Tuesday, January 31, 2012

New Carseat!!

If any of you caught this post..you know I was on the look for a new car seat for Makayla. Well..after reading COUNTLESS reviews online, asking some moms online their opinions, and making mental notes..we purchased her new seat on saturday!!

Its made by Safety 1st and I really like it and so does she!

Now to hear the funny story that goes along with her new seat.  We bought it at Babies R Us and traded in her old infant carrier for this model and got the 25% off (great thing to do moms..if your in need of a new seat).  Well..of course that meant this one had to be installed before we left the parking lot.  So..it was rainy and windy and COLD.  Makayla was hungry.  So I had her up front with me while Damon 'attempted' to install the seat.  I fed her..played with her..did a bunch of things..all while hearing Damon back there scratching his head and trying to figure how to install the seat.  After about an HOUR (yes..an hour!!!)..I finally said, "Do you want me to try?" and he reluctantly agreed.  After 5 MINUTES (yes..I said minutes!!)..I had it installed and said, "Check to make sure I got the latch belt tight enough..if it is we're ready to go".  He didn't know what to say and was totally beside himself.

Why is it if you want something done right..you have to do it yourself?

He had the latch belt in the wrong holes (he had it going through the forward facing holes instead of the rear facing) AND was trying to use the seatbelt at the same time.  ????

If that wasn't funny enough..he made the funniest comment about the whole situation after we were on the road again.  If any of you know Damon personally or have heard me talk about some things he says in the past..you know he comes up with some really crazy one-liners.  This is what he said..and I quote.....

"I felt like a retarded monkey trying to peel a banana."


Monday, January 30, 2012

Where I've Been

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I got this idea from Amy's Life and thought it was a cute idea for a blog post!!  My map shows what states I've been to.  Kinda sad after I got the end result.  Gosh..I haven't traveled near as much as I thought I would have by this time in my life!!!!  Sure..the states that are highlighted..some of them we have visited through and through and more times than we can count.  But there are so many I'd LOVEEE to visit!! 

Texas has always been one I'd love to see.  Anywhere out west..Wyoming, Colorado, Montana, California, Oregon.  They all look like beautiful places to see.  And who could resist a trip to Hawaii?  Not me!!

So tell me something special about the state you live in and why anyone should come and visit!!  I'd love to hear about 'your' state!

PS ~ After watching some home videos..I realized I forgot to include Maryland as a state I've visited also..ooops!

Friday, January 27, 2012

Consignment Finds!

So we headed out to a consignment sale this evening and I came back with some great stuff!!  I'll leave you with some pictures I took....


Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Car Seat Help!!!

Ok blogger mommies..I need your help!!  Makayla is getting VERY close to outgrowing her infant car seat and we're going to be buying a new convertible seat so it will last for a longer time probably by next month. 

I want your input!!

What are the best convertible car seats out there, in your opinion?  I know Britax has a really good reputation..I want something good because this is a car seat I am hoping she will be in for a while.  I also don't want to break the bank (I know Britax also comes with a price tag)..$150 or under would be preferable..but if its a little over I'd look into it if it came recommended.  I love her infant car seat but my only complaint with it is that even though its installed using the LATCH system..its never seemed like its tight enough.  And that worries me.  So I'd like something thats going to be easy to install yet sturdy while in place (if that makes sense).  And from the looks of it..the convertible car seats aren't removeable from the base (that is..like an infant one where you can take them in the stores with you..etc.).  To me..thats a HUGE bummer.  Alot of times she'll fall asleep in her car seat and its great to just be able to take her and the seat in the house..or in the store..wherever we may be. 

But anyways..please leave me some input..I'd truely appreciate it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Eight {Ocho~Huit~Acht} Months!!

Today my baby girl turns eight months old!  The time is literally flying by..I told someone the other day it seems after they hit that two month mark the months just tick by before you have time to turn around!!  She's doing great though..and its a joy to watch her grow and learn new things each day.  Here are a few newer things she's been up to as of late.

~ Starting to go forward in her walker
~ A pro at sitting up (except on our hardwood floors..they are just too slippery for a little butt to have any grip!
~ Saying "ma-ma", "ba-ba", "ra-ra"..and still blowing raspberries
~ Smiling her "cookie monster" smile
~ Crawling army style..backwards (this has happened only once so far)
~ And still..cutting teeth..with none to show
~ Helping me eat lunch (video to follow)

Yeah she still doesn't have any teeth at 8 months!  I have a feeling though she's going to cut some this month and I wouldn't be at all suprised if she doesn't have like 5 by this time next month!  She's been working hard on it (and been grouchy as proof) so it probably won't be long.

