Monday, January 30, 2012

Where I've Been

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I got this idea from Amy's Life and thought it was a cute idea for a blog post!!  My map shows what states I've been to.  Kinda sad after I got the end result.  Gosh..I haven't traveled near as much as I thought I would have by this time in my life!!!!  Sure..the states that are highlighted..some of them we have visited through and through and more times than we can count.  But there are so many I'd LOVEEE to visit!! 

Texas has always been one I'd love to see.  Anywhere out west..Wyoming, Colorado, Montana, California, Oregon.  They all look like beautiful places to see.  And who could resist a trip to Hawaii?  Not me!!

So tell me something special about the state you live in and why anyone should come and visit!!  I'd love to hear about 'your' state!

PS ~ After watching some home videos..I realized I forgot to include Maryland as a state I've visited also..ooops!

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  1. Darlin', you KNOW what's special about the state I live in! :) We are so lucky to be West Virginians, aren't we? Some of the most beautiful country anywhere.

    You have me beat by one state. I've never been to Alabama. I want to go west! Hoping to get to travel to Idaho one of these days to visit some friends, so that will be nice! :)


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