Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Shutterfly cards and a Christmas tree!

Good morning everyone!  I just had to share with everyone the awesome job the people over at Shutterfly did on my Christmas cards!!  I got them in several days ago but just hadn't gotten around to sharing them with everyone just yet.  I was VERY impressed to say the least!  What do you think?

I know its not the best picture of the card..but as good as I could do at the time!  I really love the way they turned out and did you notice..the card matches my new background?  LOL I assure you that wasn't intentional and I'm not totally sure I'm going to stick with this background for the holidays yet..it was just the easiest one to work with when I was checking some out the other night.  Readers..do you like my new background or do you find it a little hard to read my posts?  I'd love to hear your input..as usual!

And for a sneak peak for things to come later this week..I thought I'd show y'all my finished Christmas tree!  I got it completed late tonight and wanted to share it with everyone.  I just love my tree..I've always loved the blue and silver combo for Christmas, so most of my house is decorated with that in mind!  I do have a few exceptions though..like the dining room and bathroom..which are both very pretty also! Can't wait to share everything with you guys later on in the week!  Oh and a side note..I just bought new lights for our tree..they are the LED type and blue, of course.  I got them at target..wow..wasn't prepared for the 'neon' brightness of the LED's!  But overall..I do like them..they sure beat the old lights that were giving me headaches the past couple of years!  Here is for your viewing pleasure!

(Wow..its bright!)

(Not so bad when the lights aren't blaring!)



  1. Hi Mel! Your tree looks so pretty! Oh, and yes, I think the background makes it a little hard to read. The cards look great-I'm still awaiting mine. I was quite impressed with your coordination :-) Hope your day is a good one!

  2. I love the blue tree! We always alternated between a blue tree and a colorful tree growing up, so I think the blue is so pretty. :-)

  3. Your cards turned out GREAT!!!!! I love your tree too - it's beautiful! :-)


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