Friday, August 13, 2010

My Little Project!

Finally I'm able to share with yall my project I've had ongoing for the past several weeks now!  I finally finished up my yard sale find just this week and although it didn't turn out 'exactly' how I planned..I am happy with it!  Let me start with a bit of background...hubby and I went yard saling several weeks back when I came across a little corner style table.  I thought it was really cute and at just a couple bucks..thought I'd snatch it up and turn it into a little craft project.  So as my wheels turned after my purchase..I decided to try to do it in a crackle finish.  Now mind you, several years back I crackled a big window I found and decorated it up shabby-prim style and it turned out fantastic (imo, of course!).  It resides now on the wall over our bed and I still love it today as much as when I first made it.  Anywho, I bought some craft paint at Michael's and got started!  I painted the base coat Antique White and the top coat in Espresso using the crackle glaze in between, of course.  The top part I like the way it turned out, the bottom shelf, not so much.  It was my brush-stroke technique I used...after doing the bottom shelf first (which was a good idea), I learned to paint the top coat (top shelf) all in the same direction.  I also gave it a once over with a spray on clear coat for added protection.  It now resides in the corner of our dining room and is rather cute and "old" looking..which was my desired result!!  Here are a few before, during, and after pics....

(This is what it looked like when I purchased it)

(After the base coat of Antique White)

(Finished project!!)



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