, November 19, 2010

Shoes, shoes and more shoes!!

Since I'm 'technically' writing this post around 2am..I'm not sure if Kristin is still doing Fashion Week over at Windy Poplars..but since the post for today was to be shoes..I knew I could not miss it regardless!  I took some pictures the other night of my shoe closet (be warned..its NOT organized the way I'd like) and of a few of my favorite pairs.  Anyone who knows me personally knows I am a SHOE-AHOLIC!  I have over 50 pairs!  And thats not including stuff like tennis shoes.  Oh my.  Anyways..I know I'm not the only one out there with this obsession (thank goodness..)..but I hope you enjoy seeing a small bit of my collection!

Let me make note here..my shoe closet is located in our bedroom and the hot water heater is located in this closet as well (don't ask..thats the way it was when we moved in..I can just imagine the day when that thing tears up what a time we'll have getting THAT fixed!..but lets not go there!!).  I figured when we moved in..my shoes would work in that space since putting clothes in there wasnt really an option (again..because of the hot water heater).  Its also more space to put them than I had when we lived at our rental house..so it worked out well for me!  I had to take 3 seperate pics so you could have an idea of the layout..trying to avoid the dreaded HWH in each shot!  But anyways..here is is!

Ok..I can't believe y'all have seen the inside of that closet!!  Maybe 'one day' I'll have it looking like something!  I'd love to make more use of that shoe hanger thing in the 2nd picture..but I couldn't find any studs in the wall when I attached it..thus the lack of shoes on it..for fear of the whole thing falling down (which happened several times when I installed it).  I'm sure Damon could come up w/a solution!

Now onto some of my favorite shoes!

Not the best shot..but this pair is from Catos.  Pretty snazzy..I think!

Love these!  They are from Sears and I scored them on clearance!!

Always get alot of compliments when I wear these cuties!  From Target!

And I saved the best for last!!!!

Oh baby!!  These are my 'gems' of my collection!  I 'splurged' when I bought these..I think they were like about $30..and if you know me..you know I normally don't buy things not on sale.  I had to have them!  I usually wear them every Christmas..they kill my feet but I don't care!  Ain't they hot?!?

Windy Poplars


Thursday, November 18, 2010

An Award and my "Sunday Best"!

My lovely bloggy friend Venessa gave me my very FIRST blog award yesterday!!!  Talk about exciting!  Thank you for thinking of me!!  So there are apparently some rules to the award here..I have to link back to the person who gave you the award (check), share 7 facts about yourself, and award 5 more bloggers whose blogs I love!!  So here goes!!

(ONE)  I have actually had my hair at all different lengths!!  Once I was out of high school and started college, I did ALOT of experimenting with my hair (no purple hair, mohawks, or anything of that nature!) and literally everytime I went to get my hair cut..I had a new 'do' I wanted to try!  But..I've found I definately prefer my hair long over short!

(TWO)  Damon is the only man I have ever dated in my entire life!  Yes..you just read right!  I never dated anyone until he came along.  He was even my first kiss (at age 21).  I'm actually glad that it was this way for me too.  I didnt have to experience the heartbreak over a boyfriend or any of the drama that comes with dating.  Though we've definately have our ups and down..I'm a very blessed woman!

(THREE)  I'm so glad I started blogging back in May.  I never would have imagined that through my blog I would meet such wonderful, interesting, caring people!!  I cherish EACH friendship I've made..and those to come in the future as well!!  I want to keep this blog going for as long as God allows!

(FOUR)  I accepted God into my life at the age of 15.  Thats the best decision I ever made.  Best advice I can give to young teens out there is to turn to God..He's the best friend/guide/teacher/influence you'll ever have in your life.

(FIVE)  I currently have a small job cleaning our church.  I love it and am happy to do it!  Though I'm not sure how much longer I'll be able to do it 'well'..since I'm pregnant..I know God will help us as a family to keep it!  Which means Damon is going to have to help out!  :-)

(SIX)  We have Amish friends!  Yes!!  Each time we visit Amish Country in Ohio..we go to see them.  They are SUCH a blessing in our lives.  We actually met them several years back while taking an afternoon stroll by the cabin we were staying in.  They lived just down the road and we talked for a while and got to know one another.  They are an older couple (so sweet) and have had 6 children!  This year while visiting, we took them to see their son who lived several miles away (a half a days trip by horse and buggy..we were told).  Needless to say..that experience is one I will never forget..especially when I was standing in a field..all by myself..in total silence..surrounded by wheat and flowers that was growing everywhere...and tiny butterflies flying all around.  Heaven on earth!

