Tuesday, August 31, 2010

MTFW--Damon ~aka~ Hubby!

Hey yall'!  This is Damon here..Mel's hubby for any who havent figured it out yet!  Guess she is having a meet the family week here on her blog..she sure does spend alot of time working on it I can say that!  Anyways..guess yall might want to know a little more about me, huh? 

First and foremost..I love the Lord and reading his word.  In fact..even me and Ravey have read some together if you can believe that!

I love my wife..she is everything to me and I love being with her.  She can always make me laugh and is a great cook!!!

I'm a coalminer for those of you who don't yet know.  I've worked in the mines since right before me and Mel were married.  I do love it too.  I love being underground working..even though I'm not underground right now..I hope to be again soon.  Currently..I work outside as a 'tracker' as they are called.  I keep account of everyone who is underground working to make sure they are safe where they are headed to.  Also have several other outside duties that I tend to each night.  Yes..I said night.  I work hootowl shift as we call it..so I'm up all night and sleep during the day!  Thats why me and Mel have such an odd sleep schedule..when I'm working at night..she's taking care of the house and doing her 'thing'!  Its not an unusal thing for me to give her a call around 2 or 3 am just to say "I love you"! 

(Me underground with some of my old work buddies..thats me on the far right)

I have a daughter, Beth, who I also love dearly.  I wish I could get to see her more..she lives in Cincinnati at the moment and is in college and working as a counselor with teenaged boys.  I'm so proud of her I could bust at times..she's made alot of herself and it excites me to see her reaching for her goals in life and not letting anything come in her way!

I love to garden in my spare time.  My dad raised me around gardens growing up and its kind of a passion of mine.  My dad taught me alot in life and I only wish he was still here with us so he could see my life now and my family.  I know he'd be proud.  :-)

Well..thats about it for me..hope I wasnt too boring to get to know!  Enjoy Mel's blog for the rest of the week..she sure does enjoy meeting you guys and hearing what you have to say!


Monday, August 30, 2010

MTFW Day One-Me!

Welcome to Day One of MTFW (Meet The Family Week) here at Country Roads!  Even though most of you know me fairly well by now..I figured I'd start with myself anyways since its my blog after all!  Who knows, maybe you'll learn something new about me!  I promise to try to make this a "fun" post and not a long, boring story of my life!

(YES..this is me!  More pictures below..I was a cutie..hehe!)

Here are some tidbits about me you may (or may not have) already known!
  • I grew up with ALOT of animals..I'm talking not just cats and dogs, but chickens, pigs, and even one time..a goat!

  • My 'first' cat was named Babe and (no joking) she came to us by way of a train!  Yup..she hitchhiked on a train..got off at our house..and there she stayed!  Don't laugh (I can hear yall over there!)..it is true!!

  • Being born in December is not something I like..even though I LOVE the winter months..I do not like being born around the holidays!  So all my life I've said..if I plan on having a child..I'm going to do my best to NOT have him/her in the month of December!
  • I was in the Top Ten of my graduating class!

  • I graduated from college with an associate's degree in Computer Information Systems
  • I met Damon in church!  We met in 2000..before I graduated from college.
  • Damon and I are 11 YEARS apart in age!  Currently I'm 31 and he's 42..but we never even think of it..we're both like a couple of kids I guess!
  • Damon is the ONLY guy I ever dated (no jokes!).  For this I feel blessed that I never had to experience the heartache that goes with a breakup.

    (This is us in April of 2001 before we got married..headed to the NASCAR race in Martinsville!)
  • I'm allergic to aloe vera..yup the stuff for SENSITIVE skin!
  • I'm an only child.
  • All my life (until this past Christmas) I never wanted to have any kids..probably had something to do with me being an only child and not being around babies for most of my life!
  • We bought our first home last year!

  • I have a small job cleaning our church.  :-)
  • I gave my life to the Lord when I was 15 years old.
  • My most memorable vacation is when we went to Nashville and Chattanooga, TN in 2005.
Ok..thats probably enough randomness about me!  Hope you guys continue to enjoy learning about our family this week!
(Standing near the New River Gorge Bridge)

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Meet the Family Week and Sunday Poem

Good Sunday to yall!  Just wanted to let you know that tomorrow (Monday) is the start to "Meet the Family Week" here at Country Roads!!  Hope you enjoy meeting the family and getting to know each of us better!

Here is an insert that was in our church program a few weeks ago I thought you guys would enjoy this sunday.

