Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The Blessing Box

Head on over to Natalie's blog, Extraordinary Love and link up to share with everyone your blessings!!

~ One ~  For once, I'm thankful that my insurance company has FINALLY done something right for a change!  I had been praying ever since my ER visit and subsequent doctor visits that our insurance would pay for everything they were suppost to.  I've had to fight them tooth and nail in the past to pay for things that is plain as day that they are suppost to pay for!  Anyways, yesterday I got in my first statement from them..and its all good!!!

~ Two ~  I'm thankful for the good friend I've made in my next-door neighbor.  She is wonderful and if you saw us talking..you'd think we've known each other for YEARS!  Granted some evenings we get to "fence-talking" a little too long and before I know it..darkness is starting to fall upon us..but she's great to chat with! 

~ Three ~  I am so blessed we have a little side job down at our church doing the cleaning.  The job was given to Damon, but after he returned to work last summer after his layoff, I picked it up for him since I don't work outside the home.  That small check really does make a difference..and what better job to have than to be at the church house!! 

~ Four ~  Lately I've been able to do some major shopping for myself, which has been a really nice change of pace!  Granted I know "things" aren't everything..but its so nice to know I have several new tops to wear for upcoming trips!

~ Five ~  Last but not least, I'm thankful we are GOING on some trips!  I love to travel and nothing seems more calming than being on the open road (of course depending on what road you are traveling..ha!).  My mind just seems to take in all the landscape and beauty that God has created.  :-)

Hope you are feeling blessed today..if so head on over and tell us what you are thankful for this tuesday!

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  1. isn't cleaning something besides your own home always more fun?!? At least I think so : ) I think I would be a good housekeeper because it's more fun to clean other people's hosues (churches)!!
    Thanks for linking up!!


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