Monday, August 23, 2010

Miscellany Monday

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

"YES!!!"..the first thoughts that came to my mind this morning when I turned on the Weather Channel and saw our highs for the week here are in the upper 70s, low 80s!  Could it be that FALL is really coming?!! 

We had a FANTASTIC weekend..I'm talking 3 whole days people!  Thats unheard of in the Green Household!  We enjoyed the State Fair of WV and an overnight stay in Beckley!  More details (and pictures!) to come later in the week!  ;-)

One of the most dreaded people to talk to on the companies.  And I have to do that this week..yuck!  Hoping (and praying!) that THAT goes well!

I sometimes wonder how people can be led astray so easily when there is a loving Lord and Saviour right there..all we have to do is speak His name.  Such a comforting thought to know that He is always present!

With the title of my blog being "Country Roads" you might expect that I love to travel!  When we were out this weekend..I just couldnt seem to take in the sights by the interstate enough!  The rolling mountains, puffy clouds backdropped by a beautiful blue sky, the endless road.  I'd love one day to take a trip out west, by car, to enjoy the scenery our country has to offer!  Any suggestions for some beautiful places to travel?

Hope you enjoyed my miscellanies for the day!  Here's to wishing you a monday full of grace!  :-)


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  1. Hey :-) What part of WV are you from???? I'm from Huntington :-)


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