Thursday, August 19, 2010

Anyone else missing this?

Call me crazy..but if it snowed right now..I'd probably be the happiest person around!  I always have loved wintertime.  Granted I'm not a huge fan of it if I have to travel in it..but there is nothing like being home on a snowy winter day.  Snow reminds me of such peace..have you ever actually 'heard' the snow fall?  If you listen close can hear snow falling!!!!  I love blankets and warm houses..snowy days and cups of hot chocolate.  Pure bliss to me.  Of course I'm not a fan of the power outtages that sometimes comes with a sudden was the case with our area last winter.  Alot of people were without for anywhere between 3 days and a little over a week.  We were lucky enough to be on the latter end and had ours restored after around 3 days.  I've endured it before for longer though.  Its just about how you make the most of it.  I know..I know..I'm crazy!  I look at it this way the winter if you're can cover up with a the summer when your hot..well..theres not a whole lot you can do about it but stand in front of a fan all day!  I AM thankful for all the seasons God gives us though..each has its own beauty.  Spring brings renewal of the earth..budding flowers and gardens are planted in fresh dirt.  Summer brings the fresh produce, outdoor concerts, pools and vacations.  Autumn gives us such a splendid display of every color imaginable with the trees turning brilliant shades of red, orange, and yellow.  Winter brings us snow and colder temps..a time to be indoors and be close with family and loved ones.

What do you love most about the seasons?



  1. I'm not sure if I want it to snow yet, but I'm getting there! I'm definitely ready for Autumn. I love snowy days too - making soup, drinking tea, reading a book. Ahhh.

  2. I love the free time and vacations during the summer time! I've been in school for 3/4 of my life so far, so I'm sure that has to do with my love of summer.

    I love the holiday season during the winter time, which also brings my birthday on January 1st. : ) I agree about the beauty of snow; it seems to cover all flaws and lend a peaceful beauty.

  3. LOL ... uh, NO, I'm not missing it at all. I hate being stuck in the house. Of course, it is lovely and peaceful -- I agree.

    But I could deal with some nice cold, crisp weather. I can hardly wait for that! :o)


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