Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Happy Anniversary!!

Windy Poplars

Today is me and hubby's 9 year anniversary!!  I'm going to brag a bit in this post on my 'better half' and incorporate a few confessions to relate to Kristin's blog theme for the week as well!

  • My sweet hubby is the best!  An when I got up and went outside..I found he had scrubbed the backporch for me.  Yesterday, he fixed up a spot in the backyard for me to plant some new moonflower plants I bought over the weekend..removed weeds and all girls!! 
  • most couples do..we have nicknames for each other and we call each other by so called nicknames SO much that we rarely use our 'real' names around each other!  My nickname for him is "Bear" and his nickname for me is "Bug"..both are shortened versions (a nickname for a nickname..confusing?)..his is actually "Red-headed Bear" and mine is "Love Bug"!
  • We have celebrated most each anniversary the same way..we order a cake from the same place that made our wedding cake!  A special treat to look forward to each year and a little reminder of that special day back in '01.
  • Confession..with the job Damon has now working outside at the coalmines as a tracker..he calls me from work..every night!  Its really nice to hear his voice on the phone long after he's left for the night. 
  •  Damon has been known to leave me little notes all over the house..its funny how well he knows my routine because he'd strategically place them everywhere he knows I go once I wake up!  On the bathroom mirror, my toothbrush, my hairbrush, my makeup vanity table, etc.
  • Confession..I knew after the first week of us dating that Damon was 'the one'.  Alot of people thought we were crazy..alot were concerned..but I learned that when its doesnt matter what the world all boils down to the two of you and what God thinks.  I'm glad I didnt listen to what some were saying at the time..cause Damon is my soul mate and God brought us together.  :-)



  1. Oh this is so sweet! Happy Anniversary you two! Love your nick names :-) The other day, Jesse called me "Kristin" for some reason and it sounded SO STRANGE! That's when I realized that we don't use each others names either! Hope you have a wonderful time celebrating, although I know your real celebration will be while you're away. Don't forget to link up to the confessions party so other people can come visit :-)

  2. Awwwww! How adorable! Happy anniversary! This week, anniversaries are one of the things I gave thanks for when counting my Endless Gifts because my grandparents recently celebrated their 50th.

    Hey..I thought I was the only Love Bug in existence! I guess we share that nickname : )


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