Think Before You Weep
If your arteries have hardened and arthritis slows your gait,
If your tired blood is stubborn, not inclined to circulate;
If your aerobic days are over and you cannot do the "twist".
If your time is spent in brooding o'er the many things you've missed;
If you're constantly complaining on your rocker or your couch,
If you're ornery and cranky and becoming quite a grouch;
Well, if this is your condition and you get no sympathy,
Then it's time you started trying a new kind of therapy.
Though you have your share of trouble, think of others with more pain,
Like that fellow in his wheelchair who will never walk again.
Take time to write a letter and while pen is in your palm,
Thank the good Lord up above you for the use of that right arm.
Try relaxing in the sunshine, note each flower, bird and tree,
Then appreciate your eyesight; there are many who can't see.
When you tune in television and each sound is loud and clear
Just think of those who'd give a lot if only they could hear.
Yes, I've practiced what I'm preaching and I've learned there's joy to reap
If y ou stop and count your blessings and just "think before you weep."


Saturday, August 28, 2010

Fall Friendship Swap at Windy Poplars!

Windy Poplars

Happy Saturday!  Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend so far (I know I am!)!  Wanted to pass along some news real quick to all you fellow bloggers out there.  Kristin is hosting a Fall Friendship Swap over at her blog, Windy Poplars.  This is going to be such good fun..I hope everyone heads over and signs up sometime in the next two weeks.  The idea is..that you buy or (make!) some fall related items (up to $15) for someone else..and with the swap..you will get the same in return and hopefully make a new friend in the process!  What could be better, right?! I know I'm excited about it..fall decorating is the BEST time of the year for decorating the home, imo!  So head on over if your interested..and have a wonderful weekend! 


Thursday, August 26, 2010

What I'm Lovin'!

What I'm Lovin' Today!

Whoever it was on 'blogland' that posted a while back about these FANTASTIC cups at Target..THANK YOU!  I LOVE this cup and actually got mine for FREE (had a $10 gift card for refilling hubbys meds!)!  LOVE that its pink too!  And sweat-proof!!

I LOVE my febreeze air freshner I won over at Kristin's blog, Windy Poplars a little while back!  It sits on the back of our toliet in the master bathroom..not too overly scented..just the right amount!  Its great!

LOVE the journals you can buy at Michael's for only a buck!!  They are so cute..come in many different designs..and have so many great uses!  Makes a great gift!  I'm using one of mine for recipes..the other is a pre-pregnancy journal!  ;-)

I can't sleep without a fan blowing on me anymore (used to I was the exact opposite..strange!)..so I LOVE my fan!  That 'humm' is great to put a person to sleep too!  Gotta LOVE that!


Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Fun at the Fair!

As some of you may or may not know..over the weekend Damon and I went to the State Fair of WV!  We had a BLAST!  I took a couple pictures (should have taken MORE!) and wanted to share our good times with my fellow bloggers!  Have you been to any fairs lately?  I love our state fair so much..we go every year..and sometimes a couple times each time it rolls around!  Thats saying something since it takes place in Lewisburg and thats a good 2 hour drive from where we live!!  Well worth it though since like I said..only comes once a year!  This year we saw Lady Antebellum in concert while there..what a great show!!  We had pretty good seats..row 26 on the track (the bottom) and that place was PACKED!   I also won a WV State Flag!!  Talk about good luck..I got my entry in about 5 minutes before the drawing!  You could say it made my day!  :-)  Oh and yes..I indulged in all my favorite "fair foods"..it was sooooo good!!!  The calzones are still my all-time favorite I would have to say!  We spent the night in Beckley afterwards for a couple reasons.  One..it was a late anniversary gift to each other..a night out someplace nice.  :-)  And also since the drive back home is quite a ways..and its late when we get out from the concert (and traffic thereafter)..it was a good idea to stop over for the night instead of being after 2am getting home!  Plus we had some shopping to do anyways..so it all worked together for the good!  Onto the pictures!

(Me back at our hotel room w/one of my favorites..Zul's frozen lemonade!)

(Damon with his favorite..the giant smoked turkey leg!)

(Here we are waiting for the concert..aren't we cute?!)

(Lady A!!!  Every picture I took either someone wasnt looking at me or an arm was blocking one of their faces..I got 2 out of 3 in this picture..not too bad!)

(Bless his heart..after being up for 24+ hours..once we got in the car..Damon was out like a light!)


Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The Blessing Box

Head over to Extraordinary Love and link up!

I am blessed with so many fantastic friends!  My only regret is that they don't live closer so we could spend time together..goodness knows we'd have a blast!