She still LOVES her baby food!  I've been making all her babyfood in the past month and have loved every minute of it!  Her favorites are blueberries and pears.  I only wish peaches were in because she really likes peaches too.  I'll probably buy some frozen at some point and go about it that way.  I want to start her on meats this month too.  She's tried the meat baby food but hasn't really liked it.  I don't blame her..I've tasted them and they were pretty gross.  So homemade I think will definately be the route to go there.  And as you read above..she helps me 'eat' my lunch everyday!  Its so funny!

Makayla helping me eat lunch!

Her stats..as of her last doctor visit she had at the beginning of January are:

17 pounds (50% percentile)
27 1/4 inches tall (90% percentile)
18 inch head circumference (95% percentile)

She's definately got her daddy's head!  The doctor was pleased that her head wasnt growing quickly (she wanted to keep a check on it since she was in such a high range) and concluded that the nurses who measure her must have made a mistake early on with her head circumference..thus making her think it grew really quickly between one of her visits early on.  Whew!  I was glad about that!  It suprises me how much she has grown though..I look at her at times and think..gosh..she really is getting to be a big girl!!!  It does make me sad..but also happy that she's growing and getting stronger each day!  :-)

Love my baby girl!!!


Monday, January 23, 2012

Walking by Faith

"For we walk by faith, not by sight."  2nd Corinthians 5:7

I know many of you have probably read and heard this particular scripture preached on many many times.  But do we really take it for what it means?

Case in point, with the outlook in our area with coal mining jobs as of late..with a number of people getting layed off and other mines posting 60 day notices to close (as is the case w/Damons job site)..I've heard people over and over (to the point I'm literally sick of hearing it) say this phrase:

"Boy..things sure don't look good..do they?"

While that is true..where is the faith behind a statement like that?  And why on earth would you say such a sad thing to someone who may possibly be facing losing their job? 

We've had MANY people say this to us in the past week..and at first I didn't think a whole lot about it.  Until yesterday..when once again..we were told this for the hundreth time.  In church, no less. 

Do we really have and show our faith when troubled times arise????

This is something to think on, I believe.

While yes..at first I was upset at learning the news of the job situations around us..after it set in..I didn't worry about it anymore.  And I refuse to in the future.  Why?

Phil. 4:19  "But my God shall supply all your need according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus."
2 Chron. 20:17  "Ye shall not need to fight in this battle:  set yourselves, stand ye still, and see the salvation of the Lord with you, O Judah and Jerusalem:  fear not, nor be dismayed; tomorrow go out against them: for the Lord will be with you."

Now granted the second scripture was intended for Judah and Jerusalem..but I believe the Bible is meant for us all.  God fights our battles for us..He expects us to have faith that He can take care of us..no matter the situation.  He's there for us..reguardless.  And yes..while it is possible we may have to face Damon not having a job for a little whie..its also possible that he WON'T lose his job either and that things will be turned around before then. 

Either way..God will be taking care of us.



Friday, January 20, 2012

A belated photo shoot

I did a little photo shoot with Makayla just after Christmas and am just now getting around to showing you guys!  Things have just been really busy around here since the holidays! 

Anyways..I know alot of you on blogger did similar pictures of your babies with Christmas lights..and I just adored every one of them and had to do it myself.  Though I didn't get to take my 'photo shoot' in front of the tree (since I'd already taken it down by time I got around to doing this)..I did do a backdrop of snowflakes..which went pretty good with everything.  Here is the final product...my only regret is I couldn't get a smile out of her..but for her..thats pretty normal..she's just like daddy..clams up in front of the camera!!


Thursday, January 19, 2012

Master Bathroom ~ Before & After!

If you remember a few weeks ago..or maybe it was even months ago..I said I was in the process of putting down new flooring in our master bath?  Well..I got it finished this week!  And I must say..it is totally AMAZING!  I'm in LOVE with my new floors..and I did it all myself...working at nights after Damon went to work and Makayla went to bed.  I managed to accomplish it all in 3 nights which I thought was pretty good!  Here are some before and after pictures..though the finished product looks much better in person!



I would have taken a picture just like the first one so it would be more 'comparable' but we don't have the trim put back up yet and I was anxious to take pictures of the finished product!!!  My biggest reason for reflooring is before it was just WAY too light for my taste.  It showed every single speck of dirt..which I hated.  Even when I'd clean and clean the floors..it still looked dirty.  Plus I just like a more earthy tone for flooring and this totally matched our taste.  I love it!!! 

Now I've got the itch to repaint our laundry room!!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Did someone say "cookie"?

A little while back..we bought Makayla a cookie monster doll.  It wasn't long after that she started making what we call the "cookie face".  Totally hilarious!!  I was able to catch the 'cookie monster' in action the other morning when we were playing.

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Cutest monster I've ever seen!!!!!


