Thursday, November 11, 2010

What I'm Lovin' today!!

Hello everyone!!  So I meant to join the "What I'm Lovin' Wednesdays" this week..but my wednesday was a bit busier than I I'm gonna do it today!  Is that allowed?  I guess in 'bloggy-land' anything pretty much goes!  :-)  My only regret is I don't have any pictures to share with y'all today!  Hopefully I'll get some taken of what I'm about to talk about today (thursday..its almost 2am so it technically is thursday for me!) and post at a later date!

What I'm lovin' today is my family!!  My sweet grandma is in for a short visit and I was so happy to get to see her!!  I haven't had a chance to see her in almost 2 years (I know..its terrible) so I was so happy to hear she'd be coming to WV for a visit!  She lives in Kentucky with my uncle (her son) who takes care of her.  She'll be 86 next month, bless her heart!  Anyways..I went up to my mom's house today (where she's staying) twice to get to see her!  Once by myself, and once with Damon, of course.  It was great to get to talk with her some.  She is already guessing that I'm carrying a baby girl..which I was so happy to hear because she has almost always been right at guessing the gender of most all babies thats been born in our family..from what I hear anyways!!  I do hope she is right!!  I'd love to get to buy all the little pink dresses, shoes, bows, and everything 'girlie'!!  But we'll have to wait and see on that!  This evening while visiting..a bunch of my relatives came as well and I have to say..I enjoyed that SO MUCH!  We rarely are all able to get together like that at the same time and it was so much fun talking to my aunt and cousins.  We shared alot of laughs (especially about baby names) which did my soul alot of good!  Not to mention how great it was seeing them.  Just makes me look that much more forward to my Gender Reveal Party ( heard it here..I will be having one in the near future!!) and my Baby Shower!  Fun times!!

I must be going for now..every night at 2am this baby wants me to eat (great timing, huh?) I'm off for my nightly yogurt fix.  Let me ask you..what are you lovin' today?



  1. What a great thing to be loving! My grandma is an ANGEL! I just love being able to see her more now that i moved back home! It does my heart some major good when I see her holding my son, and it does my belly good when I get to chow down on her home made cooking!

    Heres to wonderful families, and amazing grandparents!

    fingers crossed that its a girl and tons of prayers that its healthy either way!

  2. Hello! You've been tagged over at Windy Poplars today in "The Holiday Tea Party"! Hope you have fun joining in! Enjoy your weekend to overflowing... ~K from WP


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