We had such a blessed weekend!  3 whole days..it was great!  We went to the State Fair and saw Lady Antebellum in concert..relaxed most of saturday and had a hot dog/smore roast in the backyard..and a very laid back sunday!

I'm very much looking forward to the blessing that Kristin is having in the near future over at her blog..a Fall Friendship Swap!  Its a great idea and will be a good way to meet fellow bloggers and make new friends!

I am so blessed to be married to such a hard-working, loving, caring, christian man!  I love you bear!!


Monday, August 23, 2010

Miscellany Monday

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

"YES!!!"..the first thoughts that came to my mind this morning when I turned on the Weather Channel and saw our highs for the week here are in the upper 70s, low 80s!  Could it be that FALL is really coming?!! 

We had a FANTASTIC weekend..I'm talking 3 whole days people!  Thats unheard of in the Green Household!  We enjoyed the State Fair of WV and an overnight stay in Beckley!  More details (and pictures!) to come later in the week!  ;-)

One of the most dreaded people to talk to on the phone..insurance companies.  And I have to do that this week..yuck!  Hoping (and praying!) that THAT goes well!

I sometimes wonder how people can be led astray so easily when there is a loving Lord and Saviour right there..all we have to do is speak His name.  Such a comforting thought to know that He is always present!

With the title of my blog being "Country Roads" you might expect that I love to travel!  When we were out this weekend..I just couldnt seem to take in the sights by the interstate enough!  The rolling mountains, puffy clouds backdropped by a beautiful blue sky, the endless road.  I'd love one day to take a trip out west, by car, to enjoy the scenery our country has to offer!  Any suggestions for some beautiful places to travel?

Hope you enjoyed my miscellanies for the day!  Here's to wishing you a monday full of grace!  :-)


Sunday, August 22, 2010

Why do you like sundays?

So I thought I would pose a question to all you bloggers (and non-bloggers alike) out there..what is it about sundays that appeals to you?

For me..I enjoy sundays for several reasons.  First, I really enjoy getting out to church on sunday mornings.  I love my church and love the people.  I'm very close with several of the members..they are definately like my family!!  Of course, hearing the Lord's word preached is such a refreshment to my soul as well.  :-) 

Secondly, no sunday is complete for me without my sunday paper!!!  I don't read the newspaper on a daily basis, but when it comes to sunday..I gotta have my paper!!  I guess for me, its the next best thing to a magazine..and you KNOW what a magazine junkie I am!

Finally, I love sundays because that is the day we take for our sabbeth, therefore, we rest!!  Not having to worry about cleaning the house and washing clothes one day a week is a good thing!!  Also..nothing says sunday quite like the good ol' sunday nap!  Ahh..time for some zzz's.................


Thursday, August 19, 2010

Anyone else missing this?

Call me crazy..but if it snowed right now..I'd probably be the happiest person around!  I always have loved wintertime.  Granted I'm not a huge fan of it if I have to travel in it..but there is nothing like being home on a snowy winter day.  Snow reminds me of such peace..have you ever actually 'heard' the snow fall?  If you listen close enough..you can hear snow falling!!!!  I love blankets and warm houses..snowy days and cups of hot chocolate.  Pure bliss to me.  Of course I'm not a fan of the power outtages that sometimes comes with a sudden snowstorm..as was the case with our area last winter.  Alot of people were without for anywhere between 3 days and a little over a week.  We were lucky enough to be on the latter end and had ours restored after around 3 days.  I've endured it before for longer though.  Its just about how you make the most of it.  I know..I know..I'm crazy!  I look at it this way though..in the winter if you're cold..you can cover up with a blanket..in the summer when your hot..well..theres not a whole lot you can do about it but stand in front of a fan all day!  I AM thankful for all the seasons God gives us though..each has its own beauty.  Spring brings renewal of the earth..budding flowers and gardens are planted in fresh dirt.  Summer brings the fresh produce, outdoor concerts, pools and vacations.  Autumn gives us such a splendid display of every color imaginable with the trees turning brilliant shades of red, orange, and yellow.  Winter brings us snow and colder temps..a time to be indoors and be close with family and loved ones.

What do you love most about the seasons?


Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Sweet, Golden Yumminess!!

