Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Eight {Ocho~Huit~Acht} Months!!

Today my baby girl turns eight months old!  The time is literally flying by..I told someone the other day it seems after they hit that two month mark the months just tick by before you have time to turn around!!  She's doing great though..and its a joy to watch her grow and learn new things each day.  Here are a few newer things she's been up to as of late.

~ Starting to go forward in her walker
~ A pro at sitting up (except on our hardwood floors..they are just too slippery for a little butt to have any grip!
~ Saying "ma-ma", "ba-ba", "ra-ra"..and still blowing raspberries
~ Smiling her "cookie monster" smile
~ Crawling army style..backwards (this has happened only once so far)
~ And still..cutting teeth..with none to show
~ Helping me eat lunch (video to follow)

Yeah she still doesn't have any teeth at 8 months!  I have a feeling though she's going to cut some this month and I wouldn't be at all suprised if she doesn't have like 5 by this time next month!  She's been working hard on it (and been grouchy as proof) so it probably won't be long.

She still LOVES her baby food!  I've been making all her babyfood in the past month and have loved every minute of it!  Her favorites are blueberries and pears.  I only wish peaches were in because she really likes peaches too.  I'll probably buy some frozen at some point and go about it that way.  I want to start her on meats this month too.  She's tried the meat baby food but hasn't really liked it.  I don't blame her..I've tasted them and they were pretty gross.  So homemade I think will definately be the route to go there.  And as you read above..she helps me 'eat' my lunch everyday!  Its so funny!

Makayla helping me eat lunch!

Her stats..as of her last doctor visit she had at the beginning of January are:

17 pounds (50% percentile)
27 1/4 inches tall (90% percentile)
18 inch head circumference (95% percentile)

She's definately got her daddy's head!  The doctor was pleased that her head wasnt growing quickly (she wanted to keep a check on it since she was in such a high range) and concluded that the nurses who measure her must have made a mistake early on with her head circumference..thus making her think it grew really quickly between one of her visits early on.  Whew!  I was glad about that!  It suprises me how much she has grown though..I look at her at times and think..gosh..she really is getting to be a big girl!!!  It does make me sad..but also happy that she's growing and getting stronger each day!  :-)

Love my baby girl!!!


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  1. Happy 8 month old birthday sweet pea! You are getting so big and reaching so many milestones now...I know God has blessed you and will keep on blessing you throughout your life.

    Hey Girl, its me...lol! remember I told ya I was gonna do a blog well here I am! You are great mom to makayla and I knew you would be!


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