Sunday, August 29, 2010

Meet the Family Week and Sunday Poem

Good Sunday to yall!  Just wanted to let you know that tomorrow (Monday) is the start to "Meet the Family Week" here at Country Roads!!  Hope you enjoy meeting the family and getting to know each of us better!

Here is an insert that was in our church program a few weeks ago I thought you guys would enjoy this sunday.

Think Before You Weep
If your arteries have hardened and arthritis slows your gait,
If your tired blood is stubborn, not inclined to circulate;
If your aerobic days are over and you cannot do the "twist".
If your time is spent in brooding o'er the many things you've missed;
If you're constantly complaining on your rocker or your couch,
If you're ornery and cranky and becoming quite a grouch;
Well, if this is your condition and you get no sympathy,
Then it's time you started trying a new kind of therapy.
Though you have your share of trouble, think of others with more pain,
Like that fellow in his wheelchair who will never walk again.
Take time to write a letter and while pen is in your palm,
Thank the good Lord up above you for the use of that right arm.
Try relaxing in the sunshine, note each flower, bird and tree,
Then appreciate your eyesight; there are many who can't see.
When you tune in television and each sound is loud and clear
Just think of those who'd give a lot if only they could hear.
Yes, I've practiced what I'm preaching and I've learned there's joy to reap
If y ou stop and count your blessings and just "think before you weep."


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