Friday, January 20, 2012

A belated photo shoot

I did a little photo shoot with Makayla just after Christmas and am just now getting around to showing you guys!  Things have just been really busy around here since the holidays! 

Anyways..I know alot of you on blogger did similar pictures of your babies with Christmas lights..and I just adored every one of them and had to do it myself.  Though I didn't get to take my 'photo shoot' in front of the tree (since I'd already taken it down by time I got around to doing this)..I did do a backdrop of snowflakes..which went pretty good with everything.  Here is the final only regret is I couldn't get a smile out of her..but for her..thats pretty normal..she's just like daddy..clams up in front of the camera!!



  1. she is precious! very cute and you would never know that you took them after!

  2. Aw, the pictures are adorable, Melanie!

  3. How precious she is so adorable!


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