Monday, August 16, 2010

Miscellany Monday

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

Time for another Miscellany Monday!

  1. I'm addicted to crunchy peanut butter.  Do you ever wonder why, as a kid, you don't like certain foods..only to LOVE them when you get older?  I am this way with alot of things..lettuce, mexican food, garlic, onions, etc.   I mention crunchy pb because for some reason when I was mom would not buy it..guess she thought I wouldn't like it since I was already so picky?
  2. I'm ready for fall....really ready!!  I've never been a fan of the super hot summer heat and humidity..I'd like to be able to go outside and actually breathe and my glasses not fog up..thank you.
  3. Because of the "super bad" heat and humidity..I have a couple projects I'd like to get done but I just can't stand to be outside long enouch to do them.  Bummer!
  4. We're going to the State Fair this week!!!!!!!!!  I'm always excited to go to the fair..walk around and look at the the fair food..attend a more fair food (did I mention that already?).  It is always a fun time and I look forward to taking LOTS of pictures to share with 'yall!
  5. I kinda miss going to the beach.  When I was growing up..most of my teenage years were spent at the beach when it was vacation-time.  Damon and I have only been once since we've been married!  I love the laid-backness (is that a word?) you get while at the beach..nothing more to do than either sit out and get a tan..or jump in the water to cool off!  Nothing beats a sunset at the beach too..soo pretty and makes for such great photo ops!
  6. I know there are a couple bloggers I follow out there who are teachers..let me tell you a story that happened to me (and I'm not making this up) this past friday while at Walmart.  I was in the craft section..going to buy some fabric.  There was a line that had formed since the lady who cuts the fabric was on break..anyways..the 2 ladies in front of me (who were together..well not that kind of know what I mean!) were buying alot of fabric to cover their bulletin boards in their classrooms (both were teachers) from what I understood (I wasnt eavesdropping..they were talking loud enough for anyone to hear them).  After trying to figure out the appropriate amount of fabric to one point they look at me..and in all seriousness ask, "How many feet are in a yard?".  I was like "3" with a puzzled look on my face..they were TEACHERS!  How on earth could they not know something so simple?  All I can say is thank GOODNESS they don't teach math (which they verified that they didn't)!!!!!!

Hope your having a monday full of miscellanies!


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