Tuesday evening was a BUSY one for me!  Let me explain...we have a nice pear tree in our backyard..and this year..the thing has been crazy loaded!!  Seriously, I thought one of the branches was going to break because it was touching the GROUND it was so heavy with fruit!  Anyways, after seeing a recipe last year in one of my cookbooks for 'pear honey' I knew when we had an abundance of pears..I was going to give it a try!  Well this morning my dear hubby went and picked a huge bucket full of them so I had no choice but to do some canning this evening!  Hard work and nice payoff, yes...do I look forward to it a great deal, no.  I was in the kitchen until after 9pm if that gives you any idea!!  Oh but is it ever so good!!!  Pears and crushed pineapple..tad bit of lemon juice..and sugar of course..lots and lots of sugar (you know how it is when you make homemade jam).  Speaking of which..its more like a jam consistency I'd say.  Fantastic on some warm biscuits..yum!  Here is the finished product.....

                                                                         Isn't it pretty!?!

On a side note..after I brought in some clothes I had hung out to dry..Miss Ravey decided they would make a GREAT place to camp out for the night!  Here she is..enjoying our clothes..that I still havent got to put away!

                                                      (Can you see her?  She blends in so well!)

BTW..in a couple weeks I'm going to do a family profile week here at Country Roads..each day will feature pics and some background info about everyone in our household (cats and dogs too of course, since they are our children!).  I figured since I have a decent amount of followers..it would be a good time to formally introduce everyone!  :-)

Hope your wednesday is a bright one!  :-)


Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The Blessing Box

Head on over to Natalie's blog, Extraordinary Love and link up to share with everyone your blessings!!

~ One ~  For once, I'm thankful that my insurance company has FINALLY done something right for a change!  I had been praying ever since my ER visit and subsequent doctor visits that our insurance would pay for everything they were suppost to.  I've had to fight them tooth and nail in the past to pay for things that is plain as day that they are suppost to pay for!  Anyways, yesterday I got in my first statement from them..and its all good!!!

~ Two ~  I'm thankful for the good friend I've made in my next-door neighbor.  She is wonderful and if you saw us talking..you'd think we've known each other for YEARS!  Granted some evenings we get to "fence-talking" a little too long and before I know it..darkness is starting to fall upon us..but she's great to chat with! 

~ Three ~  I am so blessed we have a little side job down at our church doing the cleaning.  The job was given to Damon, but after he returned to work last summer after his layoff, I picked it up for him since I don't work outside the home.  That small check really does make a difference..and what better job to have than to be at the church house!! 

~ Four ~  Lately I've been able to do some major shopping for myself, which has been a really nice change of pace!  Granted I know "things" aren't everything..but its so nice to know I have several new tops to wear for upcoming trips!

~ Five ~  Last but not least, I'm thankful we are GOING on some trips!  I love to travel and nothing seems more calming than being on the open road (of course depending on what road you are traveling..ha!).  My mind just seems to take in all the landscape and beauty that God has created.  :-)

Hope you are feeling blessed today..if so head on over and tell us what you are thankful for this tuesday!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Miscellany Monday

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

Time for another Miscellany Monday!

  1. I'm addicted to crunchy peanut butter.  Do you ever wonder why, as a kid, you don't like certain foods..only to LOVE them when you get older?  I am this way with alot of things..lettuce, mexican food, garlic, onions, etc.   I mention crunchy pb because for some reason when I was little..my mom would not buy it..guess she thought I wouldn't like it since I was already so picky?
  2. I'm ready for fall....really ready!!  I've never been a fan of the super hot summer heat and humidity..I'd like to be able to go outside and actually breathe and my glasses not fog up..thank you.
  3. Because of the "super bad" heat and humidity..I have a couple projects I'd like to get done but I just can't stand to be outside long enouch to do them.  Bummer!
  4. We're going to the State Fair this week!!!!!!!!!  I'm always excited to go to the fair..walk around and look at the exhibits..eat the fair food..attend a concert..eat more fair food (did I mention that already?).  It is always a fun time and I look forward to taking LOTS of pictures to share with 'yall!
  5. I kinda miss going to the beach.  When I was growing up..most of my teenage years were spent at the beach when it was vacation-time.  Damon and I have only been once since we've been married!  I love the laid-backness (is that a word?) you get while at the beach..nothing more to do than either sit out and get a tan..or jump in the water to cool off!  Nothing beats a sunset at the beach too..soo pretty and makes for such great photo ops!
  6. I know there are a couple bloggers I follow out there who are teachers..let me tell you a story that happened to me (and I'm not making this up) this past friday while at Walmart.  I was in the craft section..going to buy some fabric.  There was a line that had formed since the lady who cuts the fabric was on break..anyways..the 2 ladies in front of me (who were together..well not that kind of together..you know what I mean!) were buying alot of fabric to cover their bulletin boards in their classrooms (both were teachers) from what I understood (I wasnt eavesdropping..they were talking loud enough for anyone to hear them).  After trying to figure out the appropriate amount of fabric to purchase..at one point they look at me..and in all seriousness ask, "How many feet are in a yard?".  I was like "3" with a puzzled look on my face..they were TEACHERS!  How on earth could they not know something so simple?  All I can say is thank GOODNESS they don't teach math (which they verified that they didn't)!!!!!!

