Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Fashion Week Day 3!

Its another day of fashion over at Windy Poplars!  If you haven't joined in this week..its not too late! 

Today's theme is "Cozy-Wear"..or what you'd wear around the house to stay warm and cozy by the fire!  Me personally..I love lounge pants and/or track pants.  They spell comfort for me!  I don't know about yall..but I felt like I really looked pregnant in this picture!  Of course the sweater I'm wearing always was non-flattering for the tummy area..but it sure is comfortable!  This is actually what I was wearing today! 

Sweater : Macy's
Lounge pants : Walmart (and I want another pair they are so comfy!)
Camisole : probably Walmart or Target
Socks : Aeropostale (you can't really see them..but they are super cute!)



  1. I love that shirt!!! very cozy!!
    I am hosting a Bible Study on my blog! The Book of Ruth! Pleas come on over and "link up" and join in on reading and learning God's Word! : )

  2. You sound like me! I wear my yoga/lounge pants almost every single day..LoL. So much that they have holes in them! I am in serious need of some new pants - I'm gonna check out Walmart!! :-)

    You're so cute girl! :-)


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