(SEVEN)  I am an only child!  Not sure if many of you knew this or not..but its true!  I'm actually glad too..I never really desired to have a brother or a sister..I hear all most of them do is fight anyways..lol!!

And here's who I'm sending this award to!!  Love you ladies!!

Hope you ladies can join and pass on the award!  :-)

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Fashion Week Day 3!

Its another day of fashion over at Windy Poplars!  If you haven't joined in this week..its not too late! 

Today's theme is "Cozy-Wear"..or what you'd wear around the house to stay warm and cozy by the fire!  Me personally..I love lounge pants and/or track pants.  They spell comfort for me!  I don't know about yall..but I felt like I really looked pregnant in this picture!  Of course the sweater I'm wearing always was non-flattering for the tummy area..but it sure is comfortable!  This is actually what I was wearing today! 

Sweater : Macy's
Lounge pants : Walmart (and I want another pair they are so comfy!)
Camisole : probably Walmart or Target
Socks : Aeropostale (you can't really see them..but they are super cute!)


3 month doctor appointment!

I had my 3 month (12 week) doctors appointment tuesday morning.  I'm so glad to report that everything is still looking good!  All my labs came back good and my blood pressure was even good..after driving in some crazy traffic on the way over!  God is good!  :-)  No pictures to report today sadly.  :-(  They did an ultrasound but it was on one of those little portable things and I didnt get to see anything..bummer!  The baby's heart rate was good and it was a blessing to get to hear it again.  Oh and I also got my much needed flu shot!  So at least that is taken care of now! 

We won't find out what we're having for another 2 months!!!  I was so hoping to get to find out next month..just before Christmas..but not so.  :-((  Oh well..it'll be well worth the wait!   And get this..my appointment to find out what we'll be having is January 11th..or 1-11-11!!!  How cool is that!?!  So the countdown is on!  At least it gives me more time to prepare the gender reveal party!!  Any ideas are welcome at this point!  I don't know whether to do a pink/blue theme..or a gender neutral them like green/yellow..something like that.  I'll have to do alot of shopping around to see what I can find. 

On a side note..any DWTS fans out there??  Who else is totally disgusted that Brandy went home??  Its just so incredibly sad that politics has yet again gotten its ugly head in the middle of a show that has nothing to do with it..this show is about DANCING last time I checked!  For me..the final 3 'should' have been Jennifer, Brandy, and Audrina.  But..thats just me!!!


Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Fashion Week!

Welcome to Fashion Week!  Courtesy of Kristin at Windy Poplars!  What a great idea, no?!  Today we're going to share what we'd wear when meeting some girlfriends for coffee!  Cute!  I unfortunately haven't had any time to put on outfits and model them for this topic..but I should have some old ones that'll do!  I suppose I wouldn't dress much differently to meet some friends than I would when I go out grocery shopping, hit the town with Damon..that sorta thing.  I'm a simple, country girl, afterall!!  So here goes!

Not the greatest shot of me in the world..but the only one I could find that has a view of my jeans and not just my top half!!  I absolutely LOVE this sweater..I loved it so much..I bought 2 more in other colors!  Last years find at NY & Company (they have great stuff!).  I also have it in hot pink and a gray/tan color.  The jeans are from JcPenney's and the jean jacket is from Walmart.  When I wear the hot pink sweater..I usually pair it with a new scarf I bought at Aeropostale thats hot pink and gray.

Ok this is an older shot of me (I think I've definately put on a few pounds since this one!!) back when we lived in the 'old house' aka ~ before we moved!  I just LOVE that sweater and bought it at Gabe's..or better known as Gabriel Brothers. 

This is actually a picture of me meeting up with an old friend of mine last year!  Can you believe..we went to grade school together and had lost touch after she moved away to Richmond..only to find each other on facebook and reunite after close to 20 YEARS?!  Unreal!!  I wish I could have seen her again about a month ago when she was in for another visit..but it was unfortunately the same weekend we were to meet up with my step daughter Beth at the Pumpkin Festival.  Maybe better luck next year!  In this shot..I'm wearing a top from Cato's (one of my all time favorite stores!!) and the jeans are probably from JcPenney's (I love their jeans).  Can't tell what shoes I'm wearing.  