Monday, January 16, 2012

Staying Positive

Sometimes it can really be hard to stay positive in this world..especially when trials come our way.  Over the weekend, we learned Damon's job site is on a 60 day notice to shut down.  We're still not 100% sure what has happened..but it had caught everyone in our community by suprise.  There were layoffs at other mines as well and some others also have 60 day notices.

But the one thing I do know is this..prayer changes things.

If things can go from really good to seeminlgy bad in a heartbeat like they did the other day..it can go right back the other way too.  I'm very optimistic that things will be turned around soon.  I know that no matter what, God is watching out for us and either way..He'll provide for us.  He did in the past when we faced a layoff for months, a mere 2 weeks after buying our home no less. 

I'm so thankful I serve not only a saving and caring God..but one who takes care of His children too.



Thursday, January 12, 2012

From There

I got this idea from Callie and thought it made for a really interesting post!  So here goes..this is where I'm from....

I am from a little 'hollow', from Mr. Bubbles bubble bath and walking on railroad tracks. I am from the the rolling mountains, peaceful, quaint, and country folk. I am from the rhodedendron, the pink, white, and yellow spring flowers. I am from Christmas spent at home and brown hair, from Grandpa Jones and Elam and Paul. I am from the talkative and also quiet and big hearted. From the tooth fairy riding in a cadillac and Santa coming down the chimney that didn't exist. I am from a Christian home. Growing up going to sunday school and witnessing God's saving grace as a teenager. I'm from Madison and German, jackie cakes and hot dogs with chili and slaw. From the time I backed into my dads truck with moms car, the tears I cried because I was sorry for not being more careful, and the stern lecture but forgiving hug my dad gave me despite it all. I am from the coalfields and a long line of hard workers.  Hard hats, steel toed boots, and dirty work clothes were the norm. I am from mason canning jars, from Big League bubble gum and ivory soap. I am from the white house sitting all alone, quiet yet bustling from the train when it passes, warm, and inviting.  

PS ~ There is a great giveaway going on at Sweet Southern Prep!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Recipe Swap?

In the middle of cooking dinner this evening, I thought to myself I wonder what some of my fellow bloggers out there are fixing for their families.  I thought it might be a wonderful idea to host a recipe swap here at Country Roads here in the near future. 

Anyone interested??

I'm thinking I'd pick one day and we'd all post one (or more!) of our families favorite recipes..maybe something you make that could be unique to your area (thinking..tex-mex..southern cuisine..etc)..or maybe your on a new health kick for the new year and found an exciting new low fat recipe you'd love to share with everyone. 

Basically..anything would go!

So if your interested..leave me a comment on here and we'll see if we get enough people interested to do something like this in the coming weeks! 


Sore Hands, No Naps, Dirty House

That pretty much describes my situation right now!  The last 2 nights I've been putting down tile in our bathroom...hence the sore hands.  I used up the last of it last night only to be 4 tiles short of completing the job.  Don't you hate it when that happens?  Oh well..next trip out I'm headed to Lowe's first thing to get enough tiles to complete the job.  I'll have a big 'reveal' post on that when its complete..its looking so awesome!! 

Since I've been busy working at nights (yes..this is when I've been doing the tiling..between 11pm-2am) on our master bath..my house cleaning has suffered.  A dirty house is what I'm left with.  Hopefully tonight if all goes well..I'll get to clean.  My house will be thankful.

And right now Miss Makayla is refusing to take her afternoon nap.  Oy.   Hopefully she'll take a nap in a few when we get in the car and go for a ride to grandmas.  We'll see. 

Gotta run!!


Sunday, January 8, 2012

Tightwad or thrifty??

I was reading an article in our sunday paper about what tightwads will and won't splurge on.  The title alone just grabbed my attention!!  After reading alot of the analysis the author had mentioned (which I'll get to in a sec)..it made me think..what makes a person a tightwad..can't you just be referred to as 'thrifty'?  Tightwad just seems harsh..unless that is of course your anything like the people I read about in said article.

Appartnely Jeff Yeager who is the author of "The Ultimate Cheapskate's Road Map to True Riches" and "The Cheapskate Next Door" says he was considered to be 'splurging' when a cheapskate neighbor of his was totally blown away that he spent around $85 every couple of years to have his septic tank cleaned out.  To his neighbor..that was a splurge!  Said neighbor apparently cleans out his own septic tank himself, by the bucketful.


I think someone like that mans neighbor would definately be in a class of tighwads!!  I would never want to clean out my own septic tank! 

Anyways...they had some really unique examples of what different people considered splurges and things they would never buy and/or buy in a more thrify way.  Some of the splurges were as follows:

high quality flower bulbs
Dewalt power tools
Philadelphia Cream Cheese
Apple Mac laptop
Crossfit gym membership
Child safety stuff (think BPA free sippy cups, organic food, having lead removed from house)
shoes--good ones
traveling abroad

Some things people would never buy and/or would buy something in a more thrifty way listed were:

bottled water
gym membership
green household cleaners
kids clothes
organic milk

So this got me to thinking..what are some of the things I would never buy and what are some things I would buy..in relation to 'thriftyness'..because some of the things in each category I was reading thinking..seriously??

