Thursday, January 12, 2012

From There

I got this idea from Callie and thought it made for a really interesting post!  So here goes..this is where I'm from....

I am from a little 'hollow', from Mr. Bubbles bubble bath and walking on railroad tracks. I am from the the rolling mountains, peaceful, quaint, and country folk. I am from the rhodedendron, the pink, white, and yellow spring flowers. I am from Christmas spent at home and brown hair, from Grandpa Jones and Elam and Paul. I am from the talkative and also quiet and big hearted. From the tooth fairy riding in a cadillac and Santa coming down the chimney that didn't exist. I am from a Christian home. Growing up going to sunday school and witnessing God's saving grace as a teenager. I'm from Madison and German, jackie cakes and hot dogs with chili and slaw. From the time I backed into my dads truck with moms car, the tears I cried because I was sorry for not being more careful, and the stern lecture but forgiving hug my dad gave me despite it all. I am from the coalfields and a long line of hard workers.  Hard hats, steel toed boots, and dirty work clothes were the norm. I am from mason canning jars, from Big League bubble gum and ivory soap. I am from the white house sitting all alone, quiet yet bustling from the train when it passes, warm, and inviting.  

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  1. I'm glad you decided to do it too! I love your poem, it's so fun to see how it comes out for different people. :-) Sorry I'm so late in commenting, trying to catch up on blog reading.


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