Thursday, January 19, 2012

Master Bathroom ~ Before & After!

If you remember a few weeks ago..or maybe it was even months ago..I said I was in the process of putting down new flooring in our master bath?  Well..I got it finished this week!  And I must is totally AMAZING!  I'm in LOVE with my new floors..and I did it all myself...working at nights after Damon went to work and Makayla went to bed.  I managed to accomplish it all in 3 nights which I thought was pretty good!  Here are some before and after pictures..though the finished product looks much better in person!



I would have taken a picture just like the first one so it would be more 'comparable' but we don't have the trim put back up yet and I was anxious to take pictures of the finished product!!!  My biggest reason for reflooring is before it was just WAY too light for my taste.  It showed every single speck of dirt..which I hated.  Even when I'd clean and clean the still looked dirty.  Plus I just like a more earthy tone for flooring and this totally matched our taste.  I love it!!! 

Now I've got the itch to repaint our laundry room!!


  1. Good Work! I wish I could be as handy...I would be doing all sorts of projects!

  2. It looks great! I'm so impressed that you did it all yourself! We have the same problem with our upstairs bathroom, and I really want to get some tile in there.


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