Hope your having a monday full of miscellanies!


Sunday, August 15, 2010

National Relaxation Day!

Did you guys know that today is National Relaxation Day?!?  I say, lets take full advantage (since it is a holiday and all) and spend our sunday in total relaxation!  Sundays are typically my day of rest anyways and I look forward to it by time saturday afternoon rolls around each week! 

Did you know that the word "rest" is mentioned approximately 380 times in the Bible (KJV)?  Amazing!  Some of my favorite scriptures containing rest are...

Matthew 11:28 "Come unto me, all ye that labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest."

Psalm 116:7  "Return unto thy rest, O my soul; for the Lord hath dealt bountifully with thee."

So what do you like to do to rest..unwind..relax?  Sunday naps are top of my list..even though I don't always get one in every sunday..they are the BEST for some reason.  Sort of like eating ice cream in the summer compared to the winter..it just tastes better!  I also like to read..whether it be a magazine or whatever is around..nothing seems to relax me like reading does.  A nice Lifetime movie does the trick too!  Swinging on a hammock is a great way to unwind as well..feels like floating on a cloud! 

Look forward to hearing how you spent your day of relaxation!  I'm ready to unwind myself................


Friday, August 13, 2010

My Little Project!

Finally I'm able to share with yall my project I've had ongoing for the past several weeks now!  I finally finished up my yard sale find just this week and although it didn't turn out 'exactly' how I planned..I am happy with it!  Let me start with a bit of background...hubby and I went yard saling several weeks back when I came across a little corner style table.  I thought it was really cute and at just a couple bucks..thought I'd snatch it up and turn it into a little craft project.  So as my wheels turned after my purchase..I decided to try to do it in a crackle finish.  Now mind you, several years back I crackled a big window I found and decorated it up shabby-prim style and it turned out fantastic (imo, of course!).  It resides now on the wall over our bed and I still love it today as much as when I first made it.  Anywho, I bought some craft paint at Michael's and got started!  I painted the base coat Antique White and the top coat in Espresso using the crackle glaze in between, of course.  The top part I like the way it turned out, the bottom shelf, not so much.  It was my brush-stroke technique I used...after doing the bottom shelf first (which was a good idea), I learned to paint the top coat (top shelf) all in the same direction.  I also gave it a once over with a spray on clear coat for added protection.  It now resides in the corner of our dining room and is rather cute and "old" looking..which was my desired result!!  Here are a few before, during, and after pics....

(This is what it looked like when I purchased it)

(After the base coat of Antique White)

(Finished project!!)


Thursday, August 12, 2010

A Night of Tears...

You'll have to excuse me..I'm feeling a little down tonight.  I had planned on posting about my project I've been working on the past couple weeks..but as I was downloading pics from my camera onto my computer, I came across this picture.....

You might see now why I'm feeling a little down tonight.  When I took this picture..I had hoped to share such joyful news with my fellow bloggers of our blessed news..only for things to change so quickly after that test was originally taken.  At the time..everything seemed to go by so slowly..from first dr appointment, to ER visit, to dr appointment.  Looking back now, just a few short weeks later, it all seemed like it went by very fast. 

I'm the type of person (usually) when something happens, it takes a little while for it to really "hit" me.  I guess tonight must of been the night God wanted me to really let out the hurt I felt surrounding the past few weeks.  Though I do know that it wasn't God's timing for us right now to have a child, it still doesn't make it easier.  I think I'll remember that April "should have" been my due month.  I know I have to trust in God now too..to know that His timing is the perfect timing and that He ultimately knows what is best.  Sometimes I think maybe all of this was a test..seeing as how basically all my life until this past December..I thought I'd never want a child of my own.  It did show me something..that this IS something I do want..and I'm 100% sure of it now.  I need to deal with this now..so I can look forward to the future and what God has in store for us.  Be praying for me..no matter how strong I may seem at times..deep down..the hurt is there.