Monday, November 15, 2010

Miscellany Monday

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters


What a nice weekend we had!  Damon was off, which was great, so we had plenty of time to spend together without having to feel rushed around.  Friday was spent relaxing, as I had a rough day on Thursday and hadn't slept well the previous 2 nights.  This momma-to-be needed some rest!  We just hung out at the house all day and it was warm enough to eat out on the picnic table!  That was fun in itself, since I fixed a quick meal of pasta and meatballs and our dog, Blaze, LOVES pasta!  So she was begging the whole time we ate..and of course we gave in and she had a nice meal too!


Saturday was the fun day!  We went out to Beckley and did some Christmas shopping!!  I finally got a good start on my shopping and even got one name crossed off the list..score!!  I got Damons birthday gift bought..and my mother in laws..double score!!  I just dread getting the house decorated for Christmas this year..I'm gonna need Damon's help more than ever!  I have ALOT of Christmas decor!  Garland galore..the tree..lights..village.  But its worth it once its all up!  :-)


Sunday we went to church.  Great service!  We had a special program dedicated to Veteran's Day and it was so great.  Our pastor even tied in the theme to his sermon..how we are soldiers for Christ!!  After coming home and fixing breakfast for dinner (yum!) we both napped for hours!!  Nothing beats a sunday nap!


I have my 12 week doctors appointment tomorrow..remember me in your prayers!  I've been a bit anxious about this one since I'll probably find out the results of my bloodwork that was taken last week.  Just hoping I'm ok..and little Baby Green!


And last but not least, my dear bloggy friend Kristin is hosting Fashion Week over at her blog, Windy Poplars.  I hope to take part in a couple of days..it looks to be alot of fun!  Today's theme is what you wear to work.  Since I don't work..I couldn't rightly participate..but I AM looking forward to shoe day and hanging out with your girlfriends day!  So go on over and check it out this week ladies!!  Maybe we can inspire one another!  ;-)


Shutterfly offer!

So everyone has been talking Christmas cards alot lately in blogland and I thought I'd jump on the bandwagon and give my two cents worth as well!  Shutterfly has had a great offer going on for bloggers..get 50 free Holiday cards!!  Sounds great to me!  I hope its not 'too good to be true'!  But I looked over the site a couple days ago and here are a few of my personal favorites.

(This one seems warm and cozy feeling...)

(My favorite Christmas song.."Oh Holy Night"!)

(This one has the "Christmas-y" feel I think!)

(But for me..I think this one is the winner!!!)

We haven't had a photo type Christmas card made in YEARS and I really enjoyed it when we did have them made.  We always got such great responses from those who received them..plus they are sort of like a nice little memento to the recepients!  Thankfully..the pictures we took at Babcock State Park a month ago will work great for these cards..I'm REALLY glad we got some good shots while at the park that day now!  They will definately come in very handy for our Christmas cards!!  If you'd like to check out the Christmas card selection at Shutterfly..just go here or here to check out their wonderful selections!  I think there was over 700 styles to choose from..definately something for everyone!  They also have calendars you can create..would make a great gift for the holidays!

I'd like your opinion, readers!  Do you like #1, #2, #3, or #4 best?!  Love your input..and I hope you'll grab this offer while its still available!


Friday, November 12, 2010

Holiday Tea Party and a Recipe!

I was 'tagged' my my dear friend Kristin today to participate in a holiday tea party!  Sounds like alot of fun! 

Windy Poplars

It's the Holiday Season! How many of you are ready to celebrate? Let's spread a little bit (a cup, if you will) of warm holiday cheer around the blogosphere, shall we? Here's how it works (kind of like a chain letter, except less complicated, more fun, and there's no bad luck/good luck involved ;-)):

#1 - Blank -
#2 - Kristin from Windy Poplars: windy-poplars@juno.com
#3 - Melanie from Country Roads:  melaniegreen78@hotmail.com

*If you were tagged in this post, copy and paste the contents on your blog.