I have no use for a cellphone.  Probably one of the very few in the world like this..but we have no cell phone reception where I live.  If we did..that would be different.  But I'm just not a phone person..so I have no need to have one with me at all times.  Think I would probably pull my hair out if I did.

I can relate to kids clothes.  Having a 7 month old and seeing how fast they grow out of clothes..I frequent consignment sales and yard sales (weather permitting) though I buy new clothes too because well lets face it.  You can't shop at consignment sales year round.  But I do love to save money this way.

I like making my own cleaners..but not everything of course.  I haven't bought windex in probably 5 years..so I'd definately put on my list of never bought things..windex.

I would splurge on a car..nothing like a $50,000 car though.  For us..we like to have a good car for the family.  Damons truck..well he's never owned a new truck.  It just isnt feasible for him for many reasons..one being cost..two being he's so rough with a truck (not driving wise..think more on the lines of throwing stuff in the bed of a pickup without worrying about scratching it up) having a new one it would look old in about 6 months time.

I definately buy store brand foods instead of name brands when I can. They taste the same and cost less.  Enough said.

And last but not least.  Baby food!  My gosh..when Makayla started eating solids I was buying tons and tons of baby food. Then realized how much it was costing and thought ok..I'm gonna give this homemade baby food thing a try.  Wow..I didn't think I'd be able to save that much just buy making a few batches of food..but its already adding up and I've just been doing it for a couple weeks now.  Plus..it gives me another reason to be creative in the kitchen. 


What are some of the ways you save?  And do you consider yourself a tightwad or just plain thrifty?


Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Twilight, anyone?

I mistakinly bought a dvd of "Twilight" while out shopping last week..forgetting I already had a copy at home!  So..this is one bloggers lucky day (or night depending on when you read this)!  If you don't already own "Twilight"..be the first to leave me a comment saying so and its yours!!!!  If I don't get any responses within the next 48 hours I'll just return it to the store..but I thought it would make a nice giveaway!


Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Things I've learned from being a mom...

I was thinking this morning how many things I've learned since becoming a mom.  Thought I would share with y'all my 'thoughts' on the subject..you might find some amusing! 

  • You soon learn every squeaky place in your floors
  • If you have to use the bathroom and its going to take more than 30 seconds..wait it out
  • Bouncy chair + cartoons = enough time to get ready!
  • Pacis are a great invention
  • You never loved yard saleing as much as you do now
  • Nothing makes you smile bigger than when your child smiles back at you
  • The best comment you can receive is when someone tells you how well behaved your baby is
  • There isnt ANY baby thats cuter than yours!
  • You hate shots worse than your baby
  • You never thought you'd research poop online..but you have (probably more than once)
  • Who knew diaper bags could be so stylish?
  • You can never take enough pictures
  • If your a blogger..posts are usually random (and contain at least one tidbit about your baby..especially in the first 6 months)
  • Socks never stay on..unless they have REALLY good elastic and your child is under 2 months and doesn't have the strength to pull them off yet
  • You've never prayed harder
  • This time in your life = priceless


Sunday, January 1, 2012

Its the little things

You ever notice that the little things are really the big things?  Here are some examples...

  • A childs smile
  • A strangers kind action or words
  • Getting a card
  • Someone saying 'thank you'
  • A hug
But unfortuantely..also some of these....

  • Someone speaking before thinking and thus feelings getting hurt
  • Forgetting to give a small gift that would have meant more than a big gift
  • A stranger being rude
  • Making someone feel inadequate by a few small words spoken
  • Brushing off a loved one because your 'too busy'
You notice alot of these things involve the tounge?  Just like the Bible speaks about the tounge in Proverbs 21:23...

"Whoso keepeth his mouth and his tongue keepeth his soul from troubles."

When you read the Bible and all the many scriptures that reference the tounge..its amazing.  To me anyways.  Something that small can really make a huge difference.  In both good and bad ways.  All the more reason to be careful when we speak..to speak out of love and not bitterness.  To speak to uplift..not bring down. 

Its the little things we both say AND do that can make a big difference in someone else's life. 

Think about it this way.  The last time you were at the mall or a store..you can probably remember the person who held open the door for you.  Out of ALL the people who you saw that day (probably hundreds)..that one person stuck out the most..because they showed you a random act of kindness.  You can also probably remember the last time you had a rude waiter or waitress at a restaurant..or when you received bad service at any particular place.  Out of all the times you've been out doing something..that one person/situation sticks out amongst ALL the other times. 

I hope in the year 2012 I can do more to stick out..in all the good ways.