Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Sore Hands, No Naps, Dirty House

That pretty much describes my situation right now!  The last 2 nights I've been putting down tile in our bathroom...hence the sore hands.  I used up the last of it last night only to be 4 tiles short of completing the job.  Don't you hate it when that happens?  Oh trip out I'm headed to Lowe's first thing to get enough tiles to complete the job.  I'll have a big 'reveal' post on that when its complete..its looking so awesome!! 

Since I've been busy working at nights (yes..this is when I've been doing the tiling..between 11pm-2am) on our master house cleaning has suffered.  A dirty house is what I'm left with.  Hopefully tonight if all goes well..I'll get to clean.  My house will be thankful.

And right now Miss Makayla is refusing to take her afternoon nap.  Oy.   Hopefully she'll take a nap in a few when we get in the car and go for a ride to grandmas.  We'll see. 

Gotta run!!


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  1. uh oh...I have had my share of no naps and it is not always fun. Hopefully she did take a nap on the ride! My house is constantly being ignored until another time...


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