Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Things I've learned from being a mom...

I was thinking this morning how many things I've learned since becoming a mom.  Thought I would share with y'all my 'thoughts' on the subject..you might find some amusing! 

  • You soon learn every squeaky place in your floors
  • If you have to use the bathroom and its going to take more than 30 seconds..wait it out
  • Bouncy chair + cartoons = enough time to get ready!
  • Pacis are a great invention
  • You never loved yard saleing as much as you do now
  • Nothing makes you smile bigger than when your child smiles back at you
  • The best comment you can receive is when someone tells you how well behaved your baby is
  • There isnt ANY baby thats cuter than yours!
  • You hate shots worse than your baby
  • You never thought you'd research poop online..but you have (probably more than once)
  • Who knew diaper bags could be so stylish?
  • You can never take enough pictures
  • If your a blogger..posts are usually random (and contain at least one tidbit about your baby..especially in the first 6 months)
  • Socks never stay on..unless they have REALLY good elastic and your child is under 2 months and doesn't have the strength to pull them off yet
  • You've never prayed harder
  • This time in your life = priceless



  1. You forgot one: It's the BEST job in the world! :)
    I'm so glad things are going well for you in the motherhood department. Makayla is just precious! Savor every single moment because it sure does go by quickly. :)

  2. I can really relate to the "no baby is cuter than yours" and " the best compliment" ones! So true!


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