Thursday, November 18, 2010

An Award and my "Sunday Best"!

My lovely bloggy friend Venessa gave me my very FIRST blog award yesterday!!!  Talk about exciting!  Thank you for thinking of me!!  So there are apparently some rules to the award here..I have to link back to the person who gave you the award (check), share 7 facts about yourself, and award 5 more bloggers whose blogs I love!!  So here goes!!

(ONE)  I have actually had my hair at all different lengths!!  Once I was out of high school and started college, I did ALOT of experimenting with my hair (no purple hair, mohawks, or anything of that nature!) and literally everytime I went to get my hair cut..I had a new 'do' I wanted to try!  But..I've found I definately prefer my hair long over short!

(TWO)  Damon is the only man I have ever dated in my entire life! just read right!  I never dated anyone until he came along.  He was even my first kiss (at age 21).  I'm actually glad that it was this way for me too.  I didnt have to experience the heartbreak over a boyfriend or any of the drama that comes with dating.  Though we've definately have our ups and down..I'm a very blessed woman!

(THREE)  I'm so glad I started blogging back in May.  I never would have imagined that through my blog I would meet such wonderful, interesting, caring people!!  I cherish EACH friendship I've made..and those to come in the future as well!!  I want to keep this blog going for as long as God allows!

(FOUR)  I accepted God into my life at the age of 15.  Thats the best decision I ever made.  Best advice I can give to young teens out there is to turn to God..He's the best friend/guide/teacher/influence you'll ever have in your life.

(FIVE)  I currently have a small job cleaning our church.  I love it and am happy to do it!  Though I'm not sure how much longer I'll be able to do it 'well'..since I'm pregnant..I know God will help us as a family to keep it!  Which means Damon is going to have to help out!  :-)

(SIX)  We have Amish friends!  Yes!!  Each time we visit Amish Country in Ohio..we go to see them.  They are SUCH a blessing in our lives.  We actually met them several years back while taking an afternoon stroll by the cabin we were staying in.  They lived just down the road and we talked for a while and got to know one another.  They are an older couple (so sweet) and have had 6 children!  This year while visiting, we took them to see their son who lived several miles away (a half a days trip by horse and buggy..we were told).  Needless to say..that experience is one I will never forget..especially when I was standing in a field..all by total silence..surrounded by wheat and flowers that was growing everywhere...and tiny butterflies flying all around.  Heaven on earth!

(SEVEN)  I am an only child!  Not sure if many of you knew this or not..but its true!  I'm actually glad too..I never really desired to have a brother or a sister..I hear all most of them do is fight!!

And here's who I'm sending this award to!!  Love you ladies!!

Hope you ladies can join and pass on the award!  :-)

Ok now onto the 'sunday best' portion of this post!!  My dear friend Kristin has been hosting Fashion Week at her blog all week..and due to some low turnout and other things going on..she decided to take a break today.  Well..since I had already taken a picture this evening of me in a what I think is a cute outfit for church..I wanted to go ahead and post it anyways since that was to be the theme for today!!  Plus the shoes I'm wearing can't be missed, imo!!  Hope you like!!  And to Kristin..get well soon girl!! 

 The blouse is from Fashion Bug..the skirt from JcPenney's..and the shoes are from Catos!

And this one is me last year headed to church on Easter Sunday!  Its one of my wrap dresses I have that I LOVE..from Catos.  Not sure where I got the shrug from..but the shoes are old ones from Maurice's if I'm not mistaken! 



  1. So glad that you participated and I am learning so much more about you!

  2. Wow, that's cool that you have Amish friends - how interesting! Your Sunday outfits are cute, and I love that wrap dress! Thanks for giving me the award! I'm glad to have found your blog too. :-)


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