Thursday, November 4, 2010

It doesnt take much to make me giggle..

Is it just me..or are some of the 'gadgets' out there now kinda funny?  I bought one of these recently....

..and everytime I walk into our master bathroom now and this little gem 'goes off'..I can't help but laugh!  Its like a little person inside it can see me and says, "There she is!!  SPRAYYY!!"!  Ok maybe thats a little much..but it is funny and it doesn't help that it makes a little grrr sound just before it actually sprays.  Like a mind of its own or something.  Kinda freaky.  

And take my hubby, for instance.  With his outside job at the coal mines, he gives me a call every night just to chat for a few minutes (nice..right?!).  I've grown accustomed to the background noises that are associated with his job..but some of the noises still makes me laugh even though he's held this particular position for over a year now!  The "BuuuDuu" sound and my favorite..what I call the "fairy" thats calling for him (you guys probably think I've lost my mind by now..but if you could just hear what I hear every'd understand!)..makes me laugh!  Plus I get to hear all the miners who are underground working talk on the mine phones (it comes into hubbys office where he's at)..certainly some funny conversations.  When they call to someone..they say hello 3+ times to that person.  I don't know how Damon doesnt have a headache every morning when he gets home from work with all the nonstop chatter/noises/sounds that goes on there!! 

Ok..this is officially a crazy post..what can I say its after 2am and raining outside..I'm not at my most creative!  Hope it brought a smile to your face!!  :-D



  1. Okay, I'm laughing at you! Feeling a little loopy at 2 a.m.? ;) But I also understand. Sometimes there are things that just tickle your funny bone and you have to chuckle. Then again, what would life be without these happy little moments? :)

  2. It's good to find joy in the little things! Laughter does the heart good :-)


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