*Move my name to the #2 position (moving #2 now up to #1, and erasing #1).

*Place your name, blog link, and e-mail address in the #3 position.

*E-mail the people whom you have now moved to the #1 and #2 slots to get their snail mail addresses.

*Send them each a teabag of your favorite tea. Feel free to include a note or postcard from your state/area (optional). You can mail a tea bag with a regular first class stamp.

*Tag 10 blog friends of your own and keep the tea party going.

*Enjoy the tea bags you receive, and new blog friends you've made!

So to recap: all that you're investing is two stamps, two bags of tea, and the re-posting of this party info. I hope, in the spirit of the season, you'll thoroughly enjoy sharing a cup of tea with one another! Cheers!

I'm tagging:

Miranda from Hanging Loose with the Tuccis
Callie from Through Clouded Glass
Venessa at My Crazy Blessed Life
Emily from Live a Charmed Life
Noelle at Lil Bits and Pieces of Me
Kelli from Countin' My Blessings
Mrs. Lydon at A Bushel and A Peck
Mrs. A from Adventures In The Life of Mr. and Mrs. A
Dorcas at 4 Sweet Angels
April from Abramyan Avenue

Hope those who were tagged will join in the fun and participate!  :-)

Now onto the recipe portion of this post!  I made something today I'd been meaning to make for a week now..I finally got around to it!  Its cranberry pumpkin bread..mmm..can't you just smell it?!  I thought I'd share the recipe with y'all..I havent tried it yet but its sure to be good.  The recipe came from my WV Pumpkin Festival Cookbook!

Cranberry Pumpkin Bread

2 beaten eggs
2 cups sugar
1/2 cup oil
1 cup Libby's pumpkin
2 1/4 cups all purpose flour
1 tablespoon pumpkin pie spice (I used cinnamon since I couldnt find this in my pantry!)
1 teaspoon baking soda
1/2 teaspoon salt
1 cup chopped fresh cranberries

Combine eggs, sugar, oil and pumpkin in large bowl and beat well.  Combine flour, pie spice (or cinnamon), soda and salt and add to pumpkin mixture.  Stir until just moistened.  Stir in cranberries.  Spoon batter into 2 greased and floured loaf pans (bread pans).  Bake at 350 for 1 hour or until toothpick inserted into the center comes out clean.

Have a great weekend everyone!!


Thursday, November 11, 2010

What I'm Lovin' today!!

Hello everyone!!  So I meant to join the "What I'm Lovin' Wednesdays" this week..but my wednesday was a bit busier than I anticipated..so I'm gonna do it today!  Is that allowed?  I guess in 'bloggy-land' anything pretty much goes!  :-)  My only regret is I don't have any pictures to share with y'all today!  Hopefully I'll get some taken of what I'm about to talk about today (thursday..its almost 2am so it technically is thursday for me!) and post at a later date!

What I'm lovin' today is my family!!  My sweet grandma is in for a short visit and I was so happy to get to see her!!  I haven't had a chance to see her in almost 2 years (I know..its terrible) so I was so happy to hear she'd be coming to WV for a visit!  She lives in Kentucky with my uncle (her son) who takes care of her.  She'll be 86 next month, bless her heart!  Anyways..I went up to my mom's house today (where she's staying) twice to get to see her!  Once by myself, and once with Damon, of course.  It was great to get to talk with her some.  She is already guessing that I'm carrying a baby girl..which I was so happy to hear because she has almost always been right at guessing the gender of most all babies thats been born in our family..from what I hear anyways!!  I do hope she is right!!  I'd love to get to buy all the little pink dresses, shoes, bows, and everything 'girlie'!!  But we'll have to wait and see on that!  This evening while visiting..a bunch of my relatives came as well and I have to say..I enjoyed that SO MUCH!  We rarely are all able to get together like that at the same time and it was so much fun talking to my aunt and cousins.  We shared alot of laughs (especially about baby names) which did my soul alot of good!  Not to mention how great it was seeing them.  Just makes me look that much more forward to my Gender Reveal Party (yes..you heard it here..I will be having one in the near future!!) and my Baby Shower!  Fun times!!

I must be going for now..every night at 2am this baby wants me to eat (great timing, huh?)..so I'm off for my nightly yogurt fix.  Let me ask you..what are you lovin' today?