Friday, November 19, 2010

Shoes, shoes and more shoes!!

Since I'm 'technically' writing this post around 2am..I'm not sure if Kristin is still doing Fashion Week over at Windy Poplars..but since the post for today was to be shoes..I knew I could not miss it regardless!  I took some pictures the other night of my shoe closet (be warned..its NOT organized the way I'd like) and of a few of my favorite pairs.  Anyone who knows me personally knows I am a SHOE-AHOLIC!  I have over 50 pairs!  And thats not including stuff like tennis shoes.  Oh my.  Anyways..I know I'm not the only one out there with this obsession (thank goodness..)..but I hope you enjoy seeing a small bit of my collection!

Let me make note shoe closet is located in our bedroom and the hot water heater is located in this closet as well (don't ask..thats the way it was when we moved in..I can just imagine the day when that thing tears up what a time we'll have getting THAT fixed!..but lets not go there!!).  I figured when we moved shoes would work in that space since putting clothes in there wasnt really an option (again..because of the hot water heater).  Its also more space to put them than I had when we lived at our rental it worked out well for me!  I had to take 3 seperate pics so you could have an idea of the layout..trying to avoid the dreaded HWH in each shot!  But is is!

Ok..I can't believe y'all have seen the inside of that closet!!  Maybe 'one day' I'll have it looking like something!  I'd love to make more use of that shoe hanger thing in the 2nd picture..but I couldn't find any studs in the wall when I attached it..thus the lack of shoes on it..for fear of the whole thing falling down (which happened several times when I installed it).  I'm sure Damon could come up w/a solution!

Now onto some of my favorite shoes!

Not the best shot..but this pair is from Catos.  Pretty snazzy..I think!

Love these!  They are from Sears and I scored them on clearance!!

Always get alot of compliments when I wear these cuties!  From Target!

And I saved the best for last!!!!

Oh baby!!  These are my 'gems' of my collection!  I 'splurged' when I bought these..I think they were like about $30..and if you know know I normally don't buy things not on sale.  I had to have them!  I usually wear them every Christmas..they kill my feet but I don't care!  Ain't they hot?!?

Windy Poplars



  1. You're too cute! I love me some shoes! :) Who doesn't like a great pair of heels?

  2. Look at all those shoes!! :) And I love that you have the guts to wear a pair of shoes you love even though they kill your feet! :D I am such a fuddy-dud when it comes to shoes. If they're not comfy, I don't wear them. Which obviously limits my choices! ha! Hope your little one cooperates and doesn't make it too tough for you to wear those shoes on your Christmas as a momma-to-be!

    Good to catch up on your blog!


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