Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Sweet, Golden Yumminess!!

Tuesday evening was a BUSY one for me!  Let me explain...we have a nice pear tree in our backyard..and this year..the thing has been crazy loaded!!  Seriously, I thought one of the branches was going to break because it was touching the GROUND it was so heavy with fruit!  Anyways, after seeing a recipe last year in one of my cookbooks for 'pear honey' I knew when we had an abundance of pears..I was going to give it a try!  Well this morning my dear hubby went and picked a huge bucket full of them so I had no choice but to do some canning this evening!  Hard work and nice payoff, I look forward to it a great deal, no.  I was in the kitchen until after 9pm if that gives you any idea!!  Oh but is it ever so good!!!  Pears and crushed pineapple..tad bit of lemon juice..and sugar of course..lots and lots of sugar (you know how it is when you make homemade jam).  Speaking of which..its more like a jam consistency I'd say.  Fantastic on some warm biscuits..yum!  Here is the finished product.....

                                                                         Isn't it pretty!?!

On a side note..after I brought in some clothes I had hung out to dry..Miss Ravey decided they would make a GREAT place to camp out for the night!  Here she is..enjoying our clothes..that I still havent got to put away!

                                                      (Can you see her?  She blends in so well!) a couple weeks I'm going to do a family profile week here at Country Roads..each day will feature pics and some background info about everyone in our household (cats and dogs too of course, since they are our children!).  I figured since I have a decent amount of would be a good time to formally introduce everyone!  :-)

Hope your wednesday is a bright one!  :-)


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  1. Great job on all that canning! I have to say, I haven't canned anything but applesauce/butter for years now-although I have done freezer jam. Guess I've just gotten lazy about that! Ravey sure looks comfy! Why is it they like our CLEAN clothes to sleep on???


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